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Bill White: One More Investigation

By Brentin Mock on January 30, 2008 - 11:15 am, Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Commerce, Hate Groups, Neo-Nazi

Roanoke, Va., neo-Nazi leader Bill White has become embroiled in yet another investigation by the federal government. U.S. attorneys recently issued a subpoena ordering the Yahoo! Internet service provider to turn over any E-mail exchanges between White and John Crockett Henry, a Virginia Beach landlord accused in a complaint filed in May 2007 of violating the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against African-American tenants. A lawsuit, filed by the Department of Justice based on the complaint, is scheduled for trial in federal court on May 19.

The civil rights lawsuit against Henry, which stems from a complaint made to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), was brought on behalf of five African Americans who say Henry insulted them with racial slurs and imposed strict tenant rules on the basis of race. White inserted himself into the matter by mailing to the tenants copies of his American National Socialist Workers Party newsletter. The newsletter referred to African Americans as “niggers” and made other derogatory references. White also mailed personal letters to the tenants that said, in part: “[K]now that the white community has noticed you and we know that you are and will never be anything more than a dirty parasite — and that our patience with you and the government that coddles you runs thin.”

“Bill White sent very threatening letters to our clients,” Jason Manning, one of the tenants’ attorneys, told Hatewatch. “We just want to know the extent of the relationship between Mr. White and Mr. Henry.” Manning and other plaintiffs’ attorneys believe there may have been collusion between White and Henry.

The allegations against Henry are similar to those leveled at White in 2004, resulting in another HUD investigation. African-American tenants of White’s Roanoke properties complained that he called them “nigger,” made threatening comments to them referencing the Ku Klux Klan, and walked through their neighborhood with a shotgun. They also complained of stifling policies that they say prevented them from having friends or family as guests in their rented homes. And, as a matter of fact, White, when he first moved to Roanoke and began to buy properties in a black neighborhood, boasted that he intended to chase out African Americans as part of what he described as his “ghetto beautification project.” But the HUD investigation did not result in a lawsuit or other government action against White.

In the current lawsuit, one of the plaintiffs, tenant Angela Reddick, claims she was regularly “admonished” by Henry for allowing her son’s father to visit. She alleges that Henry told her that the apartment complex was his “ghetto tribe plantation.” In addition, black tenants of Henry’s complex say they were given a “quiet time” policy memo, stating that only “quiet” activities were allowed between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. White tenants said they did not receive the memo. Children of the black residents also reported that Henry had called them “niggers.”

  • Dave

    Didn’t this guy used to be a communist? And then a Nazi? This guys has about as much as credibility as Ann Coulter or Fred Phelps. Honestly, it wouldn’t suprise me if he was CoIntelPro.

  • Mikey

    Bill White is doing the SPLC’s bidding. He is probably on their payroll.

  • bud

    Who cares if Hal Turner is back. A lot of high profiled legitimate White supremacists already knows about the credibility of mr. Turner. His reputation is tarnished already that only the RELEGATED dim-witted nazi would take this troglodyte seriously…

    Yes, his clout is minimal as are his numbers and his economic power. In fact I doubt he has any real impact on anybody on the right fringe.

    But a lot of attention and hand wringing are evident here about him. Huge amounts of vitriole are directed at him as if he has an army of millions. He gets more press here than he does anywhere, including the radicals, which helps push his message more than the skinheads do.

    I think he’s working for the feds, but, at the same time I think he delights in yanking the SPLC’s chain from time to time with outlandish statements.

    In fact, I think that “shock and chain-yanking” might just be why he issues such legally borderline incitements so often. He seems to want to create turmoil more than advance an agenda.

    No other reason seems to make sense, because his following is small and seemingly disinterested in his rants.

    Why the government would put somebody like him on the payroll is a mystery, unless it is remembered that so much of what the government does is inane and stupid. It is the government’s best investigative agencies that have dropped the ball on every major information gathering on rogue states in the past ten years.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if Turner is a double agent, working as a provacateur for the feds and as an instrument of obfuscation for a shadow group, which seeks to manipulate both the radical right fringe and the far left, in pursuit of an agenda that has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with societal control. They could very well be urging the far right and far left’s most contentious elements to a fever pitch simply as a cover to achieve their overall goals.

    Think about it.

  • 88 R.I.P.

    Who cares if Hal Turner is back. A lot of high profiled legitimate White supremacists already knows about the credibility of mr. Turner. His reputation is tarnished already that only the RELEGATED dim-witted nazi would take this troglodyte seriously…….

  • bud

    “Ted said,
    on February 1st, 2008 at 2:12 pm
    Nothing will come out of it. Bill White is a Federal informant working for the FBI, just like Hal Turner and anyone with any brains knows it.”

    Don’t look now, but Hal Turner is back, not only on the net, but according to his web site, he’s broadcasting again!

    Is he an informant? I don’t know, and I don’t care, but if he is, he’s bolstering the neo-nazi movement a hell of a lot more than he’s helping the government!

    If he isn’t an informant, then why does he resort to such heated, violent rhetoric, which would place any other person in jeopardy of arrest 24/7, when it isn’t necessary, because he can advance his agenda without it?

    LOL It would be just like the incompetent federales to pay somebody to create more problems for themselves.

    Government CAUSES problems it doesn’t solve them.

  • Ken Mier

    In the comming months we will reveal our investigation findings of Bill White.

  • Ted

    Nothing will come out of it. Bill White is a Federal informant working for the FBI, just like Hal Turner and anyone with any brains knows it.

  • Bill White

    Funny. Some points:

    1) It is legal to walk around with a shotgun in Roanoke, Virginia, though the only time I did that is when a member of a group affiliated with the SPLC followed me to my home said “I am armed and I am going to kill you”, and then proceeded to attempt to pull a gun.

    2) Two complaints were filed against me, one by a white woman with about 53 felony convictions, and the other by a black woman who happened to be allowing her daughter to operate a crack house from her home. Various commie groups, at the insistence of the SPLC, lobbied Section 8 not to pay me her rent; when they got what they wanted, she was evicted for non-payment.

    3) The only people we barred from our properties during that set of episodes were individuals who had been involved in assaulting me, vandalizing my properties, and burglary. The courts here disagreed that barring people who vandalize my properties was somehow an onerous burden on my tenants.

    In any case, the subpoenas that have been sent me are nonsense and overly broad, as I am not a party to the case, and will be narrowed as soon as I can get my attorneys qualified in the Eastern District of Virginia (which is 300 miles away from here). They are welcome to all communications between myself and Dr Henry, because I have never communicated with him.

  • 88 R.I.P.

    I wouldn’t hestitate to tackle the old turd reicher down if he poses significant risk to women and children in the community. This old wackjob walks around the hood carrying a shotgun like some kind of a paranoid sumatran orangatun ape. I wouldn’t hestsitate to use lethal force if necessary in self-defense to protect the women, children and the elderly from a dangerous inbred who should be in a federal prison, and not as a free man staging rallies of sorts. I have yet to wonder why Bill White of all people is still walking around free.?? How many “investigations” has this lesser man been through??

  • unlucky 13

    Guy oughta chill out on hating people of different races than he is.He’s behind his time.How would he like it if some black landlord treated him like he does them.Man’s entitled to his opinions but he ought not to get up in anybody’s crawl.We all gotta get by in this world,why make it tough on anybody?

  • Alabama Conservative Citizen

    It is only reasonable to have quiet hours at night because it is not pleasant having neighbors blast music anytime. And as for Angela Reddick’s complaint about her child’s father not being allowed to visit, they obviously produced that child illegitimitley and thus are probably still sleeping together. I wouldn’t want my property turning into some kind of whore house / night club, but obviously you people wouldn’t mind. After all, there is a lot of money in the ‘civil rights’ business and thus you people wouldn’t have to live in those slums.