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Aide to Sen. Rand Paul Exposed for Neo-Confederate Views

By Don Terry on July 9, 2013 - 5:09 pm, Posted in Neo-Confederate

The “Southern Avenger” may sound like a comic book character, but he is no superhero fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

In fact, the man who calls himself the Southern Avenger is Jack Hunter, a close aide to U.S. Sen. Rand Paul and for years a pro-secessionist, mask-wearing radio pundit and neo-Confederate activist, The Washington Free Beacon reported today.

Hunter co-wrote Paul’s 2011 book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington, and joined the Kentucky Republican’s Senate staff in 2012 as social media director.

But from 1999 to 2012, the 39-year-old writer was a South Carolina radio shock jock who “weighed in on issues such as racial pride and Hispanic immigration, and stated his support for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln,” according to the Free Beacon, a conservative online publication of the Center for American Freedom.

The publication quoted from a commentary Hunter wrote in 2004, saying that he thought Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth’s heart was “in the right place” and adding that he raises “a personal toast every May 10 to celebrate John Wilkes Booth’s birthday.”

Hunter apparently didn’t wear his heart just on his sleeve. He wore it on his face. During his radio days, Hunter often pulled on a mask resembling a Confederate flag at public appearances, giving him the look of a third tier professional wrestler, the guy who always gets body-slammed and then thrown out of the ring.

It’s unclear whether Hunter wears his mask while writing. Whatever his method, though, he has been prolific. He has produced dozens of articles and video commentaries for the conservative online Daily Caller and appeared as what one Fox Business host termed a “regular” guest on that network, according to Media Matters For America.

In addition, Media Matters reported that Hunter also helped former U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, now president of the Heritage Foundation, write his most recent book.

Neither Paul nor Hunter was available for comment Tuesday, Paul’s office said, referring media inquiries to Paul’s spokeswoman, Moira Bagley, who did not respond to an interview request from Hatewatch.

Paul’s office did issue a statement to the Free Beacon, saying, “Sen. Paul holds his staff to a standard that includes treating every individual with equal protection and respect, without exception.”

Hunter has also worked for Paul’s father, Ron Paul, the former Republican congressman from Texas. Hunter was the official blogger for the elder Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign, according to Charleston City Paper.

Four years earlier, the elder Paul got into considerable hot water when The New Republic published “Angry White Man,” an article about the contents of newsletters he published. What the newsletters revealed, The New Republic reported, “are decades worth of obsession with conspiracies, sympathy for the right-wing militia movement, and deeply held bigotry against blacks, Jews and gays.” Ron Paul denied writing the newsletters that bore his name.

Speaking of angry white men, the Free Beacon said that prior to his radio career, while in his 20s, Hunter was a chairman in the League of the South, labeled a neo-Confederate hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

According to the Free Beacon, Hunter “defended his pro-secessionist views as recently as 2009.”

The Free Beacon quoted from a column Hunter wrote in Charleston City Paper: “In my early 20’s, I was a full-blown, right-wing radical. As a member of the Southern secessionist group the League of the South, I argued seriously for the states of the old Confederacy to break away from the rest of the Union. I thought it might be better to tone down the radicalism and at least try to appear more respectable. But when I came across an old column of mine last week, I realized that I never really changed. I’m still just as radical or crazy, depending on your perspective. In fact, I might be getting worse.”

Hunter told the Free Beacon, however, that he no longer holds many of his former views.

“There’s a lot of people who write in print and radio and go out and beat their chests and try to just say the craziest things they can because that’s how you make a living,” the Free Beacon quoted Hunter as saying. “For a while that’s how I made a living. And it’s not that you don’t mean it – it’s just you express it in ways that does more harm than good.”

As he settled into his job with Rand Paul, Hunter wrote a farewell column in April in the Charleston City Paper, for which he had been writing a weekly column since 2007. He said the Southern Avenger was a character and that his radio audience “seemed to enjoy my superhero-meets-redneck persona.

“I enjoyed it too,” he continued, “but I got the most satisfaction out of being able to express my ideas about small-government conservatism.”

He made no mention of secession or toasting John Wilkes Booth in his “happy and humble goodbye.”

“Today,” he added, “there is an influential and growing part of the GOP that reflects the constitutional conservatism I had championed.”

Now that’s a scary thought.

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    Poverty Law Center Thanks infonya ya

  • Gregory

    My apologies if this has been posted previously, but it appears that the Southern Avenger knew the gig was up prior to being exposed.


    It just gets better ad better.

  • MRJ

    @ Erika

    “* should i be ashamed to admit that i sort of want to be The Lovely Southern Belle in this act??? ;)”

    Admit it or not… if they want so b(dsm)adly to bring back the “rule of thumb” (or dispense with it entirely as some want, ie: “I am your father. I brought you into this world….”), someone should be a platform figurehead to show them exactly how it feels.
    Hold nothing back!
    *maniacal laughter*

    Disclaimer: I neither believe in, nor support violence of any kind against individuals who have not previously demonstrated their own inability to communicate as a rational mind by action/deed.

  • Sam Molloy

    IThink, there are a lot of people who call themselves “Conservatives” to mask racism, religious extremism, and wanting to take over the US government.
    What I call “Conservative” was called “Liberal” for the years between the Magna Carta and the writing of the US Constitution. That is, severely limited government and the assumption that people are responsible for their own well being. Please don’t dredge up slavery, I did not do that, and they fixed it eventually. Anyway big projects like railroads led to big corporations, but a government can have pro business policies without unduly interfering with the Free Enterprise System. The current Big Box Store Minimum Wage ( of $12,50) proposed by the District of Columbia, and a lot of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) can be calked “pro business” because they level the playing field so a company like Walmart does not gain advantage by running roughshod over people. Corporate taxes can be used to steer companies towards ecological processes, but those taxes can drive businesses to other countries if there are no such loopholes. I too love this country and agree we need better government management. But I believe that often also means less management.

  • Reynardine

    Sam, no. Jobs like that are for adults.

  • Erika

    Sam, i can imagine you being carried out by the police under arrest facing felony “solicitation of sodomy” charges for “workin’ the pole” at a fabulous gay nightclub in Virginia :P

  • Sam Molloy

    Rey, if you are going to spend time imagining me, please show me workin’ the pole at a fabulous Gay nightclub.

  • Ithink

    *Edit: keeps THEM mostly productive and happy, especially in contrast with the average American (Obamacare is by no means flawless reform but is certainly a necessity)!

  • Ithink

    “Sam Molloy said,
    on July 10th, 2013 at 11:25 am
    iThink, a growing number of Black Conservatives view the welfare system as the new replacement for the slavery system, with the Government replacing the plantation owner as the supplier of all their needs.”
    ~First and foremost, as an African-American and somebody whose pretty steep in my studies regarding political science and the modern American media courting it, this ”growing” number of ”Black Conservatives” represents 3 at most 7 of the registered voting pool in that demographic and has been since the Democrats & LBJ took a hard left turn in passing all the key Civil Rights legislation of the 1960’s; The best a Republican presidential candidate has gotten of that vote was Walker Bush the second time in 2004 with nearly 10% but who lost whatever convincing support he had with us post-Katrina. Romney, despite several noted setbacks here and there with the Obama’s administration operation, got virtually zero and it showed in the results.
    While we (blacks) are not a monolithic voting black like any other, those previous tokens do not deflect the consensus that a federal government that shut the human rights travesties of centuries-enduring slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, etc. down as being a ”New Plantation.” The black unemployment rate has always been greater in relation to whites (for the stated, obvious reasons above and more) and we have a more than adequate middle class smart enough to provide for ourselves. That race-baiting, anti-intellectual criticism of government is nothing more than piecemeal white supremacy meant to get us to vote for people who DO NOT have our best interests in mind and will in fact input policies that adversely affect African-American progress and other minority groups, statistics and reality be damned. White Right-Wingers are a very clever and ambitious bunch but their odiously offensive comparison of anything involving federal intervention is tiresome and draws a greater divide between them and our now (apparently) necessary vote.

    “As many see it, it is our Government run schools that teach the revisionist version of history, with all good things coming from the Government, and corporations as the purveyors of false promises and environmental damage.”
    ~Its deeply ironic and darkly humorous that you’d continue to literally quote verbatim what all the most prominent (and of course, lily-white) conservative Republican pundits, politicians and media ideologues continue to say in regards to demonizing the very real positive results the government has that is actually flexible and contingent upon people’s needs. As somebody who has had a private school upbringing throughout the primary and secondary eras, why do we have so many Right-Wingers content with abolishing a Department of Education and public school system that’d disproportionately affect all the non-white and non-wealthy population of the U.S.? What plans and proposals do they have for resolving the many federally-funded schools that have been forcibly shut down because of terrible maintenance and management on our, yes, corporate oligarchy’s part and whose unfortunate by standing victims are overwhelmingly black or brown? Otr is that part of the agenda to prove government is a ‘slave master’ or is the problem with everything (as when say, the Republicans are ever the majority there)?

    “Jobs like welders, CNC machine operators, truck maintenance, factory maintenance, assembly, construction, computer aided design, computer IT techs, etc. are begging for people to fill them, but our kids are graduating with only the skills needed to fill out applications for Government benefits.”
    ~And again I say, whose fault is this, theirs (as in the students and kids who are only following the rules of a backwards system that can’t even manage itself properly)? How come every other developed nation’s (UK, Japan, Finland, Denmark, South Korea, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, etc.) public education rankings so easily outstrip us despite the fact we in America are far richer and have more resources to readily impose improving it? It must be those significantly greater tax rates that guarantee a fantastic (and free) education from the kindergarten onwards to all citizens, to say nothing of that universal health care that keeps mostly productive and happy. Yet two other ways the U.S., this country I love enough to see and tell when and where it needs to do better, could decidedly use some vast improvements on! And to think, all these over-privileged, ultraconservative lobbyists and faux refomers advocating the even more problematic voucher programs actually believe that it must be the folks operating under this nonsense as being the problem. They couldn’t care less what become of them or those jobs as long as they get their undeserved tax breaks and outrageous self-awarded bonuses on the annual. The rest of us ”normies” trying to make it day by day will have to find, and do indeed deserve, better government management!

  • MRJ

    Sam… if you would… read up on “Worklpace Mobbing”, look at the types by study who are run out of their trades/jobs as opposed to the ones who instigate such behavior, and the responses by HR personal to these forms of very real activities fomented by some sociopath with an inferiority complex or a race issue, or a depraved hatred of women.

    Then look at things like the fact that not one petroleum distillery/cracking plant has been built in the US in the last 40 years… nor do we even produce our own steel… that one is an onion.

    BTW: there is no trade called “welders”. You are an iron worker, or hull technician, sheet metal worker, pipe fitter, etc., and trained in literally dozens of different things including workplace safety, blueprint reading and drawing, heavy lifting (rigging), metallurgy, cutting and welding, electronic theory, mathematics, geometry, chemistry, fork truck/aerial lift operation and safety, etc..
    When a job description says “welders wanted”, they most certainly do not want someone who did 4000 hours of supervised, hands on training, and 750+ hours of actual technical schooling, and can look at a blueprint and build you a foundry from the ground up, or build you the machines for an Investment Casting line, they want someone who can burn rod for $8 an hour with no benefits.
    GMAW, SMAW, GTAW are foreign terms to most applying for “welders wanted” ads, and they line up around the block for one position.

    Hence the movement of US heavy industry overseas, or to the South: cheap labor with no unions, thereby disenfranchising an areas entire economy.
    Why do you think the guy in the article above, and similar mind sets, might hate Mo-Town music?
    Because America changed, and they didn’t like it.

  • Georgia Citizen

    This has to be hysterically funny. This joker should have been a pro wrestler.
    Seriously. This bozo represents an era that I want no part of (1) This indivudual and other like minded people wants to make the South just as regressive in the Civil War and post CW eras.
    If people like this idiot ever succeed in getting the south to secede from the union. We southerners are in serious trouble, considering all our military bases would definitely leave the south. All of our major league sports franchises would leave the south, and we would be stuck with inferior minor league competetions. All of our major businesses would leave the south. None of the organizations wants to labeled racists, sexism, homophobic and anti semitic. There is too much money to lose and it’s a bad idea al the way around.
    I’s time for groups like League Of The South, THE CCC and others face reality. What’s good in theory, isn’t always so in reality.

  • Erika

    Sam, so basically you are saying that rather than decrying the fact that the economy has been so slanted in favore of the rich and corporations that even good jobs requiring higher education and skills are moving to India and China we should instead blame the victims. Right.

    And of course, you realize that if what you want to see happens and most everyone went to trade schools to learn a trade, that soon those skilled labor blue collar jobs would have a surplus and there would be a ton of unemployed welders running around. It wouldn’t be long at all before the welding job market becomes as oversaturated and as bad as say the legal job market.

  • Erika

    Aron, i am sorry to hear that you lost your job due to your employer going bankrupt. Just remember that no matter how desperate you get to find work that going to law school is not the answer ;)

  • Erika

    MRJ, while your proposed ring entrance is great especially since it elevates very bad The Lovely Southern Belle* to her proper place as the real star of the act, it might make the subvert bdsm [generally homo]eroticism of pro-wrestling a bit too overt for the audience’s comfort.

    * should i be ashamed to admit that i sort of want to be The Lovely Southern Belle in this act??? ;)

  • Sam Molloy

    Aron, I work full time, and everybody I currently know works also. Some of the places in Louisville that hire regularly are very hard jobs. I would not be afraid to try them however. Only Home Depot asks if you have ever, ever been fired, and, well, F them anyway. During the depths of the recession I kept working by doing some day labor between various temp jobs until I found a company that kept me. A full resume looks better than gaps. I personally would recommend cultivating a wider range of job skills over becoming a total expert in one specialized field, and the most profitable companies today make getting along with others a higher priority than skill level. Without knowing you better, I can’t recommend a particular job. Current business philosophy considers all workers interchangeable anyway. I am a firm believer in the old maxim that “he who is unwilling to sweep out the temple is not fit to be priest”. Also the newer maxim that describes some extremely distasteful job, and asks you if you would care if you lost that job. The second part of this very timely maxim advises you to care exactly that much about losing any job. Consider it their loss and move ahead.

  • MattJ

    That is funny due tot he fact Rand Paul was hlding a special conference call for Jewish leaders only for the last two weeks. As part of selling himself as a Presidential candidate.

  • Joanne

    Aron, Sam is probably a paid troll. I don’t see you finding that kind of work palatable, or being able to do it without vomiting.

  • Reynardine

    Basically, Aron, Sam hangs around like the overindulged child he is and cheeks us, because he knows we will neither be truly harsh to him nor throw him to the mean people. Witness: even the blunt-spoken Ruslan has never called him a cluster****, though, like the rest of us, he has doubtless been tempted. After all, Sam is still rather cute… for now. In a couple of years, he might not be.

  • Aron

    So Sam, what do YOU do?

    You sure seem to find a lot of time to gossip on the Internet during the work day. I am trying to find work because the company I worked for went belly up. And not many places that pay decent wages are hiring.

    So again, what do YOU DO?

  • Gregory

    It’s about time someone on here tells the truth.

    Really, Sam? Your Faux Newz and JBS talking points are routinely dismantled and debunked. Some of your more outrageous claims have entered the lexicon of this forum as shorthand for rightwing foolishness.

    On the other hand, your persitance is a testament to the power of willing self-delusion.

  • Sam Molloy

    Yes, JN Civil, read it and weep. It’s about time someone on here tells the truth. I find political inconsistencies interesting. Like White kids who rack up tens of thousands of dollars in student debt, trying to race their little bmw a**es ahead of everybody else to some cushy job, and then cry like it’s someone else’s fault when that field is not needed by society. A decent welder, or any of those jobs I mentioned, can always find work.

  • MRJ

    @ Erika

    “The Southern Avenger??? Seriously???”

    And entering the ring, crawling, with one of those ball gag things, a studded collar, some crossed chest straps, chaps, and matching Flag boots… led by aforementioned belle with thin chains and a cat-o-nines on the handle of her parasol.

    Shock jock.

  • MRJ

    @ Sam

    “Jobs like welders, CNC machine operators, truck maintenance, factory maintenance, assembly, construction, computer aided design, computer IT techs, etc. are begging for people to fill them, but our kids are graduating with only the skills needed to fill out applications for Government benefits.”

    Do take into account that instigated bias, and ignored discrepancies in availability of funds for certain demographics/areas are a major part of job opportunity/availability, and is also a deciding factor in how ready any individual is for a trade school/technical school or university as opposed to those allowed through entitlement/privilege to access education of any kind: if they want it.
    Some just aren’t willing to get their hands dirty, and would spend all of their money on hand sanitizers, Axe body spray ™, and hair gel.

    Racial bias in an area is also a major factor and the concept of “glass ceiling” in various trades and forms of employment.
    I would example the African American man in a local building trades who was a Nuclear Propulsion Specialist in the US Navy (he ran a reactor on an Aegis Cruiser for the love of), who was laid off the minute he got his Journeyman’s certificate and would have made the “big bucks”.
    He was one of two African Americans in the entire local of 300 or thereabouts.
    They (his shop) never allowed him to become proficient in any other of the applied skills that would have made him useful to other shops in the local: they just had him run one machine.
    As he asked repeatedly to be able to differentiate in his daily activities, it was apparent they were not interested in forwarding his endeavors in that trade.
    They screwed him: no other shops had that type of machine.
    One of many.

    There might also be a certain bias as to what actually is considered work by certain parts of society, what they might consider “beneath” them. Sweat is beneath them when sitting inside in the air conditioning playing “Call of Duty” or trolling on the Internet: it’s much nicer, and manufacturing/maintenance jobs are usually quite the opposite.

    Also consider the difference even inherent in your list of trades/jobs.
    Some are considered “white collar”($) whereas others are considered “base labor” (read that as “blue collar”) by certain demographics.
    Certain demographics see service/infrastructure/production work as applicable only for those they consider less, or, for “simple” people: as they see them.
    The obverse is also true:
    You know what they call the sand technicians, in their air conditioned rooms, with their clean, cool air, spotless lab coats, technical school/college degrees, and expensive testing machinery in a casting foundry?
    Clean Foundry Rats.

    Let’s not get into private vs public educations as any type of defining factor.
    There are way too many sheepskins with very reputable seals floating around out there with absolutely no practical experience, or even common sense in some cases, to back them up: let alone literacy.
    They drank beer and passed.
    They want it all when they graduate because they are “entitled” to it: they “worked” so hard to get it by endangering their lives to “produce” a ziggurat of empties.

    To those of you who have studied in school, and truly earned your degrees: the above is not aimed at you.

    “Indeed, I have never seen why any man skilled in his trade, and surrounded by the articles of his craft, should be in awe of princes. Their task differs, that is all.”
    ‘The Hollow Hills’, Mary Stewart.

  • Gregory

    I recommend this topical and timely article from TPM.

  • concernedcitizen

    Well I suspect for every angry white man there is a number of happy white men, living, loving and thriving and not caring about white supremacists and their ridiculous rants.

    I see white men married to women of different ethnic backgrounds quite happy. And vice versa.

    So the men who they target in the newsletter Angry White Men are the white supremacists?

    If that’s the case then maybe they are the ones who need to re-examine their personal beliefs and lifestyles instead of finger pointing towards everyone else.

  • Chris Lowe

    The guy who wrote Paul pere’s racist newsletters was also associated with the League of the South. The Pauls have affinities with Neo-Confederates because they are phony libertarians. They are not really for individual rights, they are for states rights. Hence their support for the states power to control women’s bodies, opposition to the 14th Amendment which imposes the Bill of Rights on the several states as well as clearly establishing birthright citizenship, and dislike of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  • Stormageddon.

    Nobody should be surprised by this. The Paul boys have a history of association with brilliant examples like this maroon.

    My takeaway from it though, was wondering why nobody ever commemorates Charles Guiteau’s birthday? Needs a better press agent, I guess.

  • Anthrogirl

    As someone living in the rural south, I can attest to the fact that deep racism, secessionist views, etc., are alive and well. I don’t know why I continue to live in the south except that SOMEONE has to advocate and implement, not just change, but a deep cultural transformation. While much of this racist ideology has indeed gone underground, if you belong to the “club” (white, native southerner) you still hear it as long as no one of color is around. Or some “damn Yankee.” I teach anthropology at a small university, and I do what I can to correct misinformation regarding race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and so on. Students today are often more accepting of people different from themselves, so I do have hope. As Abraham Lincoln stated so eloquently, “Those who deny freedom to others do not deserve it for themselves.” If we all took those words to heart, what a wonderful future we could create.

  • Jan Neh Civil

    Sam Molloy said,

    “Black Conservatives vs. Government replacing the plantation owner as the supplier of all their needs.” This is just empty rhetoric and it relies on the putative power of ‘plantation owner’. No one is moved by this, though. You can preach to your own choir all you like, you’re not saying anything about the substance of government with this rubbish.

    “it is our
    Government run schools that teach the revisionist version of history, with all good things coming from the Government, and corporations as the purveyors of false promises and environmental damage.”
    ‘the’ revisionist history? Which one is that? I think you want ‘a’ revisionist… your education is showing I think.
    Why do the Koch Bros. have prizes offered to pols for signing on to the pledge to vote against any climate change policy? It happens to be reality that the polluters are these types of corporations. What revisionism is required to arrive at easily known facts? That’s quite absurd.

    “Jobs like welders… are begging for people to fill them, but our kids are graduating with only the skills needed to fill out applications for Government benefits.” What kids? Where does this happen? You’re actually arguing in favor of techical and trade schools in place of a rounded education. The lapse in education in for instance Texas functions to dumb down the populace – I supposed you never noticed the statements against teaching critical thinking there – and revise history so it favors a certain argument. And it’s not terrifically well thought out even to fit that thrust.

    You don’t quite know what to do to try and distort the realities of education so they fit your ideology, this is just some weak attempts at some rather vapid rhetorical gestures, saying nothing.

  • Gregory

    It looks like Sam is at it again. Maybe my Southern Avenger joke was closer to the mark than I intended.

    A growing number of black conservatives? Care to name a few, that don’t work for Fox News or WorldNutDaily? And you are back on the revisionist history thing again. Can you give us a solid citation this time around?

  • Don


  • NemaGlotz

    One more telling thing about Rand Paul: He refers to himself as a “board-certified” ophthalmologist, without mentioning that the certification is from a “board” he invented and operates out of his home, with fewer than 20 other members.

  • Only Me

    Both of the Paul men are racist and the pander to the racist right. Poor Ron claiming he didn’t write all those hateful things, goes and blames it on a poor editor and says he is responsible for those hateful racist things. Just to show what a good guy ol Ron Paul is, he goes and hires that same editor he throws under the bus to be his executive editor on his current newsletter. Last name is Lewellen I believe if you want to look it up. Should also be listed on his current newsletter. Either way. Both Paul men are total morons and do not deserve the amount of attention they generate.

  • Aron


    Know about it! And please show me where black conservatives are faulting tech schools for not teaching ‘proper skills.’

    Also, I’m willing to bet my ‘government’ education is leagues better than anything local private schools are teaching.

    (Also, what gives you the crazy idea that what you claimed is actually true? Kids are only being taught to fill out government forms? That’s not hyperbolic in the slightest! Get a life, Sam.)

  • concernedcitizen

    Well you bring up a good point ithink, and I agree that there are those who are subscribing to this foolishness behind closed doors. But if monitored carefully it becomes clear that they are not as much in the closet as the world may believe.

    And the North indeed won, which is why you find idiots that subscribe to this foolishness under investigation. But we should not rest on our laurels we need to shine the light on the dealings of those that would cause civil unrest and promote harming innocent Americans.

  • Sam Molloy

    iThink, a growing number of Black Conservatives view the welfare system as the new replacement for the slavery system, with the Government replacing the plantation owner as the supplier of all their needs. As many see it, it is our
    Government run schools that teach the revisionist version of history, with all good things coming from the Government, and corporations as the purveyors of false promises and environmental damage. Jobs like welders, CNC machine operators, truck maintenance, factory maintenance, assembly, construction, computer aided design, computer IT techs, etc. are begging for people to fill them, but our kids are graduating with only the skills needed to fill out applications for Government benefits.

  • Linnea

    Rand Paul is more proof that while the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, it can quickly become rotten.

  • Ithink

    People that say the North won the American Civil War are unfortunately being crudely naive or blatantly asinine to the darker forces of Lost Cause revisionist history or just how many Right-Wing pundits, politicians and grass roots supporters actually subscribe to these views behind closed doors. Those of us who still actually care a lick about social justice and equality had better utilize every power under God and the sun to revitalize the Voting Rights Act or we’ll be seeing more charlatans like this miscreant ”Avenger”, Pat Buchanan, David Duke or worse (if imaginable) occupying positions of power in the U.S.A turning us back to chapters of our history most would hope to stay finished.

  • Erika

    The Southern Avenger??? Seriously??? That is about the most riduculous thing i have ever heard (especially since i think that for most people they would associate wearing masks with Mexican Wrestlers who always wear masks which makes his anti-immigration stance while acting like a pro wrestler and wearing his Confederate Flag mask rather ironic. But where is his tag team partner The Grand Wizard who enters the ring wearing full Klu Klux Klan regalia (obviously he’d have to take off the riduculous robe, but i could imagine him wrestling in the pointed hood with of course, sometimes the pointed hood being spontaneously ripped off). And of course, they would be accompanied to the ring by their valet The Lovely Southern Belle who would sometimes cheat by clobbering the opponents with her parasol or distract the ref by fainting. You know, that actually would be a pretty good heel act and i also seem to know way too much about professional wrestling).

  • Sam Molloy

    I hope it’s not true, Aron. I want to like Rand Paul, and he has recently tried to encourage Conservatives to stick to basic economics and liberty issues, and chuck the religious extremists that make them a laughing stock.

  • labman57

    Rand Paul appears to share some of the same latent racist attitudes previously exhibited by his father.

    In fact, the main difference between Rand and his dad is that the Senator from Kentucky lacks Ron’s intellect and is more prone to make public comments that demonstrate his utter ignorance regarding … just about everything.

  • BenzJuan

    Jack The Southern Avenger Hunter was blogger for Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign website and also spoke at Ron Paul’s “We Are the Future” rally last year in Tampa. He was also an INVITED guest at Ron Paul’s BBQ this year.

  • BenzJuan

    Here’s Hollywood actor Vince Vaughan with the Southern Avenger Jack Hunter at Ron Paul’s BBQ

  • Gregory

    Are we sure this is not Sam’s day job?

  • Aron

    While I certainly see this as being possible, I don’t believe a thing out of the ‘Washington Free Beacon.’ They are up there with the ‘Washington Times’ in terms of legitimacy.

  • Reynardine

    The influential and growing part, it appears, is a cancer that outgrew and outlived its host, and is now out blobbing around looking for a bigger one to do it to (like the whole USA).