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League of the South: No Longer Possible to Work With GOP

By Ryan Lenz on July 12, 2013 - 12:12 pm, Posted in Neo-Confederate
Michael Hill. Profile avail at SPLC Intel. Files

Michael Hill, the increasingly militant head of the neo-Confederate League of the South, has reached a conclusion following the revelation this week that Jack Hunter, an aide to U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has long harbored neo-Confederate beliefs: It may no longer be possible for the radical right to work within the confines of mainstream politics, or, specifically, the Republican Party.

“[T]here’s no place in the GOP for Southerners who wish to remain … Southerners,” Hill said in a statement quoted on the white nationalist Occidental Dissent website.

“Just so there’s no chance you’ll confuse The League with the GOP or any other ‘conservative’ group, here’s what we stand for: The survival, well being, and independence of the Southern people,” Hill said. “And by ‘the Southern people,’ we mean White Southerners who are not afraid to stand for the people of their race and religion.”

Hill’s proclamation comes after several Republican operatives and a civilian military contractor were exposed for their affiliations with racist or white nationalist organizations. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley recently dismissed Roan Garcia-Quintana, named as a member of her re-election campaign’s steering committee, after his position as a board member for the racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) was disclosed. In May, John Stortstrom, a mechanical engineer who worked for the Army’s Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland, was suspended after reports that he was among 150 white nationalists who attended the American Renaissance conference last April in Tennessee.

Hunter Wallace, the blogger on Occidental Dissent, agreed with Hill’s assessment, writing that “what recently happened to Roan Garcia-Quintana and now John Stortstrom … shows that the door has closed on working within the Republican Party, Conservatism, Inc., and reforming the political system.”

Hunter continued: “A few years ago, there was still a lot of confusion on this issue. I myself wanted to believe that we could work within the Republican Party to reform the system. I was right … we can work within the system at the state and local level, in the South, up to the point where things start to really matter and the national media and the federal government slaps us down like they did with Arizona’s SB 1070, California’s Prop 8, and Alabama’s HB 56.

“If the enemy wasn’t so drunk with power, they would continue to cultivate such illusions for our time, money, and energy would continue to be squandered on the GOP, Conservatism, Inc., the Ron Paul Revolution and other such nonsense.”

For his part, Hill has in recent years become more blunt in suggesting that violence is the answer. At the League’s March 2011 meeting in Georgia, he urged his members to stock up on AK-47s, hollow-point bullets and tools to derail trains. That summer, at the League’s annual conference, the leader asked, “What would it take to get you to fight? The mantra [that] violence, or the serious threat thereof, never settles anything is patently false. History shows that it indeed does settle many things.”

  • Mic

    I live in the South and though I identify as mixed people identify me as white so I get this hung around my neck. Im from Detroit and racism is worse there. Try being the only “White” guy living in a Black Neighborhood with a Black Woman, in Detroit I would be dead and in Columbia SC we had one incident in 10 years where any one even said anything openly about it and he was Black and calling down my girl for being with me.
    Which gets right to a couple of points I want to make.
    1. Racism is Racism no matter who it is who is doing it. We have pushed these Neanderthal pigs to the margin in the South to the point they don’t matter here. Yet Black Racism against Whites is institutionalized. As long as we keep treating the problems in our communities like they are race problems they will continue to be race problems.
    2. We need to separate the idea that every one who is anti government is a racist. As I established I am Native American and White and I have kids with a Black Woman yet I hate the Government. I have real grievances and dissent is no longer allowed.
    Yet groups like the SPLC and the Race Pimps would have you believe that because I want to Abolish the Federal Government I am a racist.

    I am right here, I exist, so I would like to know when the multitude of non racist anti government people are going to quit being demonized like this to marginalize their voice in what clearly has become a Federal Police State.

  • Erika

    Observer, study the history of race baiting, white supremacy, white supremacist groups, etc. and notice something interesting – those groups often were receiving secret backing from business leaders so that race would serve as a wedge issue.

    The difference between what you see today in the modern Republican Party (a fully owned subsidiary of Koch Industries) and what you saw in their forerunners in the States Rights Democratic Party (backed by the mill owners to use white supremacy to keep everyone’s wages down in the textile mills) is that the modern Republicans don’t have to explicitly divide people among race to keep wages down and unions out – thanks to Republican policies causing all of the mills to close and destroying unions wages are already at a rock bottom level. However, they still need racism as a “wedge” issue – but the type of explicit racist appeals of say a Strom Thurmond or a Trent Lott aren’t really acceptable anymore – so instead they use coded dog whistle language.

    And since the modern Republicans are as much based upon a narrow extreme right wing interpretation of Christianity the racism card has largely been replaced by mysogny and homophobia. Banning access to any form of birth control and recriminalizing homosexual activity has replaced maintaining racial segregation as their main goal. Since many racists are also mysognists and homophobes it hsa made for a smooth transition on the right.

    In fact, contrary to your theory, the modern Republicans embrace of the nutty religious right shows that at least in some areas they aren’t motivated solely by profit. That is why the uber capitalists in the Republican Party oppose access to birth control pills, abortion, pornography (defined very loosely to include most of what is shown on mainstream television – thanks to the large number of women wearing short skirts and low cut blouses and using any excuse no matter how flimsy to show women in bikinis it may well even include Fox News), immigration, women’s rights, gay rights, access to health care, illegal drugs, legalizing marijuana, tort law, and many other things which are actually contrary to the profit making motive of capitalism.

  • Charles D. Austin

    White Southern Conservatives have been an embarrassment since the days of Lyndon Johnson and George Wallace and its such a shame they have to keep our society on its tenterhooks when they could have followed the example of so many who thought that conservatism guaranteed equal rights for all like Gov. John Connelly and Sens. Ralph Yarborough and John Tower who were real pioneers in race relations and in pleasing their constituents and bi-partisan too.

  • legalhound

    I hate to burst Hunter’s bubble, but California isn’t a “”Southern State” no matter where it is on the map. This state rightly declared for the Union when it became a state and even now the GOP has become irrelevant here with the huge majorities of Democrats that we have in the state legislature. Prop 8 was nothing more than the work of some wealthy people who would turn the US into a theocracy. Fortunately for all of us SCOTUS still has enough justices on it that can’t be bought.
    Don’t look for California to be joining the LOS or chucking out the Governor for some preacher any time soon.

  • James Carlson

    I’d be more worried about these characters if I wasn’t sure they were being surveilled at all times by undercover feds.

  • Matthew Bright

    You’ve heard of organized crime. This is organized psychopathy. And the fact that one of the two main political parties in this country deliberately whips these people up into a frenzy, in an effort to further organize them, is a disgrace.

    There is an argument to be made that the entire Republican Party is a hate group, but we can’t really say that, can we, without being in danger of seeing them break with any semblance of sanity or sense of shame or decency that they might have left.

  • McVet

    I was born and raised in the South.. I know racism and I know RACIST when I see them. Right now in the South I have NEVER seen it worse. The Election of President Obama to a SECOND Term has flat out short circuited their small minds to the point they just flat out don’t care about the Country or anyone else in it. I know it may be hard for some of you to accept this but as a TIRED OLD 60’s Generation Activist take it from me, THESE poor scared people ARE real and the Politician’s who have exploited the Hate for so long are getting desperate. The Republican Party has a decision to make just as the Dem’s had in the 60’s. IS power really worth it Republican’s?

  • Victor

    I’d like to think he’s part of a radical splinter group breaking off from the GOP but, the way the Republicans have acted the last 5 years makes me think he fits right in. Republicans have shown NO interest in not being racists. They’ve just about destroyed our economy and the public faith in the government because there’s a black man in the White House. Now tell me again how they are different than this fruitcake.

  • Eightbells

    I think what they want is really a increase in inbreeding.
    That way,everyone could look,dress, worship,believe,eat the same and even own the same brands of guns.
    Most of these wackos seem to be descendents of the original Georgia Penal colony. Eventually released they proliferated in numbers and then needed slaves to the work they were to sorry to accomplish themselves.
    I think of it as: inbred white trash….

  • Aron

    Observer, please take your ‘The Democrats and Republicans are the same!!!! Vote Ron Paul’ claptrap elsewhere. We’re smarter than that.

  • Observer

    Well, I can’t fault Hunter Wallace and Mr. Hill for thinking they can work within the GOP once upon a time and now they can’t. Both the GOP and Democrats have been bought and paid for by the corporate elite years ago. To expect either party to be attentive to the ideas and ideals of any group other than their financier masters is naive at best, a waste of time and money at worst. We need to remove the electoral finance system that allows the politicians to be bought and sold like so many commodities before the interests of any group, or indeed all the people will be given just due.

  • Erika

    Sam, it seems like a good plan until you realize that there are people who are not complete idiots living in those states – not to mention people who are from those states (i have to wonder if Georgia joins a New Confederacy will i have to get a green card to stay in the U.S. – or will i have to move back there (please don’t make me move back there!)?). And considering that many of those states have substantial non-white populations, the plan gets even worse – i mean, thanks to being as far as anyone can prove white i’d at least wouldn’t have to worry about being sold into slavery.

  • MareRocks

    Day late and a dollar short, but still a good first step.

  • Sam Molloy

    Howard, someone I know suggested that if they keep it up maybe we can revoke their statehood and save them the trouble of seceding.

  • melchizedek

    “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”
    – Friederich Nietzsche

  • Penny Duff

    Well, this was wonderful news! The kind of hate shown by this group is destructive to ALL people. Apparently they are being squeezed into a tight corner where they can be less and less effective!

  • majii

    It seems that the real problem Hill and Wallace have is with them and their supporters receiving wider exposure than they wanted. If Rand Paul and Nicki Haley didn’t know what Jack Hunter and Roan Garcia-Quintana’s beliefs were before appointing them to their positions, it reflects badly on them for not properly vetting them. If you associate with extremists, you’ll be labeled an extremist or an extremist sympathizer.

  • Howard Porter

    Thank goodness this Confederate only speaks for a handful of divisive extremists and not for the vast majority of white Southerners who have evolved to a better place and are not interested in crazy stunts proposed by League of the South like derailing trains or armed uprising i.e. treason against the United States. Don’t forget how well that whole Confederacy thing turned out 150 years ago.

  • Herve

    The kind of language used by this fellow, Hill, really does amount to incitement to violence. He should be arrested and locked up as a terrorist.

  • Don

    I’m a native Tennessean of mixed ancestry and damned proud of it! I’m from the South and I assure you this man and his organization is not representative of me. PERIOD!

  • Erika

    Aron, i believe that these guys are more into spreading grinding misery than radiant joy anyway.

    imagine someone for whom the current Republican party is not crazy enough for them . . . .

    i would love to see the show if these losers try to launch their own third party though.- it would definitely be one of those “get your popcorn ready” moments.

    rey, i’m not sure that having the feds involved would really do much good at this point – even if a civil rights case can be proven, the problems of this case go way beyond whether there is admissible evidence that George Zimmerman is an evil racist – instead all it will do is obscure the evil of the so called “Stand your Ground” laws which essentially give everyone the privilege long enjoyed by police of being able to kill what usually turns out to be young black men without consequence. All a federal civil rights conviction will do is make it even more likely that Zimmerman becomes a “Fox News Contributor

  • Reynardine

    For those interested in asking the Justice Department to look at the Martin case, here is a link:

  • concernedcitizen

    I would like to believe that there are good decent Republicans that know better than to want to associate with the likes of Hill. And perhaps that sort of philosophy will one day spread throughout the Republican party.

    There are some people you simply don’t want on your side. Hill is a good example of one.

  • concernedcitizen

    It’s people like Micheal Hill that give White People a bad name.

    There are so many loving and good white people in the world, they are the ones we need to see put on the podiums and the spotlights. The ones that believe in equality and peace. Knuckleheads like Hill should be preaching from the pulpit to cow dung fields. Cow dung piles are the only audience he truly deserves.

  • Linnea

    What a bunch of LOSers!

  • Kiwiwriter

    I guess they feel betrayed by the Republicans, which is odd.

    Well, I do hope that the League of the South sets up its own political party, like Strom Thurmond did back in 1948. It would provide a welcome home to folks like Sarah Palin, and might enable the Republican Party to return to the traditions of Eisenhower and Rockefeller.

  • Aron

    Erika, truly he will never attain Radiant Joy.

    How sad :(

  • Erika

    So according to these guys the only way you can be a “Southerner” is to be a ultra conservative racist white Christian supremacist who longs for a return of slavery and is about ready to start firing on Fort Sumter again to refight the Civil War???

    Talk about putting as many negative stereotypes as possible about southerners together in one statement!

    As a white Georgia Peach, i’m very offended by the stereotypical and bigoted view of white southerners presented by Mr. Hill :P

  • Reynardine

    Hunter’s Phallus: that warning of the dangers of endocrine deficiency. By all means, publish a picture of this epitome of pure white racitude, so the rest of us can see the standard by which we are found wanting.

  • Sam Molloy

    Sary Palin has made sounds like she will form a third party, splitting off the more radical elements from the Republican party and forever ensuring the Liberal Democrats control of the entire US government. Don’t be tempted to donate to help that future unfold, though… They might win. If they do, I’ll be in the Roadwh*** wing of the camp if you can bribe a guard to send me a message.