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Members of New Skinhead Gang Accused in Two States

By Don Terry on July 25, 2013 - 5:10 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi, Skinheads

Die Auserwählten, a little-known racist skinhead gang in Nebraska and several other states, is less than a year old. But in the last few days, the crew has been making a name for itself – in mayhem and murder separated by more than a thousand miles.

In a small college city in south-central Nebraska, the gang’s 28-year-old founder, Jonathan Schmidt, faces up to 50 years in prison if convicted of a brutal assault Saturday night.

But that’s nothing compared to what another suspected member of the gang, Jeremy Lee Moody, 30, and his wife, Christine, 36, are accused of doing Sunday afternoon about 1,200 miles away in Union County, S.C. According to local news reports, the Moodys were each charged yesterday with two counts of murder in the slaying of Charles Marvin Parker, 59, and Gretchen Dawn Parker, 51.

Charles Parker was a registered sex offender and that is why he was shot to death in his home, Union County Sheriff David H. Taylor told Hatewatch today. “Moody told us he targeted this individual because he was a child molester,” Taylor said. “I was there when he made that statement.”

As for Parker’s wife, Taylor said Moody told him, “She was a casualty of war.”

Moody has the word “skinhead” tattooed across his throat and “white power” atop his shaved head. In addition, Sheriff Taylor said, Moody has “88” – the numerical symbol for Heil Hitler – tattooed on one hand and on the other a tattoo of the number 14 for the white nationalist creed of known as “The 14 Words.”

Taylor said Moody admitted to being “a white supremacist but didn’t say which group he was affiliated with.”

But shortly after Moody’s arrest, Schmidt, the founder of Die Auserwählten, which is also known as Crew 41, posted this note on his Facebook page: “Though I can’t blame them for their actions this in no way was ordered.”

On Facebook, Moody calls himself Jeremy Mengele after the notorious Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who performed barbaric experiments on twins and other children at Auschwitz. Featured prominently on Moody’s page is a picture of a warrior’s mask with horns, lightning bolts like those used by the SS, and the number 41. Forty-one is the numerical symbol for Die Auserwählten.

Little is known about the origins of the crew or its size. Its German name translates, more or less, as “the chosen” or “the favored few.” On its Facebook page, it claims to have seven chapters, including ones in Nebraska, Utah and South Carolina. The founder, Jonathan Schmidt, whose face is a mask of tattoos displaying his hate and his sorrow, lives in Pleasanton, a small town in south-central Nebraska.

On Saturday night, he and a friend were in nearby Kearney, where a campus of the University of Nebraska is located. Saturday was Kearney’s annual Cruise Nite, an all day parade, party and celebration of old cars. “People come from all over,” said Kearney Police Capt. Mike Kirkwood. It goes from morning to five in the afternoon, when the parade turns into a blocks-long party near the college campus with plenty of drinking. “It’s a real pain in the rear for us,” Kirkwood said. “But it looks like a blast for them.”

Schmidt and his friend are accused of yanking a 27-year-old man out of a car and stomping and kicking him in the head, leaving him a mangled mass in the street. The local paper, the Kearney Hub, said the man’s skull was fractured but he will survive.

The paper said the victim was transported to a local hospital where he identified Schmidt in a photo lineup.

Schmidt has an exceedingly distinctive facial appearance. His face is covered in tattoos, including “5150,” police code for someone involuntarily committed to a mental institution, “FYL” for “fuck your life,” “RIP Donny Boi,” a tribute to a skinhead tattoo artist killed by California police during a shootout earlier in July, and runes, or medieval Germanic letters, on his left eyebrow that spell out “Hate.”

Schmidt was released on bond Tuesday. On his Facebook page, Schmidt said he is innocent of the charges and that “the mother fucker who was supposed to turn himself in and clear my name has backed out because of his old lady running her fat ass mouth…Not too sure what plan b is but they better fix this shit before it gets any more outta hand.”

Capt. Kirkwood of the Kearney police said Crew 41 is “completely new to us.”

“Years ago, in the early ’80s, we had some Posse Comitatus and sovereign citizen activity, but nothing too serious,” he said. “I think these guys are just trying to get people riled up.”

Sheriff Taylor, in South Carolina, said his deputies have been monitoring Moody for years. “We thought he was in the drug business,” Taylor said. “But we never had much trouble out of him until now.”

They tried to follow Moody’s social media trail, but Moody kept changing his page or was getting deleted by Facebook, which Moody complained about recently on his page when he wrote, “Getting banned every 2 weeks gets old.”

Taylor said the Moodys were caught on the Parker’s security camera parking in front of their home Sunday afternoon. Moody lifted up the hood of his car, pretending he needed service. Parker, Taylor said, “was a shade-tree mechanic,” meaning he did auto repair under the trees near his home.

Taylor said the Moodys then go into the home and come out a short time later.

There was a sign in the Parkers’ yard. It said, “Smile you’re on camera.”

  • Kiwiwriter

    “concernedcitizen said,

    on August 11th, 2013 at 5:12 am

    Yes Kiwi, we do understand your sarcasm and it’s rather refreshing.

    Of course he couldn’t be up for any serious advancement in life that would take too much time away from leading the “losers” who follow such philosophies, you know the supremacists ones along with “who needs an education” and “we don’t need money we just need to breed, drink beer and believe ourselves to be superior”.

    Kiwi, in order to have a serious career would mean no time for harassing innocent citizens with mindless behavior or worse violent behavior, and the show and display of their total ignorance that usually proves to only flabbergast the rest of us trying to figure out; how many generations does it really take to get that stupid?”

    As Eric Hoffer points out, true believers and bipolar folks are convinced they are on a great mission to change the world, and they have to devote their every waking hour to this cause.

    They believe “the people” are really on their side, and are simply not afraid to leap up from their sofas with checkbooks and rifles in hand, because either the government is repressing them or they are bamboozled by the media. But once the true believer lifts the veil from their eyes and the government off their cojones, “the people” will spontaneously run out of their homes and join the cause, like in “The Potemkin Mutiny.”

    So true believers have no time for mundane stuff like holding jobs, raising families, and being responsible. They have to fight for “the cause.”

    The part that amuses me is that even if they “won,” they’d have absolutely no idea what to do next.

  • aadila

    Erika, that’s right. That is why it’s important to teach kids that everyone wins soccer. The Tea Party isn’t doing that.

  • concernedcitizen

    Yes Kiwi, we do understand your sarcasm and it’s rather refreshing.

    Of course he couldn’t be up for any serious advancement in life that would take too much time away from leading the “losers” who follow such philosophies, you know the supremacists ones along with “who needs an education” and “we don’t need money we just need to breed, drink beer and believe ourselves to be superior”.

    Kiwi, in order to have a serious career would mean no time for harassing innocent citizens with mindless behavior or worse violent behavior, and the show and display of their total ignorance that usually proves to only flabbergast the rest of us trying to figure out; how many generations does it really take to get that stupid?

  • Erika

    looks like we can add “marginal tax rates” to the already extensive list of things that Sam does not understand :P

    and Sam, the 91% marginal tax rate only applied to people with incomes above $1,000,000 – and as a marginal tax rate would only apply to income above $1,000,000 – which just in case you also fail to understand the concept of inflation was an absolutely insanely large amount of money in the 1950s.

    in fact, even today, an annual income of $1,000,000 a year would put you in the top 1% of this country – and even if you would pay half your income in taxes like Sam claims (and you wouldn’t because one of the largest components of most people’s taxes, the Social Security and Medicare taxes maxes out at an income of around $100,000 a year – and since i actually own a house, i know that real estate taxes are a tiny percentage of your income and the value of your house) you would be able to live very well and have a whole lot of money to save and invest on $500,000 a year – i mean, assuming you are being paid twice a month you would be taking home at $500,000 after taxes $20,883.33 – okay you’d probably subtract a about a hundred a month for health insurance – and of course, the real withholding amount would be much less because you’d only be paying the Social Security and Medicaid taxes on 10% of your income – and the state taxes would vary based upon the state – i’m pretty sure that most everyone who doesn’t try to live life like they are in a music video or starring on a “reality tv show” can live very well and put a whole lot of money in savings on $40,000 a month after taxes. In many parts of this country, you can in fact live pretty well on $40,000 a year after taxes but you may not have much in the way of savings.

    Of course, Sam listens to Fox News where they try to tell you that people making $1,000,000 a year are not rich – and maybe compared to what a Fox Tart makes a year, maybe $1,000,000 really isn’t a lot of money. And there is no question that compared to what Rupert Murdoch, Richard Mellon Scaife, and the Koch Brothers have $1,000,000 a year is probably about the amount of change they lose per year in the couches of their various mansions. But of course, for most people the only way they are ever going to see that kind of money is if they hit Power Ball or Mega Millions.

    In fact, it seems that the lottery represents the New American Dream – whether it is hitting the lottery of having plutocrat parents and be able to inheriet millions like Richard Mellon Scaife or the Koch Brothers or hitting the genetic lottery and becoming a pro athlete or entertainer or hitting the actual lottery to get millions instantly – its pretty clear that luck has replaced hard work as the primary driver of the American Dream.

    What the Tea Party is ultimately doing is trying to make society reward good luck even more – all the while while eliminating bad luck at least if you happen to be in the Top 1%. That is because what modern conservativism promotes is a perverse form of Socialism where risk is socialized (spread among society) and gains and opportunity are privatized. That is not real Capitalism (who truthfully no one really supports anyway) where risk and gains and opportunity (in theory, in practice, only those who already are rich would have opportunity kind of like today) would be privatized. What modern liberals want is for opportunity to be socialized (here meaning available for all) and gains (through marginal income gains taxes) and risks to be slightly socialized (through things like the FDIC and tort law). What a real Socialist would want is for opportunity, gains, and risks to all be socialized – which is not to say that they would be removed, its to say that real Socialism believes that government policy should allow all people to advance to the best of their abilities and that the government should encourage collective action such as having workers owning the means of production and necessary public services should be collectively owned by the people – risk would be spread among society to allow people to take risks to pursue opportunity but be able to assure that they would still be able to eat and have a place to live if it turns out that your brilliant idea doesn’t turn out to be the next best thing. A truly Socialist government is probably impossible, but ironically a true Socialist system is actually very capitalistic in nature just advocating collective action and the collective good above the individual. Of course, the fact that true socialism would incentive innovation and people working together to better themselves and society is why true socialism can’t take place here on earth – quite simply eventually some small group of people will take control (that is also why Anarchy is doomed to failure) – but its foolish for us to not take the best aspects of Socialism which ultimately is the focus on providing equal opportunity for all, encouraging collective action such as co-ops and ESOPS (Employee Stock Ownership Plans/employee owned companies in other words), equal opportunity, the collective good and the collective ownership of necessary services. In fact, one of the real ironies is that that symbol of capitalism the corporation is really a form of socialism – which is to say it is people coming together to spread risk and benefits among a larger group. That is why i consider myself to be a Socialist :)

    But what we are developing in this country – and having the way led by the Tea Party – is actually a government which combines the worst aspects of capitalism (where there is 1 winner and a whole lot of losers) in the privatization of gains and emphasis on individual greed as the driving force with the worst aspects of socialism (where risk is socialized for billionaires but if you are poor you are on your own and where the government expends vast sums of money on “make work” projects to provide poor paying jobs but when they produce gains they go into the pockets of often foreign corporations). And of course, opportunities are also privatized to benefit only those who are already wealthy – i mean, when an average middle class person would have to run up a large student loan debt just to go to the local community college (let alone a four year college or an advanced degree) even as jobs requiring a college education become more difficult to find and the quality of schools varies greatly based upon the wealth of the area (and of course, if the Christian Right and Tea Party get theri way, public schools would be entirely institutions of political and religious propaganda providing no education at all other than maybe how to be a soldier or manual laborer (boys) or how to have lots of children (girls) – the millionaires and billionaires and even most of the upper middle class would of course, be safe in charter (read privatized “public” schools) that actually teach real information or private schools.

    what;s going on in this country now with the Tea Party and the return of public racism (and vast increase in public mysogny and sexism) which has come along with it is all really depressing

  • Gregory

    Are you suggesting that nobody paid sales, property, state, and local taxes when the marginal rates for income taxes were higher in the past?

    Right…. [face palm]

    and you continue this silly trope that only half the country pays taxes, despite the fact that your dissection of the tax burden includes consumption taxes and taxes that are not means tested.

    Classic, just classic.

  • Aron

    Right, because the countries under austerity are doing so well…

    And last I checked, with the GOP House, we pretty much ARE under austerity here. Not that you’d ever admit it, Sam.

  • aadila

    Sam, lucky for you there is no tax on fuzzy math.

    The lions share of the federal deficit is military and much of that includes paying for past wars. The Vietnam War is still a black hole on our budget, but thanks to Tricky Dick Nixon, the GAO started separating the pension and health portion of retired veterans from the rest of the budget, so it looks like social and not military spending.

    This is not to mention (more to the point) the amortization of the debts incurred in that war, which are still weighing heavily on the budget.

    In the last elections the Republicans wanted to add more spending on the Navy that wasn’t even in our currently bloated budget.

    With all this in mind how can you possibly say with a straight face that Conservatives are doing anything but destroying our economy with their wars: War on Islam, War on Schools, War on Prisoners, War on the Sick, War on Drugs, War on Homosexuals, War on Women, War on Immigrants. Why don’t they just declare war on themselves and be done with it?

  • Sam Molloy

    If you include state, local and sales taxes, added to the actual (not theoretical 90% which nobody paid) Federal tax, property tax which renters pay as part of their rent, school tax on your phone bill even if you don’t have kids, gasoline tax, and probably some more I haven’t found yet, the average working person’s taxes are quite high. Added up, they approach 50% of your income. So we have half of the people paying half of their income to support the other half (Oh, I mean, 47%) who keep voting in people who promise to keep this system in place. This cannot continue.
    Parts of Europe that produce goods are getting tired of doling out money to the other parts that don’t, so the Socialist model there is not working either.
    They have already used the nice sounding term “Austerity” there, so when things fall apart here you Liberals better be thinking of a new word to use when it all comes crashing down on our head here. Unless Consevatives can stop it in time.

  • aadila

    So right about the Republican legislative efforts at the state level. Here is the party of screaming about taxation and government waste, and in Texas, for example, the Republican state legislature passes laws that have already been declared unconstitutional in the courts, knowing full well that after spending about a million bucks per law in legal fees, they will be nullified. Obviously they are not taxed enough if they have cash to burn on fruitless legislative efforts. That’s the thing about Republicans: they don’t mind sticking their hand in your pocket to take your hard earned cash. Tax and spend. That’s what the Republican party is all about.

  • Reynardine

    Thanks for rambling, Erika. You’ve said just about everything I’m too damned tired to say.

  • Erika

    aadila, an interesting and dangerous shift in the Republican Party thanks to the rise of the Koch/Fox Tea Party is that the Republicans are now actually passing those rediculous symoblic laws they used to introduce to throw red meat to the Christian Right type social conservatives or Klan type racist southern conservatives. Whenever there is a Republican majority you can be assured that silly and hateful legislation will folliow – from Tennessee banning Sharia Law to North Carolina trying to ban global warming and rising tides to Virginia’s transvaginal ultrasounds for rape victims laws to Alabama, Kansas, Georgia, and Arizona passing draconian anti-immigrant legislation to anti-Gay legislation whereever Republicans abound, to the Stand Your Ground law in Florida and many other states, to several anti-public education laws, to pro-corporate laws if you have a bad right wing idea they will pass it.

    What was formerly a completely fringe nutcase position – such as banning all forms of birth control other than divine birth control (a.k.a. prayer), luck, and the rythym method or repealing the right of women to vote or repealing the minimum wage (and no doubt maximum hours too) to bringing back Jim Crow or even slavery – it now has a home in the “mainstream” Republican Party.

    What is also alarming is the fact that the modern Tea Party Republicans are driven and animated by hatred of the perceived weaker – which is to say that even as they call for teaching Intelligent Design or Biblical Creationism as science and telling young children in public schools that if they do not believe exactly what they do they will be cast into a Lake of Fire for all eternity (and you can be sure that if the Tea Party Republicans get their way, Chick Tracts will be distributed to Kindergarteners – okay maybe Third Graders as text books) represent Social Darwinism at its most extreme. In a way, William Jennings Bryant (a highly ironic Religious Right/Tea Party hero given his politics were extremely liberal and actually pretty close (especially for his era) to being Socialist) reason for opposing the teaching of evolution has been proven right – it would promote the might makes right ideology of Social Darwinism. One wonders what he’d think as he sees people both calling for banning teaching evolution and for repealing the economic reforms he spent his entire political career fighting for (and yes, make no mistake, the Tea Party’s ultimate goal is to repeal the 20th Century and some want to go back even further and repeal the 19th Century too – and yes, that includes repealing the right of women to vote, bringing back Jim Crow and Judge Lynch, making labor unions illegal, abolishing income taxes, “crucifying the world on a cross of gold,” ending all workplace safety restrictions, banning all forms of birth control, repealing marital rape and rape shield laws, increasing or bringing back corporal punishment of children, criminals, and women (in their right wing utopia it will be legal for husbands to beat and rape their wives), making sodomy, fornication, and adultry criminal offenses again (okay states like Virginia and Georgia still have such laws), punishing homosexuality with death or at least prison (locking those icky gays up in prison will cure them because we all know there is absolutely no gay sex in prison), keeping prostitution in a status where it is illegal so you can exploit the women but winked upon by authorities just like in the Gilded Age, ending all anti-corruption laws, ending all regulation of capitalism including even repealing anti-trust laws, bringing back debt peonage and debtors prisons, and some of them even want to go back further and bring back slavery.

    That is to say tha the Tea Party Utopia looks exactly like the Gilded Age – which would be no doubt great if you happen to be John D. Rockefeller, but wouldn’t be so great if you weren’t John D. Rockefeller – of coure, part of the problem is that the Tea Party idiots all think that they are John D. Rockafeller even if their job is being a greater at Wal-Mart.

    The modern Tea Party Republicans are also animated by pure cruelty – see their gleeful reaction to the aquittal of George Zimmerman and their huffy whining that Zimmerman had to suffer the indigity of a trial rather than the ME just writing down “death at the hands of unknown persons” like they used to do back when Judge Lynch’s iron hand ruled the South. Many also publicly advocate for beating children – often with them saying something like “we used to be beaten all of the time by our parents, teachers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, random pedophiles wearing trenchcoats*, Sunday school teachers, friends parents, etc. and turned out fine. The children of today should be beaten like we were.” Of course, its really fun when someone tries pointing out to the “in my day we used to walk three miles to school uphill in snow up to our waists and get paddled if we even so much as sneezed out of turn in class and then got beat again by our parents when we got home” crowd that millions of adults engage in consensual spanking activities to derive sexual pleasure and shouldn’t that be a sign that spanking children is wrong because they really can’t come up with a good answer to it. Anyway, that was kind of a long aside. Many also advocate for domestic violence (but only against women – men are apparently fragile little flowers and eggshells – but more importantly note that they advocate for treating women like children – another aside, how can any woman actually vote REpublican now???) and some are even downright pro-rape (maybe limiting it to marital rape like Phyllis Schaifley). At the minimum they believe that women should always submit to men (seriously, when you start putting these views together don’t all of these generally men simply sound like they would be much happier if they discovered what the letters bdsm stand for?) in everything. And then there is what they say about poor people – all one has to do to realize that Mr. Burns is a bit too friendly, warmhearted, and caring to be a modern Republican symbol is listen to what they say about poor people. And naturally, if you really want to set them off mention poor black immigrant teenaged girls which of course contains all of their hateds (hatred of poor people, racism, nativism, agism, and sexism – in fact, i think a reasonable argument can be made that sexism is a stronger driving force behind the Tea Party than even racism – maybe the fact that Tea Party types tend to be older angry white males plays a large role in that – i mean, you see very few women or young people (and no blacks) behind the wheel of a car with the Virginia Tea Party license plate (and those things are distressingly common here).

    okay, i’ve probably rambled enough for this morning :)

    * okay, that one never shows up in the right wing claims.

  • Gregory

    Sam is getting his straw men confused. Easy to do when you make so many of them.

  • Erika

    Sam, sweetie, its adorable that you act like i don’t know what the Tea Party claims their name stands for. Its part of teh modern trend of coming up with names that supposedly stand for something.

    Of course, since i live in the real world and not fantasy* i know that taxes are at their lowest level since long before i was born. i even know in the 1950s which conservatives often like to idealize based upon corny old sitcoms were the father knew best and the wife was submissive and wore a dress, high heels, and pearls to vacuum the rug and cook dinner that taxes were much higher than now with the top marginal rate being 91%. That decade also saw the largest public works project ever.

    Why, under President Obama’s plan, the vast majority of the Tea Party types actually got a tax decrease.

    So if taxes were much higher in the time period which Tea Party types idealize, and the taxes are actually at historically low levels, what is the real attraction of the Tea Party to the 1950s. Could it be that much of the country was still racially segregated by law and of course, they really love the gender politics of those old tv programs.

    They don’t even care about taxes – why else would the Tea Party celebrate a budget deal where the Social Security Tax paid by every working American increased to avoid a tiny marginal increase for the Top 1%.

    * no snide comments about me having tea parties with stuffed sharks, please. stuffed sharks are great listeners and happen to be very understanding :)