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President of ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Group Convicted of Tax Crimes

By Ryan Lenz on March 22, 2013 - 5:02 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Sovereign Citizens, Tax Protesters, Trial Updates

A federal jury on Friday convicted James Timothy Turner, one of the nation’s most prominent antigovernment “sovereign citizens,” on 10 tax fraud charges stemming from seminars he held between 2007 and 2009 that purported to teach people how to tap into “secret” government accounts to pay their tax bills.

Turner, 57, of Ozark, Ala., gave a half-hearted wave as U.S. Marshals took him into custody after the guilty verdict was read today in Montgomery, Ala. He faces as many as 168 years in prison when he is sentenced in U.S. District Court this summer.

Turner was convicted of using a fictitious financial instrument, purportedly valued at $300 million, to pay his own taxes and of assisting others who wanted to get out of paying their taxes with similar “bonds” that he claimed would draw on government accounts.

Federal prosecutors spent three days making the case that Turner was nothing more than a con man who used the bizarre beliefs of sovereign citizens to concoct schemes to prey on the financially distraught. He charged hundreds of dollars for  seminars that taught them how to draft bogus financial instruments.

“He wants you to believe that he’s been cheated,” federal prosecutor Justin Gelfand said in closing arguments. “[But] Mr. Turner was the one who was cheating.”

Like most sovereigns, Turner considers the United States an illegitimate corporation posing as a government. He represented himself in the case, all the while insisting the government was trying to keep him from revealing what he had discovered.

“I discovered things that big Washington government doesn’t want you to know,” Turner said in his own opening statement. “They’re trying to shut me up.”

But he never outlined what those things were, and the jury noticed.

After about an hour of deliberation, the jury returned a guilty verdict on every count, including conspiracy to defraud the United States; six counts related to fake financial instruments; obstructing the Internal Revenue Service; and failing to file a tax return in 2009. Most of the charges stem from Turner’s early days as a sovereign citizen, when he started to adopt the movement’s ideology. Sovereigns generally believe they don’t have to pay taxes, register their vehicles or obey most laws.

The charges had nothing to do with Turner’s role as president of the Republic for the united States of America (RuSA), one of the largest and most organized sovereign groups in the country. His supporters, many of whom were in the courtroom as the verdict was read, insisted Turner was a “political prisoner” being held unlawfully. RuSA claims to have formed a shadow government that will rule America, with Turner as president, when the federal government collapses.

Vivian Gwin, a RuSA “senator” from South Carolina who had come to watch the trial, shook her head as Turner was led from the courtroom. “This is not about his bonds being unlawful.” she said. Then, somewhat defiantly, she added, “This is about him being the president of the Republic.”

  • Aron

    Sorry Brock, you’re going to have to try again.

    All that comment sounded to me was ‘I’m a self-righteous weasel who will die alone.’

    And I doubt that’s what you meant to write. Is it?

  • Reynardine

    Brock, your statements are just coherent enough to convey that you consider yourself superior to just about everybody, without imparting any cogent grounds for such a belief, or even evincing any grasp of objective reality. Frequently, when people were brought into the psych ward (often on the night before the full moon) exhibiting such symptoms, they proved to be either what are now termed bipolar in a severe manic upswing, or grandiose paranoid schizophrenics, who were headed for a long stay in a quilted hotel. Nowadays, they get dumped on the street till they kill somebody, and then they get a free nap on Old Gurney. If you want a better future, get your head examined. Other than that, I concur with Coral Sea’s assessment of you as an assclown.

  • Brock Henderson

    Yes I am verbose, but incoherent? My statements seem to be coherent enough to attract responses from you, Aron, responses which do indicate comprehension on your part.

  • Reynardine

    Aron, it probably has something to do with certain other haywire we’ve seen around here of late.

  • Aron

    How the hell did Jay Carlisle’s post make it through moderation?

    I’ve heard Brock Henderson make more coherent statements, and that’s saying something.

  • Jay Carlisle

    Has anybody stopped to consider that the FBI is claiming to have been unaware of a huge “hundreds of thousands” movement responsible for the OK Bombings until Feb of last year? Before that the focus was on “Lone Wolf” domestic terror and sovereign citizens were those cats on the am talk spouting their latest book showing you how not to pay taxes… the incompetence is what could only be termed criminal if one assumes much of any level of truth to this but of course this is the excuse to start the push button murder of citizens somehow striped of those rights via a Terror Tuesday teleconference with no oversight or review. Should have been a simple matter for conspiring and I’m not defending the individuals IF they were allied with actual terrorists but a trial wouldn’t establish precedent for “enemy combatant” status and push button death which, coupled with a war on a concept that has no national boundary’s and then do a little digging into industrialized farming, agricultural production required to maintain our population, and industrial agricultural oil requirements and ask yourself why we approach about half the worlds military force (~22 aircraft carriers {we’re putting one down soon if not already but are rolling out the [slap berets on legs disregard for tradition] Ford class of carriers} we float half, the rest of the world divides the others with no nation floating more than two and most supposed allies)
    Then roll it on back a century this coming xmass, well just before that really but the quorum got the private reserve they named federal, probably mostly wall street (communication line terminus to start… and a papa joe who had no problem claiming the fashionable Bootlegger for the sideline mostly for personal (but lots of lavish parties so a chunk to Joe/Jane Average by print appearance, but Mexico smacked of the mammon he nutted the street with, mostly a Napoleon-like assault that ignored the “unwritten rules” of what had been mostly a gentleman’s game played by the sons of the ones who would drink your milkshake till lil’ joe pusher’d his way in.

    Another a thank goodness for Google, it’s like living in a middlin’ good library 24/7 and this time saved me from unknowingly popping off what some seem to consider derogatory terms for an Irish man to the general set when I mean a more modest proposal to the individual I knowingly use bog irish in reference to (perfidious albion and your damnable protestant winds)
    The third principality, the seconds flunky throughout much of u.s. history and her major conflicts and general oddness, like counting room floors that break, Bankers asking Bilbo’s riddle conteste fini with no soothing oil for troubled waters Simon says passingover this sangre de cristo stained stream of consciousness once over and half back again to Euler’s jolly smile, The Treaty of Paris (an object lesson in how to loose a war already won… take too long to sign it), but a shield I’ve read of made some brilliant “Trading Places” like actions, or how did the administrations that issued greenbacks and silver certificates, the whole not the half, but that mammon of old has some practical value to those who insist on some magic in that paper that some how makes it not Monopoly (a grand game at the scale of a nation of around 350 million souls when there can be only one) but “gold swap orders” outta the city of london (not part of London nor England, with gold quality swaps particularly indicative of the same exchange method as a coin on Yap. When that government seizure someone had… can’t remember who’d do such to their own, mortgage hold…. HEY! Oh wait! Pardon me, outsider here… why in the world would I own anything… it’s about control and what you need and how long one must wait verses the cost of having a can of Yams available to you 24/7/365 and why it’s a great gift I’m about to give you knowing that the real effects come from a million and one small miracles of freewill where heaven say that glass is half full and so it is than the huge risk of throwing it all on the water walk thing which isn’t so much the over the top tricks so difficult to preform as it is the near impossibility of controlling the audiences reactions to the “trick” and ask Brian about how rough that can turn out… I’ll ask George.

  • Chris

    Words, words, words. Lots of words to get you lost in a soup of deception. Sovereigns purport to be students of the “law”, but they are without understanding. If someone tells you they’ve been “studying law”, ask them what law school. If they don’t give you one, just turn around and walk away. That person has nothing for you.

  • sovereign goofy

    Final note, those same legal fictions at common law are still used today, and even more abundantly, and you still choose to apply those fictions to your argument. So I say the sovereign movement is still moot, unclear, and will just get you in trouble, as you see here.

  • sovereign goofy

    “sovereign citizens” should also be smarter than to quote Blackstone, he was a defender of the use of [fictions], and “sovereign citizens” should also be smarter, while defending common law, they seem to have passed over the unbenounced truth that “at common law” was more abusive of [legal fictions] than the Romans applying their fiction dubbed “as if”.

  • sovereign goofy

    Hmmm. Ok.

    When we had the revolution, the people (by international law meant rulers) where sovereigns without subjects. Throughout history and [at common law] there are only two types of people, free and subject. Free is sovereign, subject is inferior. Now, post-revolution, again, the people e.g. The states, were the sovereign, and by international law they were recognized because they established a monetary power, military power, trade, and most important subjects. YOU CAN NOT BE A SOVEREIGN by pre and post revolution definitions unless you meet that criteria. A citizen can not be sovereign because that power was [vested] to another, a “people” e.g. A state. Your sovereign also acting as a republic ruler, was vested power to make their own laws for their own subjects, by the authority expressly given to them by who?? Their subjects and acting for the subjects so long as it was not repugnant to the constitution. Unfortunately, with so much disinformation and miss-construing of the law, all “sovereign citizens” (oh by the way at common law – which you profess to use, subjects is synonymous with citizen) are [acting] on [legal fictions] and hypocritically against the very [legal fictions] of law they speak against. Need to do more research of you want to do it it rigt

  • Aron

    Sure thing, Dora. I’ll definitely pray before I make my next decision.

    Because I, too, have voices in my head that tell me what to do. And they tell me to burn things. That must be God, right?

  • Dora Williams

    We the people was correct. The reporter on this article did not get all the facts straight. If any of you are really interested in the truth, you should do more investigating and praying, before passing judgement. There are sovereign groups out there who are anti-government and anti-police and very rebellious. Mr Turner and the Republic for the united States of America are not anti-government and do not advocate any violence of any kind.They are not associated with these other groups, but the government wants to put them in the same category. People you do need to wake up. Don’t let this web site, or others do your thinking for you. Wake up your mind. If you want to know the truth…seek God. He will show you the truth. You do need to wake up before it is too late!

  • TLGA

    I don’t know if the point is deliberately misconstrued or simply ignorance. To begin with the United States Constitution does not apply to the people but to the “limited” federal government with very “limited” jurisdiction designed and ratified by our founders not by the people. A simple read and attention to the plain language therein and some study of the process by which it was written and adopted reveals that clearly. The Constitution was intended to outline what the federal government CAN NOT DO in order to ensure the rights of the people could not be usurped. Rights cannot be granted only privileges can and privileges can only be granted by rulers. Rights can however be restricted and abolished by any “rulers” allowed to become too powerful. That is exactly why the following words were included by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence… “that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    All human beings are sovereign unto themselves the moment they are born. There are only two events in life which one has utterly no control over, getting born and getting dead, everything in between is on the individual. All human beings have the right of self determination and all human beings must not only make choices but accept the consequences of them.

    Our government as is true of any government on earth exists only by the consent of the governed. All governments devised by man can be corrupted, infiltrated, destroyed and altered simply by reason of the apathy and inattention of the governed. The blame for the corruption and slavery we suffer today on an increasing level is at our feet, by our lack of personal responsibility and ignorance even if that ignorance has been by design. The reason our founders rejected a Democracy as the model for our nation is that they studied the history of it. “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican
    Form of Government…” The United States Constitution, Article IV, Section 4. (Republican does not mean political party or “conservative”.)
    Democracy is mob rule. Mob rule always leads to destruction when those who do not agree with the brute are forced to comply. Democracy is ALWAYS a mere stepping stone to one form of Dictatorship or another. Democracy is a Fox in charge of the hen house, the chickens don’t last long and pretty soon the Fox runs out of chickens to produce more chickens… “other peoples money” comes to mind. In a Republic all voices are equal and the Fox will get his say balanced by the voice of the chicken and any controversy will be settled fairly by all facts being known, weighed and decided.

    No man is any other man’s keeper and no man has the right to dictate the belief, faith or personal choices of another. Most important, no group of people has the right to force their views on another.

    Elections? There hasn’t been a lawful election in more decades than I have been alive. The programmers of the common Die Bold machines used in the elections testified before congress that not only were they designed to be rigged they were in fact rigged. Add to that the massive number of precincts around the country reporting voting by the dead, voting by illegal aliens, machines counting votes opposite of the choices made and even Acorn workers admitting they were voting for others and voting multiple times. Add to that gerrymandering and there is not even a semblance of lawful elections left. Elections are nothing more than illusions now to keep the indoctrinated pacified.

    I am certainly not in favor of anarchy and I am not anti government. What I am is anti corruption in all its forms. The only possible solution to the corruption we face today is education and truth. That is exactly why our true history is kept from us, our media has become a political machine and we are kept divided by party, race, gender and class. Division can only serve the masters not us. Opinions mean NOTHING only truth can solve anything and that takes diligence and active effort on the part of the people to discover it. The Fox is not about to give the chickens the means to defeat his agenda and the chickens will surely end up in the soup.

    Another thing the Fox is extremely good at is re-defining words for his own interests…. the word sovereign has been redefined by rhetoric for agenda just as so many others have… for instance the commerce clause in the Constitution… it says the federal government can regulate commerce AMONG the states NOT WITHIN THEM… you will not find a dictionary which existed at the time the Constitution was written which defines AMONG to mean WITHIN… see how cleverly they change our perceptions?

  • concernedcitizen

    Yes I agree with you Reynardine: n March 25th, 2013 at 9:32 am

    TLGA: Under our Constitution, the citizens are *joint* sovereigns. We govern by consensus. We elect representatives to carry out the business of governing. Any given one of us holds a three hundred millionth part of that sovereignty. No one citizen gets to declare himself the whole sovereign. That would make him a dictator, which most of the rest of us joint sovereignty holders don’t like.

  • concernedcitizen

    Turner is a man who was obviously devoid of any intelligence as it pertained to the law. And he has led innocent people down the road of trouble by providing fake bonds that has led to their indictment after they tried to cash the bad paper.

    If Turner wants to fight the laws of the United States then he must do it within the system that is recognized by the people who have it in place. He is not the Government.

    Just because a bunch of yahoos decide one day in the forest that they want to be “the government” one that was not elected does not mean they have those powers vested in them.

    Therefore, when they go around and try to push and enforce their make believe powers it is most likely they will end up in jail, or at the end of many lawsuits.

    What I really hate to read about are these older people who have been taken in by this foolishness and have now had their lives adversely affected by nothing more than fraud behind the machiavellian leader who would lead them into greatly troubled waters and then abandon them when they are picked up by the troops of the United States.

  • Aron

    Hey We the People, would you mind passing me whatever it is you’re smoking? Nobody likes a Bogart.

    And Judas invests.

  • We the People

    First of all, the facts of this article need to be corrected. James Timothy Turner is not antigovernment; he is anti-corporation-government, which is what we have in Washington via Act of 1871. Sovereigns with RuSA are also not antigovernment; THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT de jure via We the People. They are peace loving and righteousness pursuing people who want all of America to reestablish the republic that was lost via the Act of 1871, which vacated the republic and made the citizens subject to a corporation called the UNITED STATES. Turner did not teach anyone to tap into secret government accounts; he taught people to discharge debt through their own account that the UNITED STATES corporation put aside for us as a remedy for their mortgaging our future earnings. Turner did not try to pay his taxes; he tried to discharge his tax debt via the account put aside for each and every one of us by the corporation-government. Turner did not prey on anybody; he only tried to free the people from the bondage created by the UNITED STATES corporation and the New World Order. I hope I’m wrong but I have a feeling that this verdict represents God’s weighing of America in the balance of righteousness and America was found lacking because they did not see Turner as one pursuing righteous for the good of America and the world. They did not see that the American system has become more and more evil over the decades and now is a police state. Apparently, the court or jury did not see righteousness when it stood up right in their faces. Turner isn’t perfect; but compared to the politicians in Washington; he is a bright shining light. Sovereigns aren’t opposed to paying taxes per se; they are opposed to paying taxes to an agency that collects for the IMF. They are also opposed to paying taxes that really go overseas instead of coming back home. By the way, the Constitution is supposed to protect and guard our inherent rights; it never authorized usurping them via Congressional Acts, laws, executive orders, and so forth. Really, any law that goes against the Constitution is no law at all (Why don’t courts find this and hold up the Constitution? Because they also work for the same corporation who makes profit for the elite and New World Order). The person who cannot see that the USA is currently a tyranny state is either duped or a part of that tyranny. It’s funny the UNITED STATES corporation will prosecute truth tellers but those who falsify documents, such as birth certificates, social security cards and so forth become heroes. Those who give arms to Mexico to blame the 2nd Amendment somehow become heroes. Those who let the CIA bring guns and drugs into our cities and ruin the people are somehow worthy to be our leaders. Those who continue wars and create new ones without real justification go about as doing nothing wrong. But when a Turner or the like comes along, the book gets thrown at them. This nation needs to repent from all its unrighteousness. Stop calling good evil, and evil good. We need to get back to the Bible and get back to God. Both the Democratic and the Republican parties and the mainstream news are bought by the New World Order. This New World Order is a Luciferian/Satanic system. In the end the system will not only require taxes, licenses, and tracking from its subjects; it will require their eternal souls.





  • Reynardine

    TLGA: Under our Constitution, the citizens are *joint* sovereigns. We govern by consensus. We elect representatives to carry out the business of governing. Any given one of us holds a three hundred millionth part of that sovereignty. No one citizen gets to declare himself the whole sovereign. That would make him a dictator, which most of the rest of us joint sovereignty holders don’t like.

  • Carl

    Hey Music Maniac, most of us learn at an early age that you can’t always just do what you want – that we are part of a society. Or in other words: you cannot withdraw consent to be governed. Do tell us how your attempts to avoid everything that has something to do with Lucifer/Satan is working out – I’m sure your accounts will be enlightening.

  • adamhill

    Based on their writings and behavior, a lot of Sovereigns seem genuinely psychotic.

  • Aron

    Hey Music Maniac,

    Maybe consider turning down the volume? It seems to have scrambled what little brains you had.

  • Music Maniac

    In reading the comments it makes me curious as to how many Agent Provocateurs have shown-up to type-in the negative comments read here. It is known to those with discernment that the 1871 municipal corporation “United States”, and all its franchises, codified @ 28 USC 3002 15 A, will do whatever is necessary to remain on top as an alleged “governing authority”. I have, as Executor of my Estate Trust, withdrawn consent to be governed. It is also known to those having done the studying that, if the true nature of the system had been revealed to all from the beginning, they would not have anyone in contract/consent to govern over. The muni-corp, hq’d in DC, is an Oligarchy of tyranny. Since it is secular, by design, it is under the spiritual authority of Lucifer/Satan. Thanks for reading.

  • TLGA

    First off Turner is and always was a con man. He deserves everything he gets in sentencing and then some. Many of his crimes were not even included in the charges. I suspect the authorities knew much of what he has done would be difficult to prosecute due to the fact that many he greatly harmed were either too afraid to testify or too ashamed they were so readily and easily duped… so they Al Caponed him, simple.

    That said, the ridiculous interpretations and blanket judgments of so called “sovereigns” on this site is nothing short of glaring proof of the success of the deliberate dumbing down of America.

    To make a general statement about all sovereign people is no different than saying all republicans want to murder Grandma and all Democrats want to spend her out of her house and dump her on the street! When conquering a nation division is key and we are joyfully allowing the division all day every day.

    The word sovereign has been deliberately bastardized now to include anyone who believes in our constitution, our Republic (we are not a Democracy and for very good reason), anyone who bothers to do the research necessary to discover the true nature of our so called federal government now and so forth. The truth and all of the truth is easy to find if one simply exercises a little study and due diligence. Every public office is a corporation registered on Dun and Bradstreet but why would you take somebody else’s word for that? Go look. While you’re at it look up the congress and the leaders of congress… nuff said.

    The point is we are all sovereign under our form of Constitutional Republic, that just means that we are supposed to be self governed, not fascist, communist, or oligarch governed. Those of us out here who understand, study and fight to keep the last of the God Given rights we were born with are now labeled as the enemy while the rest of you throw words at each other and let the real enemy strip you of all you have left.

    Turner is a crook and a crackpot and those who blindly follow him are destined to remain slaves to any idiotic effortless remedy placed before them… just look at where many of them are flocking now… the OPPT! Talk about addicted to slavery.

    America is the last bastion of freedom such as it has become, on earth and if we the people don’t wake the hell up to what is going on we will be no more.

  • Susan Smith

    The jury was presented far more evidence than was needed to demonstrate the con man that he is. He said, “he only wanted to help people”. Those convicted for federal crimes following his guidance don’t feel very helped, especially after telling some of them ,”sorry to hear that. Just keep filling out the forms”. Hiding behind God? Scripture says, “they will know you by the fruit you bear”. His fruit is only thorns. May he not harm anyone else. God forbid..

  • RDT64

    Stuart, I, RDT64, represented by “RDT64″ as the sole existing RDT64 in existence real and/or imagined (for which many are thankful), do declare in this communication as well as in any past, present or future form of communication real and/or imagined, “BE-ING” in great pain from trying to read your first, very exhausting missive in the slightest context of reason and logic, declare that you owe the office of RDT64 100 gazillion dollars and two Advil for each idiotic word you post past, present or future, in any form real and/or imagined. Please demonstrate your “transparency” without any “drama” and remit via the Easter Bunny. Thank you for visiting our “reality”.

  • concernedcitizen

    @stuart: intelligence transformed into what?

    We have sovereigns running around making up their own ideals and realities and harming police officers. I fail to see where harming police officers is helping to keep the peace.

    Stuart, were you hitting the corn whiskey before you wrote that scrambled post above?

    There is another definition that I believe should go hand in hand with the post you shared:


    5 a : great devotion to a PERSON, IDEA, object, movement, or work (as a film or book) ; esp: such devotion regarded as a literary or INTELLECTUAL FAD b : the object of such devotion c : a usu. small group of people characterized by such devotion

    We simply must not divorce ourselves from our critical thinking skills based on the fact that we find the man or woman speaking from pulpit in front of us mesmerizing.

  • concernedcitizen

    I can’t find anything about this man having a legal background which I’m betting he does not. Because if he did I’m sure that would probably be listed in the articles because he would now be a poster boy for any rival University of his alleged law school.

    Just because a child picks up a law book and reads it does not mean that he has the ability and qualifications to practice law.

    Although I admit it would be terribly cute and entertaining to see an eight year old in a nice Armani suit complete with leather briefcase as he tried to drag it into the court room. And then to watch him have to climb up and down from the chair in order to address the court would be something that great comedies might be made from.

    Or to raise an objection before the judge while dancing back and forth because he needs a potty break, yes this thought is very amusing. However, it becomes less amusing when it is a grown man pulling these antics and now the people he has dragged along the path of his blind stupidity are going to need to do hard time. Furthermore, he does not come across to me as any great leader when his underlings come to him and tell them that they are now being indicted for trying to pass the bad paper he wrote them and his response is, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

    It is true that it is far better to read and learn about the law than to remain completely ignorant of it. However, it is necessary to not only read but to have professionals train you and guide you on it’s application, argumentation, and interpretation that is acceptable by a court of law.

    @ Aron, What grounds could this man possibly appeal under? Well, I’m sure they might dig something up.

    However, I agree with Aron I don’t think an appeal will work because it appears that they have hard, admissible evidence and plenty of damaged witnesses…

  • Mitzymoon

    Most of these sovereigns are just slackers who don’t want to pay for what they routinely take from government. I think hobos have more dignity.

  • Reynardine

    What a brain omelette you’ve served up, Stuart!

  • Aron


    That’s what appeals are for. But considering the man is guilty as sin, I doubt an appeal will go very far.

  • Stuart

    How is he ever going to get a fair trial in a kangaroo court if the ignorant Jury doesn’t even comprehend his methods of fact based on years of research in law!

  • Stuart

    A Sovereigns values

    What is comprehend in being representative to be a human being “BE-ING” representative of be-ing as Antecedent allegiant Heir Apparent Propia Persona Sovereign

    A Sovereign-ship comprehends and aligns their BE_ING to the following values for life.

    Ability: Working smarter not harder.
    Actions: That what your saying matching up with what your doing and walking the talk.
    Accountability: Owning your mistakes.
    Agreements: BE-ing your word.
    Another’s Agreement: Never needed unless one is attached to approval or looking good.
    Answers: There’s always remedy, set-off or restitution.
    Argument: A condition of somebody not present in their be-ing being authentic.
    Authenticity: Communicating “what is” “factually” to the best of one’s ability.
    Bearing false witness – That what destroys relationship, loving peace and causes war.
    Choice: Establishing with another; what, when and where; without one of those it’s not happening.
    Clarity: Living and enduring in what “is”, not what isn’t.
    Consciousness: Living consistently in the presence of “now”.
    Consultant/An elder: A status that acquired at 52 years of age when every cycle of creation has been experienced.
    Credibility: Acquired from where we are coming from in our be-ing in our relationships with life.
    Currency: an exchange of equal consideration whereby both parties win appreciation.
    Contributor: Someone that gives authentically of them self with love and no desire of reward than to assist another grow.
    Courage: Taking scary risks in a realm that hasn’t been explored.
    Death: Withholding your authenticity from the world.
    Denial: Lying to yourself and being pretentious to others in order to cover up your act of in-authenticity.
    Dishonesty: We do not recognise it in any form.
    Drama: Using justifications, excuses and/or reasons of why things aren’t happening.
    Ethics: Having values of worth in our lives that we stand for and promote.
    Expression: Doing everything that you do as though you were doing it for the person we love most.
    Freedom: Expressing whatever needs to be expressed “fully” to the person that most needs to hear it.
    Getting it: Like when you put your hand in the fire, you get it’s hot.” Do “YOU” get all of it here or understand these principles?
    Godlike: A representation you become when you trust your souls expressions through your hearts guidance.
    Gossip: That what entertains the boredom of the dishonourable.
    Health: Dis-ease a 99% psychosomatic condition that cannot inhabit the body of a conscious & present individual.
    Integrity: A condition of being whole and lacking no component parts.
    Jealousy: Fear that one cannot survive without another and forgetting that one is already complete.
    Justice: The quality of being equitable.
    Killing: Killing the world for money is not conducive for all our future generations’ sustainability.
    Leadership: The ability to find solutions under impossible situations.
    Love: Somebody that calls you when they don’t have too
    Money: A means of exchange as a facility for goods or services rendered or tendered as validation. With no intrinsic or tangible value for hording unless it’s shared or in circulation.
    Nothing: Everything starts here.
    Obesity: Growing layers to protect oneself from pain.
    Power: A very misconstrued word that has nothing to do with domination, manipulation or control.
    Poverty: Running your life from a fear of non survival in an abundant world.
    Principles: The stand that we take and become in life, never compromising but always willing to adapt.
    Questions: There are always three answers: You want to do it, you don’t want to do it or you don’t know and need more information. Always ask questions with “how do you see, hear or feel about that.
    Reality: Is what “is” and unreality is what “isn’t.
    Respect: Earned, not assumed, by the merit of our deeds.
    Progress: A meeting of the minds of a win-win negotiation.
    Responsibility: Knowing a thing means becoming responsible and taking direct action.
    Relationship: Direct experience that occurs with all interactions of life that can’t be possessed.
    Results: Being creatively committed and measured by the evidence that never lies.
    Standing: Our personal infrastructure values to live and abide by, that we will not compromise.
    Stupidity: Disturbing the Peace, Causing harm, Loss or False promises or contracts with others.
    Sex: Something that’s fun without the baggage, and the possibility of creating an expression of love into life.
    Transparency: That which instils trust by being honest, speaking honestly and doing honestly.
    Truth: The strongest gun in your hand.
    *Understanding: To stand under a something; rather than being a stand for it in life.
    Vision: The ability to see and know consequences.
    Values: Acknowledgement by integration of all the above into who one’s BE-ing.
    Velocity: Doing whatever is appropriate, relevant and required that “works” with integrity.
    Victim: Blaming the others or the world of why your life didn’t work out.
    Wisdom: The ability to make responsible choices that work.
    Wealth: Combining and integrating all the above into everything whatever you do.
    X – X marks the spot of the difference between understanding a thing and getting it!
    Youth- A coffee boy in a President’s position guarantees proving how small they really are.
    Zones: People working outside of their natural abilities and commitment proves results of incompetence.

    (List not exhaustive)

    Intelligence Transformed © SRC 2009

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