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Radical Animal Rights Activist Arrested at University of Florida

By Leah Nelson on February 6, 2012 - 10:54 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Camille Marino, a radical animal liberation activist who advocates violence against scientists who use animals in their research, was arrested on Saturday during a protest at the University of Florida.

According to campus Police Chief Linda Stump, Marino now faces extradition to Michigan, where she could be jailed on charges of violating a protective order obtained by Donal O’Leary, a researcher at Detroit’s Wayne State University whom Marino had singled out for harassment.

Camille MarinoMarino heads Negotiation is Over (NIO), a Florida-based group that specializes in harassing “vivisectionists,” or scientists who use animals in their research. On its website, the group publishes the names, addresses and other personal information about its targets.  “If you spill blood, your blood should be spilled as well,” she wrote in a 2010 message on the site. “We will print your information. And we’ll be at your homes. We’ll be at your work. We’ll be at your country clubs and golf courses. We’ll see you at your manicurist and we’ll be kneeling next to you when you take that next holy communion wafer on Sunday. If I have my way, you’ll be praying to us for mercy.”

Police in Gainesville, Fla., arrested Marino and another woman after they presented expired driver’s licenses in response to a request for identification – a misdemeanor in Florida. Marino will be transported to Michigan tomorrow, Stump said.

  • Sven Norsttberger

    I deeply appreciate those like Ruth Eisebud who take time and patience to explain a position which is clearly not shared by the vast majority of humans. As well I am grateful that there are serious people here on this thread who, while disagreeing with Ruth, express their views with the seriousness and respect required by the discussion of a huge (and old) tragedy, that of the horrendous suffering of animals under human dominion.

    What I can’t appreciate, nor do I tolerate, is the participation of moral imbeciles like “Aron” who is nothing but a conceited jerk proclaiming defiantly his putative superiority. A person who has no kindness in his or her heart is not by any long shot an admirable human being.

    I suggest you all stop arguing with this idiot back and forth. It’s hardly worth it. Filled with snide contempt for those who disagree with his desire to do as he pleases with animals, he is not arguing in good faith. Let him put whatever poison he wants on this thread but ignore it. He does not deserve consideration.


  • Laura Campbell

    The vivisectors in here, proclaiming their “love” for humanity at the expense of “lab animals,” when all they’re obsessed with is power/ego. They consider people giant rats to be easily manipulated into continually funding their weird sadistic activities…they want our worship, our unquestioning obedience. They are nothing but cowardly, sadistic monsters. I wonder if they’ve ever considered the possibility that those pained, miserable, desperate eyes they so enjoy looking into as they “work” on animals could well be the reincarnated souls of past vivisectors. Hell right here on Earth? It would seem that animal people who believe that would be all for it then…but that is not true. Because it perpetuates and grows the sickness and evil and suffering. It does not solve anything, is in fact only destructive. So, “reap what you sow,” should be incentive for vivisectors and their ilk to change and start atoning, like now. But I know how they will ridicule all this, so on and on they go.

  • Ruth Eisenbud

    I have stated many times that I do not support violence or intimidation, nor do the vast majority of animal activists. So I am not sure why you keep hoping we will defend someone allegedly intending to commit a violent act.

    What is your point?

  • Ruth Eisenbud


    You reference a war between Pakistan and India, yet I do not recall the last time that India dropped a bomb on a school, killing 600 children, as punishment for the acts of terrorists. In fact I do not recall the last time India dropped a bomb on Pakistan at all, or invaded. Yet another example how ahimsa has tempered the unbridled acts of revenge and counter revenge so common to the holy wars of the semitic religions.

    Indeed India has shown extreme moderation with regard to Pakistan, unlike the United States, which regularly sends in drone planes to kill innocent families. Part of this moderation is the reaction to the taj bombing. Whether you like it or not this is part of the whole picture…There have been other such terrorist attacks in Mumbai…and ALL are met with the same moderation. So one must include the Taj reaction as one of many examples of the tempering of ahimsa.

    When religion teaches killing of animals…and justifies it by need, then it becomes easy to dehumanize one’s perceived enemies. So too in a genocide such as the holocaust. The Jews were simply classified as subhuman. By semitic religious standards it is legitimate to kill those deemed ‘less than’ human.

    Abdul Kalam, the former president of India is a world class scientist, a poet, known for his work helping children of all religions and cultural groups in India, as well as a vegetarian. In his biography he notes that he grew up always associating with hindus, even as a young child…This is not paralleled either in Israel or the USA.

    Getting back to the animals….Those who are so desensitized to the suffering they inflict on animals…easily extend their sang-froid to other humans they have dehumanized.

  • Ruth Eisenbud


    Lawyers regularly defend unsavory individuals, as have a trial and jury system in the united states that entitles everyone to a fair trial.

    Is your point that someone charged for a crime, because that person is alleged to have committed a violent act in the name of animal liberation, is not entitled to a fair trial.

  • Ruth Eisenbud


    You are letting your imagination run wild…In the USA we believe innocent until proven guilty… Millions of mainstream middle class americans support animal rights and and end to the sadism of vivisection. Are you claiming that the woman who intended to kill someone in fur is part of a militia? It is easy to throw terms like militia around as the inspire the fear and dread so cherished by dominion. You have yet to provide evidence of animal rights militia’s. If this one completely misguided individual is your example of a militia, then you are reving up scare tactics without reason.

  • Aron


    I also noticed you still haven’t come forward to defend this ‘animal rights attorney’ in Ohio. Are you concerned her threats would mar your hitherto ‘faultless’ paradigm?

    Because the ‘Animal Rights Militias’ are out there. People are taking direct action, with the aim of hurting other people. Either condone and defend her or condemn and disown her.

  • Aron


    The Taj bombings are not the be-all and end all. From what I recall, there were still massive riots after the bombings.

    And considering the number of wars between India and Pakistan, I would say that Ahimsa hasn’t tempered Hindu-Muslim relations one iota.

    And before you start blaming Israel for all of its own woes, remind me who declared war on whom at the instant of Israel’s creation as a nation-state?

  • Ruth Eisenbud


    With regard to the case you noted is your point then that all animal activists are terrorists. If that is your point then I suggest you think carefully about the implications…for it would imply that anyone in any humane movement is responsible for the act of one person, who is not even associated with any organization…

    Rather than just drop an inuendo, it would be most helpful if you clarified your point.

  • Ruth Eisenbud


    It is the jains who practise complete ahimsa…The Jains were not part of the gujarat riots. There has never been a jain holy war. Nor did they disenfranchise 75,000 palestinian families from their home to create an exclusive nation.

    Ahimsa has tempered hindu-moslem relations…The past president of India was Abdul Kalam, a vegetarian, a physicist, a poet and a humanitarian…Ali Akbar Khan, also a muslim was one of the most reknown musicians as is Zahir Hussein…

    Dont forget the tempered reaction of india to the taj mahal boming, compared to the over the top fury of israel towards minor incidents…

  • Aron


    Here’s a link to the story: (

    You also might describe how the notion of Ahimsa played such a crucial role in the 2002 riots in Gujarat. One thousand deaths does not exactly speak well to your theory…

  • Ruth Eisenbud


    If you could provide more specific information, perhaps we might be able to comment. As y your statement reads it is difficult to understand which item you are referring to.

  • Ruth Eisenbud

    I understand that there are very good and compassionate christians, jews and moslems. That is not the problem. The problem is teachings that do allow for the harm and slaughter of animals. That is what has led to the horrors of modern day slaughter, because in reality, all slaughter is cruelty to animals who have harmed no one.

    The root of the problem are the hateful words which delegate animals to a lower rung of compassion, where they may be violated for human benefit:

    ”The fear and dread of you shall rest on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the air, on everything that creeps on the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; into your hand they are delivered. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and just as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.” genesis

    This cruel position explains the difference bewteen the treatment of animals by the semitic religions and ahimsa based religions such as Jainism.

    Fear and dread are not suitable as a message of compassion.

  • Aron

    Why haven’t I heard any of you folks defending the FaceBook Animal-Rights Activist that was written up a couple days ago? Surely, as she committed no physical harm, her actions are no worse than Marino’s?

  • Juli

    To Ruth who said;
    “He did not have a full understanding of compassion, as he was not a vegetarian…Compassion for animals will not follow from allowable slaughter of the judeo.christian tradition”

    Please to not paint all with the same brush. *I* am a Christian and also have been a vegetarian for 20+ years.
    And I have little truck for tradition.

  • Rosalind Lord

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is wrong to call animal rights groups hate groups. Animals rights activists don’t persecute other people because of their race, religion, or nationality. Instead, they expose abuse of animals. True, Camille Marino did say some inflammatory things, but she was referring to a man that abuses animals. Torturing an animal – whether human or non-human – is a hate crime in itself.

    Recently, I got a direct snail-mail from SPLC with a letter written by Toni Morrison asking for a donation. I love Toni Morrison and think she’s a great writer, but SPLC will never get a cent from me for all the above reasons. I will not support their hypocrisy.

  • Ruth Eisenbud


    I would remind you that human societies which understand that all life is sacred have less human on human violence.

    Sure, living beings have different skills and abilities, but when we learn to respect their lives rather than destroy them for our desires and profit, we create a more hospitable, hopeful environment for humans.

    What is so insane about a more peaceful world?

  • Ruth Eisenbud

    Your well reasoned evidence has been refuted. Human canines are vestigial, like the herbivores our digestion begins in the mouth. True canines do not have molars for grinding, as do herbivores and humans. Our digestive tracks are much longer than that of true carnivores. Our incissors are adequate for biting into a slice of bread, not the raw flesh and bones of an animal, as is done by true carnivores. Finally, vegetarians and vegans generally have much better health statistics than meat eaters. President Clinton is now a vegan. When we allow others to live, we also live well.

    You have formed your own judgements about my statements, but they are not based on the reality of what I said. I did not say I endorsed intimidation, but that I understand why camille was driven to the desparation of violence because in a dominion based culture there is very little legal recourse for helping animals. I joined this discussion so that those following it would have a better understanding of the cruelty of vivisection, slaughter and the exploitation of animals based on alleged human superiority.

    You claim camille harrassed some of your friends for doing their job – I would remind you that the excuse of ‘just doing one’s job’ is not a suitable defense for genocide.

    Still, the term ‘peta patrol’ implies some sort of a rag tag army. Compassion for animals is a serious issue, not one to be demeaned. Professor Andrew Linsey of Oxford University has founded an Institute to deal with the philosophy, psychology and ethics of animal treatment – the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

    There are many people who are mainstream and not radicals or extreme activists who understand that animals should not be made to suffer so for human entitlement. They have written in to side with the more compassionate view. they are not in collusion with any organization or with each other.

    Due to your participation in a discussion on the SPLC site. i assume you have an interest in justice. As noted, there is less uncontrolled violent rage in human societies aware of ahimsa. The comparison between the Indian reaction to the Taj Mahal hotel bombing and the USA and Israel to terrorism was cited. India did not punish an entire nation or population for the crimes of a few. Though violence has been part of the majority of societies, perhaps it is time to note the benefits to societies that have a more compassionate view. Perhaps it is time to consider a less violent level of existence that honors the value of all lives.

    I appreciate that you are willing to engage in a serious discussion.

  • Ruth Eisenbud


    Though you quote St Francis:

    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

    ~St. Francis of Assisi

    He did not have a full understanding of compassion, as he was not a vegetarian…Compassion for animals will not follow from allowable slaughter of the judeo.christian tradition

  • Aron


    I commented on her lack of reasoning because she simply called me an ‘idiot.’ If that is an acceptable behavior in your eyes, then simply come out an say it. But when someone calls ME an idiot, I feel they have lost any and all credibility.

    Also, I have presented well-reasoned arguments. I have pointed to evolutionary biology, military history, and simple logic. The fact that your side gives me absolutely no credence? Well, that’s hardly my fault. It is obvious that I’m not going to convince you (not that I was trying to convince you, in any event), an you’re certainly not going to convince me.


    After a simple search of your name to just get some general background information (because you are very well-spoken, so I was curious of any intellectual affiliations), I have found a very strong possibility that we live two towns away from each other. What would happen if I published your home address and wrote, ‘Here’s Ruth’s address. I’m not telling you what to do with it, but you can figure it out on your own!’

    And then I came to your house and left a frozen steak in your mailbox. With a note saying ‘Only Commie Pinkos don’t eat meat!’ (Mind you, this is entirely hypothetical. I would never do something like that).

    Would you be ok with that? Because I’m pretty certain that falls within the legal definition of harassment. Regardless of motive.

    What I’m trying to say is that there is a difference between rational debate, and simple harassment. Camille Marino harassed professors and acquaintances of mine at the University of Florida who were simply doing their jobs and studying. Nothing more.

    (Oh, and I referred to you and your friends as the PETA Patrol because PETA is the most visible pro-vegan organization, and Marino’s supporters seem to have come out of the woodwork in her defense. Look at the number of comments on this issue compared to other topics. Now look at how many new commenters have sprung up on this topic. You are obviously here to support Ms Marino, and you have no interest in the rest of the blog. But please don’t take offense by my pointing out that likelihood.)


    The smaller the victum the bigger the crime, today the evil doers use a innocent animal tomorrow it will be your child. America is a ill country lacking in updating itself into the age of computer models anything for blood money without any values or morrals behind it until it strike home, and is judged by civilized countries its shamefull behavior and backeward ways.Is the American law so stupid to not know right from wrong?



  • Juli

    Up until now, I have been a supporter of the SPLC. No more. Several years ago, I became a member of PETA for the same reason I joined Amnesty International. I *hate* bullies. I hate those who would abuse and prey on the weak and defenseless just because they can.
    To you supporting SPLC on their classification of Ms. Marino as a dangerous criminal, please remember that tyrants (including American ones) have a history of justifying their actions by “dehumanizing” their victims;
    The “only human beings deserve human rights” mentality.
    Regardless of your so-called claims to superiority, if a living creature is capable of pain and fear, that is all the justification that’s needed for compassion and protection.
    And cool the nonsense about saving human lives; *Cosmetic* companies do animal testing ! Phillip Morris commissioned tests on primates, because, gosh darn it, they honestly believe that the jury is still out on that whole “cigarettes are bad for you” claim.
    And the diet drugs that had to be recalled because they killed people? Guess what ? They were tested on animals too !
    But as long as some heartless human gets *some* benefit from it; a new diet pill, eye shadow in a color not known to nature, or hell, they just get *paid*, that’s all you need to reconcile sticking some poor helpless animal in some Godless hell whole where *death* would be a welcome relief.
    Anyway, SPLC & I must have a parting of the ways. It’s like my husband said, “either you’re a compassionate person or you’re not”.

    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

    ~St. Francis of Assisi

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    ~~ Mahatma Gandhi

    Peace, Salaam, Shalom, Juli

    “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons.
    They were not made for humans any more than
    black people were made for whites or women for men.”

    ~ Alice Walker ~

  • Ruth “Eisenbud


    Some people seem to understand empathy naturally and dont need much re-enforcement. One would hope that at the very least, religion would teach compassion for all who live. Sadly, not all do… When they allow for animal exploitation to benefit man, the result is the proliferation of violence to animals that is an epidemic of cruelty.

    You are one of those born with a great deal of empathy and compassion. I appreciate and agree with all you have said about camille. I hope she gets the best possible defense and is released soon to continue her valuable work.

  • Lex

    RUth you equal the life of a rat to a human being, that is a insane view