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Values Voter Speakers Mostly Avoid Incendiary Anti-Gay Rhetoric

By Heidi Beirich on September 14, 2012 - 4:33 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Christian Right, Extremist Propaganda

For the social conservatives who gathered in Washington, D.C., today for this year’s Values Voter Summit, the first day’s speeches must have been a bit disappointing. There was hardly a peep about the LGBT people who are so often the target of vicious rhetoric and false propaganda used by the summit’s host, the Family Research Council, and some of its co-sponsoring groups.

In fact, the star attraction, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, stuck mostly to foreign policy and the economy – as did House Majority leader Eric Cantor.

That clearly frustrated American Family Association’s (AFA) Bryan Fischer, an unrelenting gay-basher who has blamed gay men for orchestrating the Holocaust and claimed that the HIV virus doesn’t cause AIDS.

“The biggest mistake is they put a bag over Paul Ryan’s head,” he told Talking Points Memo. Fischer added that he was “deeply disturbed” that the congressman from Wisconsin did not even mention his campaign’s opposition to gay marriage. “I got to believe that there was some kind of directive from the top of the campaign: We don’t want you to deal with this issue.”

There may be some truth to what Fischer says – though that would be a rarity.

In his speech, Tim Wildmon, Fischer’s boss at the AFA, told the crowd he “had to stick to his script” and “stay on message.” As a result he read from prepared remarks that mostly involved discussions of historical figures.

It seems everyone wanted to be on their best behavior.

Even Muslim-bashing appeared to be off-limits, perhaps because of the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya and the spreading anti-American violence triggered by an anti-Islam propaganda film made in the U.S. that denigrates the Prophet Muhammad in particularly offensive ways.

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann couldn’t help herself, though. She warned of looming speech codes enforced by Muslims and of a 10-year plan led by an international Islamic institute to install Shariah law in America

Meanwhile, Terry Jones, the Koran-burning pastor of the tiny Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., had planned an anti-LGBT protest outside the White House tomorrow, perhaps timed to take advantage of the social conservatives who be in town for the summit.

Jones is among the extremists who promoted “The Innocence of Muslims,” the amateurish film that triggered mob violence across the Middle East this week. Earlier, his burning of a Koran led to deadly riots in Afghanistan.

But on Thursday, Jones released a press release saying his protest had been postponed “due to the current international events.”

Maybe he got the memo, too.

  • Frank Tomi

    Obama gives billions more to Muslim nations to fund the Christian holocaust. To the American Political and Christian establishment, who run this two party dictatorship. The Political and Christian establishment have sold their souls for money, power and the easy life. We have more Christians dying around the world today, than ever before in history. Just like Hitler and Mussolini attack Bible believing Christian in the 1930’s. Today, the political two party dictatorship in American are funding a Christian holocaust around the world. The religious leaders in Germany looked the other way in the 1930’s, just like the religious cowards we have today. In American public schools, Bible believing Christians are classified as a Religious Cult. They believe that Christian children are ” Not living in a reality-based environment.” Because they believe that to Bible is the word of God and heaven. So the modern day watch doctors, ( School Counselors ) will try and use counseling to destroy their faith. The Bill Clinton regime were the ones who started using School Counselors, to destroy the faith of Christian children. But now we have Obama’s activist school teachers incites hate speech towards Christian kids.

    Both Republican and Democrats have become the modern reincarnation of the fascist mindset from the 1920s and ’30s. Fascism is most often identified with Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. The first thing Hitler did in his rise to power was to subdue the Bible believing Christian churches in Germany. Before the rise of Nazi Germany, the Christian Church in Germany was strong. There were some courageous Christians who did stand up against Hitler and the Nazi party; but it was too few too late. Hitler and his regime didn’t make their changes to Germany over night. These changes were made incrementally. Here are some things that Hitler implemented to pave the way for the dismantling of the Christian Church in Germany.

    While prayer in school had been obligatory the people allowed Hitler to make it optional. Prayer was removed from America’s public schools in 1962. Festivals that had previously been identified as Christian holidays were reclassified with secular names. This has been accomplished all over America. They took very aggressive steps to control and intimidate “Pastors” to incorporate and encourage various seemingly harmless pagan worship while discouraging churches from preaching the true Gospel message. Most American churches have already voluntarily surrendered many of their rights by unnecessarily embracing 501 C3 registration.

    They supported and promoted Darwinian Evolution to justify the purging of the species. In many schools and universities in America, Christian creation is not even allowed to be taught in our schools. The Christian cross symbol was outlawed and replaced with the German swastika. Today many of the largest main stream churches that call themselves “Christian” are practicing and promoting the removal of the cross symbol so as not to offend anyone.

    The war on Christianity in America is ignored by both Republicans, Democrats and the Media. For more than two years Obama did not fill the post of religious freedom ambassador, that works against religious persecution across the world. Obama filled it only after heavy pressure from the public and Congress. Suppose that there was a country where Muslims were being massacred every month, would the Obama Administration and media remain silent on a Muslim holocaust? A mob attack on Muslims in Burma immediately resulted in a condemnation from the State Department and Obama. But a car bombing and shooting attack on two churches in Nigeria have not been similarly commented on by the State Department.

    How many weeks did Obama and the media deliberately mislead Americans about the attack on Benghazi? While Obama and Secretary of State Clinton falsely accused the Christian for all the violence. We have the entertainment industry leading a propaganda war against Christians and Obama argues that the First Amendment provides no protection for churches and synagogues in hiring their pastors. The Obama new health care rules that override religious conscience protections for medical workers in the areas of abortion and contraception.

    Don’t forget the Media Propaganda War Against Bible Believing Christians. The Floyd Corkins assassination attempt on Tony Perkins should wake up the Christian Church in the nation? It took CNN two hours and 45 minutes before mentioning the shooting. MSNBC Chris Matthews said,” No one died, thanks to the security guard who subdued the intruder and took a bullet in the process. ABC was the only broadcast network that offered a full story on the FRC office shooting on Wednesday. On NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams gave the story just 17 seconds. On CBS Evening News, substitute anchor Bob Schieffer offered 20 seconds. Mean while their has been thousands of threatening acts of violence against Christians.

    Pro-homosexual activists attacked the Christian Liberty Academy throwing concrete brick through its glass doors. Gay publications, gay newspapers and gay bars are hotbeds of anti-Christian hate speech and they encourage to violence against Christians. Meanwhile over 150,000 Christians were killed last year for their faith. Over 200 million face daily threats of murder, beating, imprisonment and torture. Over 400 million Christians encounter discrimination in areas such as jobs, school and housing.

    Stop the madness, Stop funding the Christian holocaust around the world. ( Bible Study Space Network, Church History 2013 )

  • Kiwiwriter

    Annie/Jason Smith/Ezra Mead is back again!

    Complete with revolving sex changes…here strictly to derail the discussion!

    So, Annie/Jason/Ezra Mead…do tell us how the Holocaust never happened!

    Then tell us how the Russian people greeted their Nazi invaders with flowers!

    Then tell us how Norman Rockwell sided with Hitler!

    Then show us your proof that the white man is superior to the black man!

    And tell us again how you’ll prove it to us, only if we pay you vast sums of money, showing that you’re into neo-Nazism and junior Fascism for that noblest of purposes…the money!

    Then you can give us citations and evidence for all these wacky ideas!

    Until then, the tumbrels await for you!

    See? I don’t even have to think in dealing with him/her/it…I just cut-and-paste my own stuff!

  • CM

    Pete wrote:

    “Yes, everyone has gotten the latest PC memo. Islam is above criticism thanks to the likes of the SPLC and other 1st amendment opponents.”

    Thanks for the fine example of evidence-free self-refuting accusatory nonsense. The SPLC has clearly violated your First Amendment rights by allowing you to post your vacuous comment here. I would add that it has violated your Fifth Amendment rights too, because it has allowed you to incriminate yourself as a nitwit.

  • aadila


    That sounds right about Japan’s observation of Christmas…skipping right to the fun stuff. Rohatsu is celebrated on December 8 to commemorate Siddhartha’s enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.

    Some people traditionally string colored lights for thirty days, each color representing the different paths to enlightenment, and some people also have a ficus (bodhi tree) in their house, with lights or beads, a little like a Christmas tree. Kids get treats and stuff…in theory people sit zazen, meditating all day for a week and not speaking, but I doubt it’s very common.

    I don’t think it’s observed any more but also in December there used to be “oseibo” which was a formalized exchange of gifts and kind of tedious social burden really, like “secret Santa” in the U.S.

    So given the similarities, it’s not surprising that the Christmas marketing machine took over and these days I doubt it’s much different than how most people in the States observe the holiday really.

  • Aron


    Unity obviously took ‘her’ name from the infamous British Nazi Unity Mitford.

    Definitely worth looking her up. Quite an interesting family, the Mitfords:

    ‘Diana the Fascist, Jessica the Communist, Unity the Hitler-lover; Nancy the Novelist; Deborah the Duchess and Pamela the unobtrusive poultry connoisseur.’

  • Reynardine

    What you are looking at, Aadila, is the Spirit of Moral Cretinism, an ancient demon uglier than Pazuzu, which can morph into many forms and take over one bigot after another.

  • aadila

    Look, it’s Annie! It morphed into Unity!

  • Erika

    aadila, i would argue that the American empire in in steep decline in large part due to Mammon worship. Because the people who worship Mammon have no loyalty to a particular country national borders and culture are at best an inconvenience for them. The dream of the worshipers of Mammon has long been to have a world where there are no national barries in place to stop the movement of people, capital, and goods. Hence, religion, nationalism, and patriotism has no place in Mammon worship. Okay, religion does, but its just another product (which is why some backers of Mammon (Pat Robertson seems an obvious example) have their product be religion).

    i’ve heard that recently in Japan, it has become popular recently for people to celebrate “Christmas” with the trees and Santa Claus and everything but with absolutely no religious undertoes. That is the ideal dream for the Mammon devotees To have all of the spending with none of the chance that people actually pick up the Bible and learn what Jesus said about them.

  • Pete

    Yes, everyone has gotten the latest PC memo. Islam is above criticism thanks to the likes of the SPLC and other 1st amendment opponents.

  • Unity Mitford

    Hey thanks for this, now I know who to hire to speak at our next event.

    Love and kisses,

  • aadila

    “sun cult”. sorry. bad edit…

  • aadila


    Dec. 25 was most likely the date of birth of Sol Invictus, a Syrian cun cult adopted by the Roman Empire. The Church didn’t settle on the date as the birth of Christ until the 5th Century CE.

    Mammon worship seems to have taken over the holiday during the mid-American Empire, and remains the principal object of worship in North America. With the American Empire now in steep decline it is unclear whether or not Mammon worship will continue to be a focal point of the holiday in future centuries.

  • erika

    CoralSea, what is interesting is that if you look at the origins of Christmas “traditions” many of them which don’t have roots in paganism have roots in advertising.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “What about the Incendiary Anti-White Rhetoric this website engages in?”

    By all means, let’s see some examples.

  • Reynardine

    Ezra, is that you, Annie? You look so cute dressed up as a man!

  • Ezra_mead

    What about the Incendiary Anti-White Rhetoric this website engages in?

  • CoralSea

    Erika —

    Definitely agree with you on this. Actually, some of the Christians I know are displeased at the crass commercialism, which they view as exploitation of their beliefs. I don’t blame them.

    And of course, Christmas traditions and imagery is basically a mish-mash at this point, with many of the traditions (such as Christmas trees), having their origins in Pagan beliefs (which makes most Pagans and Wiccans well-disposed toward Christmas — we just think of it in terms of “Yule.”)

  • Erika

    The real War Against Christmas has been waged by the agents of Mammon to turn Christmas into a consumerist orgy of consumption with no religious overtones since long before i was born. The fake War on Christmas is being claimed by capitalists who are looking to sell you more stuff and do not care whether you have any religious overtones to your Christmas celebration as long as you engage in a consumerist orgy of consumption.

    There is a connection there :).

  • Reynardine

    C.M., damn, you are *so good!*

  • CM

    I’d be pretty surprised if Frank Tomi comes back here. It looks to me like his comment was an example of forum spam, meant only to promote his 3-month-old Christian social networking website – which, according to Alexa, isn’t exactly setting the Internet on fire.

    The hyperventilating press release, in which he claims his life was threatened, is obviously part of the same marketing effort – if someone’s threatening to kill him, he must be important. Attention must be paid!

    The second-most-interesting thing I’ve found out about Frank is that he’s one of those people who don’t understand the concept of yielding the right-of-way when driving up an interstate highway on-ramp, based on court records in the Virginia county where he apparently lived until recently.

  • Leslie

    If there is a war on Christmas then Christmas is winning. It is not even Halloween yet and some of the local stores are selling Hallmark Christmas decorations. Even before December Christmas music starts playing over the loudspeakers at every store in America. There are Christmas Tree lots on every street corner. Even though we have separation of church and state the White House has a huge tree installed while kids sing Christmas carols of the Silent Night variety and an angel or star is placed on top. You seriously cannot ignore this holiday even if you wanted to no matter what your religion happens to be.

    Frank, It is time to find a new cause because Christmas has gone mainstream. Mazel Tov.

  • supersonic250

    Sam, Aadila, thanks. It just annoys me to no end to see people posting this type of crap when they have NO clue what they’re talking about.

  • Reynardine

    In case you guys didn’t see it in the other thread, Mr. Tomi got the Gold Shuttle, and, like the other winners, I don’t think it’ll do a damn bit of good.

  • aadila

    Sam Molloy is exactly right.

  • Sam Molloy

    Supersonic is exactly right.

  • supersonic250

    Frank Tomi – You’re a moron. You know what the LGBT community REALLY wants? It’s not the death of Christian people or the downfall of Western Civilization… It’s to be left the hell alone by idiots like you. They want to be treated equally under the law as is their RIGHT as American citizens. They want to be able to go out in public without having their lives threatened because of blatant lies spread by religious nutjobs like you. You should be ashamed, and if hell exists, you’re going to it.

  • Emelye

    LoL! Persecution complex much, Mr Tomi? I read all of those comments just now and fail to see how you arrived at the conclusion that you were being threatened. The commenters who brought up their gun ownership seemed to me to be expressing their gratitude for the right of self defense.

    I’m sure the FBI, etc. will be right in your case as soon as they can.

  • Gregory

    The “war on Christians” is ignored because it does not exist. Your press release is a delusional and paranoid fantasy.

  • Reynardine

    I see nobody looked in on us goldfish yet.

  • Frank Tomi

    I Send a email to YNN News Capital News tonight about gay website threatening me with guns on Tweeter and they Block me. Sad

    Here is the Link to another gay website threatening me with guns. http://www.joemygod.blogspot.c.....ified.html.

    I also sent it to the FBI and DOJ. I also send messages to White House, Gov. Cuomo, AG Schneiderman NY Attorney General and YNN News Capital News tonight on Tweeter. who Block me.


    They are upset about our Press Release

    Is the Worldwide Christian Holocaust Coming To America?

    Open Doors USA President Carl Moeller Leaves Persecution Watchdog Ministry, Moeller told The Christian Post. “In my mind today, the picture I have is a church in a diabetic coma that has gorged itself on the sweets of affluence, materialism, and the idolatry of worshipping the materialistic world. That diabetic coma is now life threatening. We as a church are at the point of death — not the church in the Middle East. We are the ones who can no longer rouse ourselves to even pray for an hour on behalf of things that God would have us pray for.”

    The members at BibleStudySpace, knows about the Christian diabetic coma church in America. BibleStudySpace.Com is a Christian social network with a purpose, to create awareness about the Christian persecution and holocaust taking place around the world. The silent holocaust of Christians is not reported by Fox, CNN, NBC or other secular news media. The war on Christianity is ignored by Republican and Democrat political leaders, and the entertainment industry has been running a propaganda war against Christians for years.

    The CNN, MSNBC Secular Media is promoting terrorist attacks against Christians

    Maybe the Floyd Corkins assassination attempt on Tony Perkins will wake up the Christian Church in the nation? When will CNN, MSNBC and other secular networks stop giving the LGBT leaders a platform to preach their hate speech and violence towards Christians. Their has been thousands of threatening messages and acts of violence against Christians. It is only a matter of time before another LGBT gay activist like Floyd Corkins, sets out to shoot up a Chick Fil A or Christian Church. Thanks to the Left wing agenda of the White House, Democrats, CNN, MSNBC and other secular networks

    LGBT Gay activist Bradley Balof, a Chicago public school teacher incites a crowd of gay men to hurl expletives at Christians. Do we have gay activist teachers promoting hate speech towards Christian children in our schools. Pro-homosexual activists attacked the Christian Liberty Academy throwing two large, concrete brick pavers through its glass doors. Gay publications, gay newspapers and gay bars are hotbeds of anti-Christian hate speech and they encourage to violence against Christians.

    The Propaganda War Against Bible Believing Christians

    It took CNN two hours and 45 minutes before mentioning the shooting. MSNBC Chris Matthews said,” No one died, thanks to the security guard who subdued the intruder and took a bullet in the process. ABC was the only broadcast network that offered a full story on the FRC office shooting on Wednesday. On NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams gave the story just 17 seconds. On CBS Evening News, substitute anchor Bob Schieffer offered 20 seconds.

    The purpose of this article is to call for preparation, not by hoarding food and supplies, but preparation of the heart, mind and spirit that we may be able to stand in our faith. I hope Christians are not waiting for the Fox News Republicans or Left wing Democrats to save them. Forget about the CNN, MSNBC, news media, they are promoting the LGBT Domestic Terrorists hate agenda. Do you think the Christian diabetic coma church in america will stop them? Like Carl Moeller said, ” We are the ones who can no longer rouse ourselves to even pray for an hour on behalf of things that God.”

    What can we do, to stop the Christian Holocaust around the world? Christian must do everything in love, like the Bible tell us. Thousands of gays are also killed around the world, because of so called Christians who hate and kill them. When we pray, we are telling God what we need. But we need to act and God will act on Our Behalf. Contact the FBI, tell them to investigate LGBT Domestic Terrorists. We must also pray and act to stop the Christian persecution and holocaust taking place around the world.


    Latest News Release: Contact: Frank Tomi, BibleStudySpace.Com, 315-944-8379 ELBRIDGE, N.Y.,

    Sept. 14, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ –From http://www.christiannewswire.c.....20629.html

  • Sam Molloy

    Looming speech codes? With her deep understanding of world affairs I nominate Michelle Bachmann as the next ambassador to Lybia.

  • Shelly Sweeney

    Thank you SPLC- it is your work that keeps me informed on certain extremest like The Dove World Outreach Center. It is astounding to me why these people care what others do in their own homes. We have children, in OUR obese nation, that are starving. At this time in history, we are – or should be scared. Israel & Iran have nuclear bombs, yet we’re behaving as if business as usual. I assure you w/Israel it’s the opposite. They are our brothers & sisters…and they must, they just simply must know this. Iran’s a whole other animal that scares me-what scares me more is if Romney were to be elected, as our 45th President. If this happens all bets are off as he knows nothing of foreign policy. When will we see peace & when will that be exactly?

  • Kiwiwriter

    Not surprising the bigshots at this event kept their rhetoric and temperatures cool. They’re playing to a national audience.

    Nor am I surprised that Terry Jones canked his protest. He’s probably afraid he might get slugged.

  • Leslie Parsley

    It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. From what I’m reading their “values” don’t seem to include telling the truth.

  • aadila


    The civil and human rights community is winning!