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One-Time Rising Nativist Star Arrested for Stabbing in Georgia

By Ryan Lenz on February 22, 2012 - 3:13 pm, Posted in Nativist Extremist

A judge in Georgia has denied bail for William Dustin Gold, a one-time rising star in anti-immigrant circles, following his arrest last week on charges he stabbed a 38-year-old reality TV producer with whom he was working.

Producer Marcus Fox had been shooting a commercial with Gold for several days at a Gainesville, Ga., car dealership as part of a President’s Day sales event. On Feb. 16, as production dragged on, tensions flared and a fight erupted at a rented home near Lake Lanier, about 35 miles northeast of Atlanta, according to news reports. It was there, police said, that Gold stabbed Fox in the stomach.

Fox was rushed to Northeast Georgia Medical Center, where he was listed Wednesday in stable condition.

Gold, 31, is the CEO and founder of William Gold Entertainment, a talent agency based in Connecticut. But as recently as five years ago, he was passionately active in protests against immigration policies in his hometown of New Haven.

In 2007, he organized a protest against the Elm City Resident Card program, which provided local government identification cards to be used by immigrants in New Haven to open bank accounts and access some city services. The rhetoric of his campaign led the SPLC to profile him in the Intelligence Report as one of the 20 most active and media savvy nativists in 2008.

That year, during an interview with The New Haven Register, Gold admitted he was “obsessed” with illegal immigration and confessed that his passions also led to brief flirtation with John Tanton’s network of anti-immigration organizations. At the time, Gold defended his own actions from accusations of racism, saying, “Since when is illegal alien a race?”

Over the years, Gold abandoned his concerns for the border in favor of brand consulting. His time in the anti-immigrant limelight faded –– surprisingly, considering his own regard for the infamy it afforded him –– and he dedicated his time increasingly to his business.

Gold is scheduled to appear in court again on March 9. Messages left Wednesday with his company were not returned.

  • richard

    Has Ryan Lenz considered doing a follow up to this story? A grand jury was promised by DA Lee Darragh in the Gainesville Times back in February but there has still been no apparent action in this sixteen month old case.

  • gma

    Dustin Gold was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America for stabbing Marcus Fox with a kitchen knife at a rented house in Gainesville Ga. Dustin Gold has never appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America except as the subject of a criminal investigation where Dustin Gold stabbed reality show producer Marcus Fox.

  • darlene

    Good news Roberta, indictment of Dustin Gold is imminent. New evidence and upgraded charges.
    Hopefully for Dustin Gold’s stabbing victim Marcus Fox, justice delayed won’t be justice denied.

  • roberta

    Anything new on this story? Can’t believe the grand jury hasn’t indicted Dustin Gold for attempted murder yet.

  • anonymous

    Fox actually has a history of physical agression and bullying, Gold’s account is right in line with that. Not surprised he’s claiming self defense, it is probably true.

  • anonymous

    Apparently Gold finally made bail:

    That’s the good news. The bad news, for Dustin Gold at least, is that his self defense claim looks really weak when you read the newspaper account. He returned to the scene of his first assault and then attacked Fox again. Looks more like an act of premeditated aggression than self defense.

  • curious

    Margaret is right, not one news story about Dustin Gold stabbing Marcus Fox outside the local newspaper. Fox is a pretty high profile guy in Hollywood. Guess those Carriage Auto people have a lot of pull. Kudos to SPLC for picking this up.

  • Norio

    A genuine rational discussion?! We can’t have that. This happened Feb. 16; I surmise that Gold did not get enough cards or cupcakes for valentine’s day and was still seeing red the day he stabbed Fox.

  • Shadow Wolf

    New Haven Person, Immigration topics is nothing “strange”. It’s a sensitive and complex subject that has every American, regardless of one’s race/ethnic make-up, to be woefully concerned with. Regular posters in these threads know my position on immigration. And there’s nothing “shameful” about it. And no, I’m not ashamed to point this out. I do believe that most Americans are concerned with illegal immigration and they want it to be addressed. So far I applaud Obama’s immigration policies. Under his administration, deportations increased two folds while illegal crossings dropped significantly during his tenure, (in spite of the economy playing be a factor in that). I’d like to see our borders secured, not just with a wall/fence. But with the continuing enforcement of federal immigration laws.

  • davidb

    Most interesting is how the sponsor of the event and the owner of the home where Dustin Gold stabbed Marcus Fox, Carriage Auto Group, has kept their name and the entire story out of the nearby Atlanta media market. As an earlier poster said, since when is a reality show producer getting stabbed not a big story??

  • New Haven Person

    This seems to be a genuine, rational discussion about issue that relate to the story. What strange new land have I stumbled upon here?

  • Marisa

    Shadow Wolf, if you travel to countries like Ireland, the UK, etc., and you become ill, you will be treated for your illness – kindly and with compassion – and won’t receive a bill when you leave the medical facility. Their services aren’t limited to citizens of their country, but to those who need the services. Shame on you!!!!!

  • anonymous

    It is a hate crime in some sense. Marcus Fox is an immigrant from Ireland. Not sure of his immigration status, but he is either a naturalized citizen or has a work visa. Either way, he is not a native born American. This could have possibly been Gold’s motive in the case.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Thanks for the clarification to the 2nd poster who addressed me. After your comment, I must agree with what you stated. That makes a lot of sense.

  • cognizant

    No offence taken. Your defences are up probably with good cause. I’m sure there is a lot of vitriol to deal with here.
    My question was actually a genuine one, this guy hates immigrants, I’m sure he dislikes those of a different color more but nonetheless Fox is a member of a group he has organized against. Should that be taken into consideration. That’s my question.
    Put in a more adult manner.

  • margaret

    Dustin Gold stabs Marcus Fox a high profile reality show producer and this is the only story about it outside a small town newspaper. That’s one heckuva cover up.

  • GySgt DD Barton, Ret.

    Must be a slow news day.

  • Aron

    Belay that. I posted on the wrong thread. Cognizant, you’re right, this isn’t a hate crime. Sorry about my earlier belittling.

    This is simply following up on the crash-and-burn of a hardcore rightist.

  • Aron


    Shush. The adults are speaking. And read the other SPLC posts before you spout such drivel.

  • cognizant

    The victim in this is an immigrant (white). Can it still be a hate crime?

  • Aron

    Well you know what they always say: stabbing a man in the stomach is generally a BAD idea.

    And New Haven Resident, I completely agree with you. The ID card program was really a good idea. Everyone should have access to banks, libraries, and parking meters. Regardless of immigration status.

  • New Haven Person

    @Shadow Wolf: There seems to be widespread misunderstanding about these municipal ID cards. The card allows you do the following:

    1) use the public library
    2) pay your parking meter
    3) open a bank account (possibly, it’s the bank’s discretion whether or not to accept them as a form of identification)

    You certainly don’t need to be a citizen for any of those activities. No municipal, state or federal services are enabled by the card.

    Some history might be helpful here. The main driver for the card program was that many immigrants couldn’t open bank accounts and, as a result, had to keep all their money in cash. This made them a frequent target for robbery, including a series of violent attacks and even murder. As a city that struggles with high crime rates and severe budget constraints, the city created the card to help protect the public at no cost to the taxpayer. It’s a great program and worth cloning for other communities.

  • Shadow Wolf

    From a “rising star” to a falling one. Not surprised there.


    I agree with his protest of the government issued cards to illegal aliens. Our country should not be providing services to those who do not have all the proper and legitimate documentations. Such services should strictly be reserved for American Citizens.