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New Issue of Intelligence Report Released Today

By Hatewatch Staff on May 29, 2013 - 4:18 pm, Posted in Intelligence Report

The new issue of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report, released today, contains an in-depth look at the decades-long war between white supremacists and “anti-fascists” – highlighted by the bloody battle that erupted last  year at suburban Chicago restaurant.

The May 19, 2012, incident in Tinley Park, Ill., involved as many as 18 anti-racists in a fast and furious attack that resulted in five men pleading guilty to armed violence and receiving prison sentences as long as six years. The long history of violence between white supremacists and self-described “anti-fascists” also includes the 1998 murder of two anti-racist skinheads in a neo-Nazi plot. The latest incident has some anti-racists asking how things could have been different. It also underscores the challenge law enforcement faces in preventing such violence.

The Summer 2013 issue of the Intelligence Report also includes:

  • “The Aryan Accountant” exposes a well-known and respected certified public accountant – whose firm has audited many of Idaho’s public schools and government bodies – as a man who led a secret life as a neo-Nazi.
  • “Battle Lines” examines how, in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shooting, more than 400 sheriffs are promising to “oppose and disallow” any new federal gun control measures. Much of their brazen talk about taking the law into their own hands is rooted in the ideology of the racist, anti-Semitic Posse Comitatus movement.
  • In “Suspect Science,” an expert appointed to review a recent study of LGBT families that is being trumpeted by anti-gay groups says it was fatally flawed and calls its author “disgraced.”
  • “Behind the Walls” looks at plans by far-right extremists to build a walled city complete with its own arms factory in northern Idaho. Ironically, this proposed city for “Patriots” who love the Constitution and hate “liberals, Marxists and blue voters” is being hyped at the same time that Idaho’s governor is urging arms and ammunition makers to relocate to his gun-friendly state.
  • Kiwiwriter

    Brock Henderson got through the defenses? Wow…I guess he didn’t get the memo.

    Well, Brock, since you’re reading this, there is one thing I do want to say to you…I’m not really concerned with or interested in your politics. You’ve said publicly that you have no intention of actually working to secede from the Union or be a member of any neo-Nazi outfits, or commit any crimes, so as far as I’m concerned, you are as entitled to your views as anybody else in the United States. Go forth, do well in your college classes, and be the best librarian you can be.

    What worries me about you is that I’m twice your age, have 33 years as an adult under my belt, been a professional journalist for those 33 years, working on events with presidents, prime ministers, and princesses, and therefore been through the mill and ground pretty fine…and I have never seen anyone with such an intense furious anger as you.

    You came here, by your own admission, deliberately to provoke conflict with total strangers, hurling barrages of fury, sarcasm, and personal invective — at people a good deal older, angrily arguing points of law with real lawyers, spewing personal abuse based on their sex and ethnicity, with a mixture of condescension and hatred.

    When you hurled these verbal hand grenades at total strangers, you expressed even greater fury that your targets would have the nerve to fire back, and do so harder. You were even more enraged and having the grenades hurled back at you. Did you think that people are just going to stand there and burst into tears when a total stranger berates and tries to belittle them?

    More importantly, do you think that such behavior is appropriate for an adult of your age? If you were a 16-year-old kid, I’d excuse it, write it off to the overheated emotions and raging energies of adolescence. Yes, it’s very annoying when you go to the movies and you have to pay the adult price, but can’t see the adult picture.

    Do you think that yelling like that is going to win friends and influence people? Does that make your argument stronger or more powerful? Let’s see, you called women “babycakes” and “sweetcheeks,” and insulted Jews with uses of the outdated phrase, “bubbaleh.” Then when you were challenged, you called people, “deranged,” “pathetic,” and “moron.” Is that a cogent, lucid argument based on facts? You’re screaming at people twice your age, with greater education and life experience than you, berating them, and telling them to “take a Midol?” You’re accusing us of having “satanically-inspired” hate?

    When you started ridiculing us as “morons” for typographical errors, we naturally shot back by slamming you for your education and lack thereof. You reacted with even greater fury…as if we had no right to question you and your education. You dragged your college instructor into it, demanding that we share our “insults” with her. She has no dog in this fight…why should she have to be dragged into it? Isn’t that disrespectful to your instructors and teachers?

    You also spouted an immense amount of anger about the definitions of rape and an intense hatred of women who choose to dress in short skirts…your program for the glorious future had more about rape than energy policy. What is this about? Where does this absolute hatred and loathing of women who are not subservient come from? What relevance does it have to the discussions here?

    And what is your purpose in coming here? You said you came here to “provoke conflict” and to “tick off” people you dislike. What does that get you? Are you going to bring SPLC to surrender? No. Are the folks here going to burst into tears and admit you are right and they are wrong? Of course not. Especially when your arguments are framed in fury. You said you have no intention of actually seceding…you want to be a librarian, not a politician.

    If you want to get into arguments with and “tick off” women who do not stay home barefoot and pregnant, there are dozens of other sites and forums where you can do that. You’re going to college. Argue your points in your college classes. Set up a “no girls club” for six-year-olds of all ages, presumably in a tree. Create a web page with your grandiose theories. Doing things like that will probably get you more support, respect, and attention, especially from like-minded folks. You seem to think there are plenty of them.

    We didn’t barge into your life and seek you out to insult you. If you didn’t come stomping in here, screaming and yelling, you wouldn’t have faced harsh and sarcastic comments back. You came here, deliberately to start a fight, got one, but I don’t think you’ve gained anything from it. Has any of this made your life better? Are you a happier man now? Has your position and views gained any adherents? Are you closer to any of your goals or dreams than you were before? Has anything you have done in this misogynistic crusade actually improved your world or your corner of it?

    It has done one thing…you gave us the name and e-mail address of your instructor, and we did share with her your posts, unedited. We let your instructor know what you’ve been doing.

    Not because we oppose your politics. Not because we think you’re a bad person or a monster, or, as you seem to think, an enemy of the “Beltway Behemoth.”

    We shared your stuff with your instructor for a simple reason…we’re very concerned about you. Your fury. Your rage. Your hatred. We don’t want it consume your humanity, or those of the lives of other people you meet in your life — people who have done no harm to you, bear you no malice, and may become victims of your intense and burning rage.

    We’ve seen too many times in our nation’s history when someone becomes consumed with their rage, fury, demons, and despair, and vents all that anger on innocent and unknowing people, often with deadly and horrific results — including to the lives of themselves and their own families.

    We’ve seen enough tragedies, Brock. You’re an English major — we don’t want you to become the author of a new one.

    You’re an intelligent and fairly literate man, Brock, and beneath the fury and rage, I can see a definite talent in your writing. But you’re going to lose all of that, if you persist in your present course of anger and rage.

    Eventually it will consume you, and one very cold morning, you will wake up and realize that nobody in the entire world cares whether you live or die. I hope you can break free of that rage before that happens.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Again, the movie seems “dumbed down” because intelligent dialog and American cultural, political, and historical references do not translate well.

    One way you can understand this is by looking at how good films or TV shows are interpreted by non-Americans. People in the UK love the Simpsons for example, but even though they speak English they are likely to miss many cultural references. Now take that same show and imagine it translated into another language. Find an episode where you see a pun or some other play on words, understanding that this most likely doesn’t translate into other languages. That means every joke based on that pun is basically non-existent in Spanish, Russian, French, etc.

    As for films, the more dialog you put in just means more opportunity for bad translation. Also a lot of films exported abroad are dubbed, not subtitled. We all know how dubbed films look- ridiculous. So that means films with lots of visuals(sight gags, SFX battles, CGI, etc.) are going to do better.

    Lastly, check the box office records of big summer blockbusters. Many of them bomb in the US while making many times the sum abroad.

  • concernedcitizen

    Really I thought that our movie making got bad because overall America’s comprehension level is sliding down scale.

    It appears to me that many Americans are interested in simple humor or simple entertainment.

    I can’t believe the crap that started airing on television. There have been a hand full of good shows, but they never appear to last for very long, and are usually replaced with some sort of mindless entertainment viewing.

    If we want to improve our communities I believe that a start is to get people better educated.

    I know that Hollywood has a different agenda with profit being the bottom line. However, I believe that the so called mindless and simple shows are appealing to many Americans as well as those over seas.

  • Sam Molloy

    True, Robert. Like all groups we should police our own better and the NRA should come out hard condemning this. I bet they don’t. Hate to say it, but their political rabidity and refusal to compromise one millimeter actually inflames crazy actions like this.

  • Jose

    Bravo, Master Ruslan. Excellent analysis.

  • Robert Pinkerton

    Senders of the ricin letters set the cause of lawful gun folk back.

  • Reynardine

    Brock, y’mean like Mesoamerica? You know, Olmecs, Mayans, Toltecs, Aztecs, and etcecs?

  • Aron

    Hey Brock, define ‘white civilization.’

    Hell, define ‘white.’

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Uh, yes, in point of fact, there is such a thing as white civilization, Ruslan. It’s called the West.”

    Nope and nope. Both invented terms with no concrete validity.

  • aadila

    Sorry, props to Ruslan not Erika for the observation on Hollywood. Tired eyes. Props to Erika for being a real peach, though.

  • aadila

    “Film studios have for some time realized that they take in much more money from the foreign market(mainly China and India) than the domestic, American market. ”

    Erika is correct about this being a factor in large budget studios decisions about content. One of the consequences of the growing export market for film is that action, violence, lots of skin and so on are easily translated and require neither dubbing nor subtitles (which is an issue for some markets).

    This is why many films are justly criticized for being “dumbed down”, which is partly influenced by the countless philistines who pay to go to movies in America, and partly to access non-English markets. Another factor that has contributed to this trend is CGI has widely taken over as the lowest cost method of making a splash, which has radically changed how films are produced and conceptualized.

    A third factor which cannot be overlooked is that the film industry is capital intensive. Like every other industry in the past decade (and this goes for music and other segments of showbiz too), risk aversion is the top priority. Studios are reluctant to gamble on high budget films that might fail at the box office, so they resort to remakes which already have a strong brand identity. They also lurk in the film festivals to see how the crowds respond — buying films on the spot that are already successful and can be transformed with less risk.

    The very same risk avoidance methodology is found in shows like “American Idol” which allows the music industry to test artists with zero risk, gaining virtually all the rights to the careers of those who win, and owing nothing to those who lose. My advice to any musician would be to stay away from those kinds of shows because they’ll get ripped off.

    Anyway these are the principal factors behind a lot of the business decisions that go into making films. Hollywood has long relied on focus groups, studies, and personal tastes of executives and producers as well. To rise in the business requires past success as a rule, so the community of rainmakers is pretty small. Many do happen to be Jewish but that is a selection bias and does not reflect some hidden agenda. The Jewish culture is one of intellectual achievement and hard work, so it is not surprising that many people who are Jewish end up being successful in the film industry.

    I think people confuse popular trends in culture that are exposed in film with film actually creating those trends. As I have attempted to illustrate above, the film industry is actually very cautious these days and provides the bread and circus known to be commercially viable. They may influence popular thought, but it remains to be seen whether we imitate film or film imitates us.

    Artists throughout the ages have been colorful, open minded, often flamboyant people, who naturally gravitate toward social criticism and poking fun at convention and societal values. So of course the industry trends toward a progressive mentality, just as the defense industry tends to attract fuddy duddies, wet blankets, and sticks in the mud who donate to the Tea Party. How is it a conspiracy? It’s just a reflection of culture.

  • Sam Molloy

    Interesting take on Hollywood, Ruslan. I did not realize our movies’ popularity overseas. I love movies but compared to the Golden Age, and some postwar movies (like Beat the Devil) the new ones are mostly garbage. I had assumed people are just getting dumber.

  • Reynardine

    Gstlab3: You have to be a Poe. No one can possibly be that simple.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “I hate to tell you people this but you have been led astray and are following the ideas of communism and the new world order run by the centralized banking systems.”

    Please explain what the “ideas of communism” are. I could use a laugh.

  • Reynardine

    Update: One of these ricin letters was interrupted end route to the President.

    Sam, try not to think about that. I know I’m trying not to.

  • Sam Molloy

    On the Citadel in Idaho: Their short growing season precludes self sufficiency with food. The Amish, who may not notice a societal collapse, are settled in the more temperate climes of Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky where there is plenty of sunshine and water. And even the well proven firearm designs they propose to make are today made with expensive CNC machines and heat treating furnaces, not hacksaws and files. Even magazines require fairly large sheet metal presses. As for tourists, the Disnaziland concept could bring some income, but I’m not sure what the rides would be like.

  • Reynardine

    In regard to the gun wing: Some have reportedly resorted to mailing ricin to gun control advocates. Mayor Bloomberg was the latest recipient of such a missive, which explicitly stated the sender’s motives. Two police officers suffered a [fortunately mild] exposure to it, though the mayor did not. There appears to be considerable overlap in membership between radical gun rights groups and radical bigot groups, and to my ancient, rather experienced eye, that portends violence. [Civilized] comment, please.

  • gstlab3

    I hate to tell you people this but you have been led astray and are following the ideas of communism and the new world order run by the centralized banking systems.

    You have betrayed America by allowing for and perpetuating the false divisions created by the two party system.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    The Trevor Lynch article was a riot. Lynch(Johnson) sounds like the typical WN pseudo-intellectual, getting pats on the head for his ability to string together a few paragraphs without lapsing into cursing or claims that Eve had sex with the serpent in the Garden of Eden, thus creating the Jews. Being a movie fan myself, I wanted to counter a few of his claims.

    1. The whole “Jewish Hollywood” is trying to brainwash us idea is bunk once you understand that Hollywood is an industry that operates like any other industry- for profit. A lot of people fail to fully appreciate what that means, and more importantly they don’t do the research to find out what the effects of this profit motive are. If they did, they’d realize why this idea of Hollywood as some kind of Jewish indoctrination device is absolute nonsense. Here’s how it works for those who don’t know:

    -Notice how many movies in the last ten or so years have been sequels, re-makes, super-hero films, etc.? And have you noticed how the quality has been going downhill, with witty dialogue being replaced by mindless, effects driven action? There’s a very simple, profit-driven reason for this. Film studios have for some time realized that they take in much more money from the foreign market(mainly China and India) than the domestic, American market. In fact, with minimal research you can see that infamous bombs like 2012 and John Carter did extremely well overseas.

    The thing about capitalism is that you can’t turn back the clock, so once production studios realized that China, India, Indonesia, Russia, etc. had become their main cash cows, it changed what kind of movies got greenlighted and how they were made. Jokes based on American culture, history, politics, get removed, and they are replaced with jokes, visual gags, and plot devices that are more universal and thus easier to translate. THAT’S why you have raunchy comedies, and that’s why you have so many movies based on Transformers. Fart jokes are easy to translate, as is the concept of “big robots are going to kill you.”

    So what does this mean? It means that “Jewish” Hollywood is purposely designing its films to appeal to countries like China. You see proof of this all the time. A good example was with the awful remake of Red Dawn. It originally, and quite stupidly, featured a Chinese invasion of the US. The production company came in and said, “no way,” thus forcing the filmmakers to re-write it with an even more absurd North Korean invasion.

    As for other alleged “propaganda” films like Saving Private Ryan or Schindler’s List, keep in mind that Spielberg made both films LONG after he had already become a successful director, and while I can’t remember as for Schindler’s List, I know for a fact that Saving Private Ryan was made by Spielberg’s own production company. See prior to Saving Private Ryan, any unproven director who had an idea for an ultra-accurate, gory WWII film might have been shown the door by a production company. How many blockbuster WWII films were there in the 90’s anyway?

    2. I hate Tarantino myself, but I find it funny how Lynch has to resort to the old “he’s acting Jewish” trope which is so common among WNs. “Acting Jewish” roughly translates to “he’s doing things I don’t agree with, but I know he’s not Jewish.”

    3. Going back to the whole thing about propaganda vs. profit-driven industry, it is worth looking at old films from the 50’s and 60’s. They were often patriotic, rabidly anti-Communist, and often contained blatant moral lessons if not actual “social hygiene” shorts which played before the feature. Apparently, these films failed to be profitable. In capitalism, what the market wants, it gets.

    4. Big surprise he loves Lord of the Rings. Serious surprise that he talks about Nietzschian values because LOTR is FULL of strong heroes fighting and often sacrificing themselves for weaker, smaller people. Did he NOT notice that scene where Boromir dies? I’m guessing like most WN pseudo-intellectuals, he didn’t really spend much time reading Nietzsche. He probably read some of his stuff because he thought he had to, and he never really thought much about it. Same with Savitri Devi. I’ve read more of Devi’s work than most WNs and while some of her writings on Indian independence were informative, you also have to remember that this is a woman who would eventually write a play in which all characters were based on her many cats. Do with that what you will.

    In the WN movement, spouting regurgitated Devi memes are serious pseudo-intellectual currency that might get you major rep on Stormfront. Don’t just call Obama a racial slur! Claim he is “the lightning” who signifies the coming end of the “Kali Yuga” and you’ll impress the hell out of those who are easily impressed.

    5. I love this quote: “I urge every White Nationalist to see ‘The Two Towers’ for a glimpse, in the here and now, of the white civilization that we have lost, and that we are working hard to create again.” Uh….Trevor…Greg…you DO realize that Rohan didn’t exist, right? There is also no such thing as “white civilization,” and you don’t get to take credit for other people’s work just because your skin was the same color.

    Anyway, thanks for exposing this guy. He’s a riot.

  • Erika

    The White Nationalist Guide to the Movies sounds even more riduculous than the American Family Association and Focus on the Family’s movie reviews.

    Who would actually seriously read that???