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Reward Doubled in Hunt for Neo-Nazi Murder Suspect

By Don Terry on June 7, 2013 - 1:42 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist
Hatewatch: Fugitive David Gordon JenkinsFugitive David Gordon Jenkins

The manhunt for a white supremacist suspected in the brutal beating death of a comrade affiliated with the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations has dragged on for more than two months and stretched from Tennessee to East Texas to New York state.

Now, the U.S. Marshals Service has doubled the reward – from $2,500 to $5,000 – for information leading to the capture of David Gordon Jenkins, 46, of Manchester, Tenn.

Jenkins is the last of four suspects in the March beating death in rural Franklin County, Tenn., of Corey N. Matthews, 26, a volunteer firefighter who authorities say was affiliated, like his suspected killers, with the Aryan Nations.

The Aryan Nations was based in Northern Idaho for many years before a Southern Poverty Law Center lawsuit reduced it to a few squabbling splinter groups that each claim to be the rightful heir of the once-storied organization.

Franklin County authorities contend Matthews was killed in a dispute “over the white supremacist organization’s doctrine.”

The heavily tattooed, 5-foot-10, 185-pound Jenkins is on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s most wanted list. He is believed to have connections to the Aryan Brotherhood, one of the most violent prison-based white supremacist gangs in the country.

The manhunt for Jenkins has stretched from rural Franklin County to Corning, N.Y., where he once lived, to East Texas, where he was reportedly seen recently.

The other suspects were captured more quickly. Two of them – John Corey Lanier, 26, and Todd E. Dalton, 39, both of Tennessee – were arrested and charged with murder in early April. A third suspect, Coty Keith Holmes, 25, of Hillsboro, Tenn., remained at large until he was arrested in mid-April in Florida.

Matthews died of blunt force trauma to the head and upper body, and most likely was killed on the evening of March 23. His battered body was discovered the next day on Jackson Cemetery Road.

  • http://dns coreys angel

    Some people have no heart how they sleep at night are even look at there pitiful heartless face in the mirror is unbelievable. None of these people know the true story behind this case. Heck one of the story’s is that Corey Wasent really a manner of this group and that’s y he was murdered. One says it was gang on gang and he was a member. Ok if you all looked at the REAL believes of these gangs one they don’t kill there brother’s. Really people? Corey was not a member of this gang hell for that matter I seen several comments that even said the murders were not TRUE members of these organizations. Well here’s fact NOT FICTION. Corey Matthews was a wonderful son,husband,and father. He was a awesome friend and brother. He was one of the best volunteer fire fighters on the force hince the word VOLUNTEER! He was a mma fighter for bunnys gym which he was very good at. He run several different businesses. So if that’s the making of a gang member than I guess he made a damn good one. Go ahead and make you rude and judgemental comments I have faith god will sort them out and for those of you that understand that two beautiful little girls and a wife and a mother lost a really great and important part of there life FOREVER. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF YALLS HEARTS! Its hard enoughf to loss of love one but to such a brutal senseless murder its unimaginable!
    From:one broken hearted old lady! ( Corey’s god mother Beth)

  • brenda rollings

    So u evidently saying its ok for someone to kill someone that’s the right way to go!!And u speak of people that get into things like this they r bad so what do u call urself and like I said before no one has the right to take anyone life maybe u need to refresh ur mind by getting the word of God out and read it again!!Good day

  • Aron

    Madam, while I deplore your son’s death, you must remember that old adage: ‘Those who live by the sword will often die by the sword.’

    He chose to associate with racists and criminals. He knew the risks.

  • brenda rollings

    Mother of deceased

  • brenda rollings

    To u making the smart comments towards my son do u have kids? I hope u never have to go thru the pain that I have of loosing a child and have to watch his two children grow up with out a father and have u not ever make bad choice in ur life no one’s perfect and nobody said he was but still does not excuse the fact that he was brutally murdered by the hands of another no one I mean no one has the rite to take a life but the man upstairs now God Bless ur gonna need it!!Good day

  • not jake

    @ gerogia citizen: its just a matter of trash taking out the trash

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  • Georgia Citizen

    Why should anyone feel sorry for this Matthews’ death, since he and the suspect Jenkins were members od rgw Aryan Nation movement? Does anyone really care about these two bad guys? I don’t!

  • Sam Molloy

    This picture was taken by some law enforcement agency. Why didn’t they just keep him at that time?

  • Aron
  • Reynardine

    Hey, it’d get me a hot water heater.