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Longtime Neo-Nazi Activist Steven Speece Penned Racist Novel Jack’s War

By Heidi Beirich on July 30, 2013 - 2:09 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist
Steven Speece, author of iconic racist novel Jack's WarSteven Speece, author of the popular racist novel “Jack’s War: Through the Gates of Hell”

One of the more popular novels in racist circles is Jack’s War: Through the Gates of Hell, published last year. A crazy racial revenge story, the novel was put out under the pseudonym C.C. Conrad. Turns out C.C. Conrad is the Mobile, Ala.-based Steven Speece, a longtime neo-Nazi activist.

Speece was for years a key member of the National Alliance, which until the early 2000s was the most important and dangerous neo-Nazi group in the country (for a list of its members’ crimes, read here). Speece distributed the group’s literature and attended its leadership conference in April 2000 (right). He was at one time involved in White Aryan Resistance and various Klan groups.

Speece’s self-published book tells a vicious tale of “when inner city savages” [meaning black people] “brutally rape and murder [Jack Corr’s] beautiful fiancée.” Corr comes to realize that it was his mistake to have talked to his fiancée’s attackers, who as minorities, he comes to realize, could never be trusted. The justice system fails Corr, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and “make war.” The resulting violence, which includes a bombing and murders, is brutal.

Repeated requests by phone for comment from Speece were not returned.

This is just one in a long stream of racial revenge novels, the most notable being The Turner Diaries, that have been put out by white supremacists. Penned by William Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance who died in 2002, The Turner Diaries proved inspirational to Timothy McVeigh, who based his 1995 bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City on a scene from the book.

Steven Speece, author of iconic racist novel Jack's War

Jack’s War was edited by Kevin Alfred Strom, who played a key role for years in the National Alliance, creating and hosting the group’s shortwave radio show “American Dissident Voices” and editing its publication National Vanguard. Strom ultimately rose to become Pierce’s favorite aide. Strom also designed the cover of Jack’s War (right). Strom says of the work on his personal website: “C.C. Conrad will sweep the action-loving reader off his feet with intense scenes of anti-White murder – and righteous White vengeance.” Strom also praises the book in a blurb on the back cover.

Stecen Speece author of iconic racist novel Jack's War

What’s not mentioned on the back cover, where Strom’s work on the book is credited, is his criminal history. On Jan. 4, 2007, federal agents arrested him near his home in Stanardsville, Va. Strom was charged with possessing and receiving child pornography, enticing a minor to perform sex acts and intimidating a witness, sending shock waves through the white supremacist world. In 2008, Strom was convicted on federal charges of possessing child pornography and sent to prison. He was released later that year and is again posting white supremacist materials on his two websites.

The other fan of Jack’s War, according to his back cover blurb, is “Horus the Avenger.” He calls the work a tale of “justice obtained” as “Jack Corr hunts down and destroys the monsters who murdered his sweetheart and destroyed his life plans.” Long a mysterious figure on the web, Horus was recently unmasked by my colleague Ryan Lenz as Timothy Gallaher Murdock, 43, of Dearborn Heights, Mich. An avowed anti-Semite and one-time day trader, Murdock is single and lives in the basement of his parents’ home, where, he says, he cares for his terminally ill mother and dedicates his time to building up “Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit,” an online allegory designed to expose “white genocide” and patterned after Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

It’s not surprising that Murdock is a fan of Jack’s War. It explicitly endorses Murdock’s idea that a white genocide is occurring and repeats one of his favorite sayings, including a specific part of what he calls “the mantra” that includes the line “‘anti-racist’ is a code word for anti-white.” In fact, it’s not until Jack Corr hears these words from a white supremacist that his racist epiphany is triggered and he realizes he must go on his killing spree. No wonder Speece’s book earns Murdock’s high praise.

  • Racism LawL

    Racism is so horrible! The only way to get rid of racism is to breed white people out of existence in their lands. Jewish Bolsheviks are the master race.

  • Reynardine

    Actually, that edition had a forward to the effect that it had been published to apprise decent people of how these sorts *think*.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Reynardine, that’s true, but you can slip in a note on a separate sheet of paper.

  • Reynardine

    Kiwi, you can’t scribble in library books.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Reynardine, when you returned “Turner Diaries,” I hope you added a note saying that the contents of the book may be hazardous to your health.

  • Reynardine

    I got “Turner Diaries” out of the library, so Mr. Pierce (he was then still alive) made no money atall.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Erika: very well put. If you regard women as being mere property and objects, they cannot have any ethnicity. That would require the property and object to be a real, living person.

    And white supremacists are not indeed likely to meet up with black women with advanced degrees — well, that is until they’re standing trial for their stupid acts and are being prosecuted, defended, and/or judged by one.

    Any way, for all their loud “defense” of white women and their virtue, white supremacists truly hate all women, and just regard them as that old saw: gourmet cooks in the kitchen, maids in the living room, and tarts in the bedroom.

    Given the high rate of pedophilia and child pornography in the WN movement (that I have seen), there’s probably a lot of deeply repressed homosexuality, too. Ruslan Amirkhanov can give us the straight dope on the behaviors of these idiots.

    Reynardine: I tried to wade through “Turner Diaries” on some website — I’m not going to pay for it — and found it had all the subtlety of a jackhammer. It needed editing, and I didn’t get far. I read later that Pierce himself admitted that he wrote it too quickly, and it needed editing.

    Apparently he composed that epic in 30 days. I was astonished…hell, even “Mein Kampf” took Hitler a year, and he had Rudolf Hess assisting him.

    Mr. Pierce issued an update of the book sometime in the mid-1980s or 1990s, to keep it “fresh,” with the prices of items and dates of disaster moved up. It would appear that reality had overrun his timeline of events, so his future was taking place in the past.

    So can we have an update on “Jack’s War?” How is it selling? How are the reviews? Has Speece got his movie deal yet? I like Ted Nugent for singing the title song, Mel Gibson as Jack, and someone with blonde looks, no talent, and a trailer-trash background as the romantic lead…Britney Spears?

  • Erika

    Kiwiwriter, i think that the reason for that is pretty clear – there is a strong corrilation between white supremacy and male supremacy – that is to say that the white supremacists tend to be hardcore mysognists who view white women as their personal property. They alsotend to view women asbeing inferior to men. That means that what they really hate is the fact that feminism has given women the ability to say no to them and reject them. Ultimately, they would love to go back to teh Biblical times when a man would be able to rape a woman and then force her to marry him or be stoned to death (silly white supremacists under Biblical law, the man would also be stoned to death if they don’t get married and they should realize that most women are likely to prefer death to marrying one of those losers) They also view black men as being inferior to them – which means that seeing a white woman choosing to go with a black man is a big refutation of their ideology. White women going off to be with whoever they want to the white supremacist thus represents a disruption in what they view is the natural order of things (white supremacy, male supremacy).

    Of course, white men with black women is not a threat to the established social view of the white supremacist – namely that women are inferior and should be the exclusive property of white men and that black people are inferior and should be the exclusive property of black men. Indeed, white men with black women perfectly fits into white male supremacist ideology – especially when it is white men raping black women. It does not create a threat – after all, they view relations between the genders as being as unequal as they view relations between the races. White supremacists also tend to hold stereotypical views that black women are um, how to say this to make it past the censors, uh, really enjoy having sex (unlike white women who should in the ideal white supremacist world be frigid and basically sexless seeing their only role as having lots of white babies). That is why many of the white supremacists have their own personal booth at the Black Cat Theatre.

    Of course, the irony is that with women being shown to prefer men who are at least as educated with them and the black gender educational achievement gap being severe we are now seeing a large number of highly educated black women marrying highly educated white men – among highly educated people, race isn’t a big deal and similar interests, educational, background will be the key – but due to simple numbers and the gender gap in educational achievement there are way more black women graduating with advanced degress than black men. That is to say that among the highly educated upper classes black woman-white male relationships are going to be much more common than vice versa. Since there are relatively few black men receiving advanced degrees, there are going to be relatively few black male-white female relationships in those circles (not that many in those circles are likely to see such a relationship as a big deal anyway).

    Of course, the white supremacists aren’t highly educated, they aren’t upper class, etc. Therefore, they focus upon lower classes. Now, from my observations, it seems that black male-white female relationships tend to be most prominent among lower class/lower educated people. Of course, there are exceptions, but overall, the very white women (lower class/lower educated) that white supremacist men (also lower class/lower educated) see as their property/likely mates are rejecting them for more desireable black men (they also tend to reject them for more desirable white men, but for that isn’t seen as a threat by the white supremciats).

    Ironically, the white supremacists gutter myths about the sexual proess of black men may well play a role. Imagine some girl from a small southern town grows up hearing from her white supmreacist relatives about how “the [black people] have large [genitals] and [can make love better and more often than white men]” and grows up and gets away from her family – and once she is no longer under the risk of being beaten or killed decides to see for herself if they are true.

  • Kiwiwriter

    I’m always so amused at how white supremacists are obsessed with black men being with white women, either as rapists or the girls simply going off voluntarily.

    They don’t have as much to say about white slave-owners raping their property (except “Lon Chaney,” who displayed his ignorance on this site by denying it ever happened), and even less to say about the rapidly increasing trend of black women dating and marrying white men…George Lucas and Matt Stone on the famous white male side, Halle Berry, Paula Patton, Michelle Hurd, Alfre Woodard, coming to mind as famous black women who married white men.

    How is it that race defilation only happens when a black man gets involved with a white woman?

    I hope SPLC keeps us updated on the sales figures on this homeric epic. I understand Snooki’s novel sold less than 2,000 copies, despite a vast build-up and advance. I wonder how this one will do?

  • Walterius

    When I read stories such as this, it reminds of a line from an old Walter Mathau movie, “First Monday in Octorber.”

    “Every American has the right to make a complete and utter jackass of themselves at anytime.”

  • TommyJ

    What’s the difference between Amazon selling this crud and iTunes selling the white supremacist music it sells? I refuse to buy an Apple product for that reason.

  • Critical Dragon1177

    Its hardly surprising there’s another racists propaganda novel out there. Whats really scary is the possibility that this book will inspire actual violence like the Turner Diaries did. I doubt it will happen but I really hope Steven Speece comes to understand just how stupid his bigoted views really are before passes away and denounces his own work.

  • Linnea

    I can think of one reason to buy this novel, but Charmin is cheaper.

  • CM

    As it happens, Strom’s amateur radio license is currently under administrative review at the FCC. There are two open files: 0005819184, which is an administrative update, and 0005860495, which has been “offlined for alert list review” and “offlined for Enforcement Bureau action.”

    Details on what was being investigated were not posted. The majority of Enforcement Bureau actions related to amateur radio are taken in response to technical violations – operating without a license, broadcasting on an unauthorized frequency, boosting broadcast power above the legal limit, deliberately interfering with other people’s broadcasts, etc.

    It’s possible, however, that if the FCC isn’t aware that Strom is a registered sex offender with connections to hate-inciting, violence-inciting organizations, they might be interested in learning those facts.

    The broadcast airways are considered the common property of the citizenry, and we have a right to prevent them from being abused. That’s the basis of the W. Bush administration’s crusade against “indecency” on TV. Shortwave radio signals are capable of travelling halfway around the world, enabling U.S. residents or organizations to communicate with people in virtually any country on Earth. It’s hard to imagine anything more indecent than the spewing of violent hatred throughout the ionosphere.

    (Note that the vast majority of amateur, or “Ham,” radio operators are very nice people who take their responsibilities seriously, and many of them provide valuable services to the community during emergencies.)

  • Reynardine

    I admit, I read “The Turner Diaries” out of forensic interest, and it was so badly written that my co-author thought it was a send-up. I’d probably read this one for the same reason, if I could get it in some way where the author couldn’t make money.

  • Erika

    Ruslan, i wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out white college students (you can leave out the athlete part) with wealthy parents only get convicted of rape in Law and Order: SVU episodes. Ironically the victims in those cases are generally white college students with wealthy parents, but it helps to remember that many of the most elite clubs in this country still refuse to admit women as members. That is to say that mysogny is more important than class.

    And of course, those rape cases are almost never reported to authorities. One of the more bizarre complaints of the Men’s Rights Activists is that especially on college campuses is that often times colleges pursue discimplinary charges against male students who are acussed of sexual assault or rape. They complain about the lack of due process in those hearings withour realizing that those hearings are in fact a powerful symbol of male supremacy. See, colleges use those hearings – and often their campus “police”/security forces to get around having to report to the Department of Education (and of course, perspective students) of the real number of students raped on campus. That is to say that colleges use these processes to bury rape charges. Those college hearings are often kangeroo courts which are driven by class bias – which is to say that if the accused has wealthy parents those charges will quickly disapear leaving the female student no recourse (since the local police force/prosecutors isn’t going to do .anything to upset the college which after all is a big employer – and often a local prosecutor isn’t even going to try with a “he said/she said” case anyway – and there is still a large stigma esepcially in those date rape cases where victims are routinely called vengeful sluts who are seeking revenge through rape charges even by the police – attached to being a rape victim many women report their experiences with bringing rape charges to our judicial system as being raped a second time). It is little wonder that faced with a college disciplinary and judicial system that has little interest in protecting women from being raped and views “date rape” accusations with extreme suspicion that the vast majority of women don’t even bother with telling anyone but their friends that they were raped.

    Of course, being a mean girl i have to turn my attention now to mocking this novel:

    the entire “plot” of this “novel” is basically a riduculous white nationaliast fantasy – starting with their rather creepy obsession with black men having sex with white women. Of course, because they want to pretend that they hate it and are not turned on by it, they talk about rape [and truthfully they being insecure little boys are probably obsessed with wanting to rape women as well – i mean, does anyone seriously believe that D.C. Stevenson was the only white supremacist to ever violently rape a white woman???] In fact, they are so creepily obsessed with the idea that one could get the impression that either they really secretly wish that they were black because in their fevered minds they think that white women are obsessed with sex with black men and they believe that if they were black they’d be able to have tons of white woman wanting to have sex with them or they themselves want to have sex with black men (or maybe black women, but i wouldn’t be surprised given the extreme homophobia of the white nationalists if many are also in fact closet cases so i suspect they secretly want to themselves have sex with black men.)

    i also wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the rape scene is described in salalious details lifted right out of the finest oopsie, i meant sleaziest pornographic movies that a 43 year old man who lives in his mommy’s basement can download from the internet. and i also suspect that many of the white nationalists who read this garbage are so horrified by the salicious description of the black penises violating the white woman that they are inspired to visit Onancock by it.

    And if that wasn’t stupid – and ultimately revealing in ways that they are likely not nearly smart enough to understand – enough they go for an even stupider white nationalist fantasy – see, the “hero” wasn’t inspired to randomly massacre black people by the rape and murder of his “beautiful fiancee” – or even her attackers getting off in the criminal justice system (wait a second, in the real world people who rape and murder beautiful white women tend to wind up on death row or with LWOP – of coruse, these white nationalist idiots probably long for the days of a good old fashionde lynch mob). No it wasn’t that which led Jack to rage the racial Jihad (more irony, these losers hate Moslems too) – no, it was hearing the insane mantra. Yes, while most everyone else hears the mantra and responds with fits of derisive laughter or perhaps if they are a more sympathetic type pity at the ignorance and stupidity of the person posting it – their “hero” is inspired to kill black people. Ironically, a course of action which in the real world will assure that he can’t find another “beautiful white fiancee” and instead get cut down in a hail of bullets from the government (who if the mantra was true would be secretly encouraging gangs of black men to run aroung impregnating white women (you know, to destroy the white race and all) and um, would be you know, against killing white women. The lack of logic here is stunning – Kiwiwriter is right, this needs to be made into a movie by Ed Wood. i mean, this actually makes Jack T. Chick’s “Lisa” seem logical and well though out by comparison.). If i wasn’t too busy laughing at this stupidity the attempt to undue the maze created by a sheer lack of logic here would give me a headache.

    What maroons. What losers. What fools. Why ban this thing when it serves as exhibit one of just how stupid the mantra chanting idiots really are.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It’s fitting that his book carries the endorsement of a pedophile.

    “when inner city savages” [meaning black people] “brutally rape and murder [Jack Corr’s] beautiful fiancée.”

    Statistically, Jack’s fiancee had a far greater chance of being raped by…Jack. A lot of the racist obsession with rape can be linked to the common myth about stranger rape, that is that rape is typically something that happens when a stranger attacks a woman in an alley, park, or some other “dangerous place.” In reality most rape victims know their attackers, who are often intimate partners or friends.

    “Corr comes to realize that it was his mistake to have talked to his fiancée’s attackers, who as minorities, he comes to realize, could never be trusted.”

    Yes, because if a person of a particular group commits a crime, the entire group gets credit for it. Note that these are the same people who love saying things like, “BUT MY ANCESTORS DIDN’T OWN SLAVES! Or: “MAYBE THEY DID, BUT I DIDN’T OWN ANY SLAVES!”

    So which is it, White Nationalists? Collective punishment is good or bad?

    “The justice system fails Corr, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and “make war.” The resulting violence, which includes a bombing and murders, is brutal.”

    Judging from sentencing statistics it’s hard to believe that the fictional rapists would have got off lightly. Typically rapists who get off with a slap on the wrist are white, college athletes with wealthy parents.

  • Roxy

    You can’t request the book not be sold. Although the premise is paranoid fantasy, it is not illegal. I think you could probably find all kinds of unwholesome things on Amazon if you looked.

    It’s better to have it out in the open where it can be rightly mocked than hidden away in the basement with Horus the Avenger and his equally odd friends.

  • Sam Molloy

    Wo. Thanks, Mark. I’m not sure where Amazon’s censorship line is, but it sure sounds like this should cross it.

  • Joe

    I would strongly oppose and advise against any efforts to persuade Amazon to de-list this novel. Not only will they refuse, but those who make the effort will look poorly for have attempted such censorship. Similar efforts were made against The Turner Diaries years ago to convince bookstores not to carry the novel. They not only failed, but helped persuade Lyle Stuart at Barricade Books to issue a new edition. Stuart despised racism and anti-semitism. He believed in airing racism out for criticism rather than suppressing such writings. Engage, criticize, and excoriate racist novels and racism generally. Silencing and censorship are the wrong way to go.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Here’s my comment on the eminent Mr. Murdock:

    “Mr. Murdock is grinding the shopworn penknife of anti-Semitism, and seventh-rate ideas.

    Mr. Murdock is the usual sad advertisement for Aryan supremacy, of course…as I commented to him, he is sitting in the basement of his parents’ house at age 43, single, spending his days bravely fighting for his idiotic cause on the internet.

    I pointed out to him repeatedly that no government agency is storming into his basement and forcing him to marry a black woman, and of course, he did not respond. Sure enough, that seems to be the case.

    Mr. Murdock thinks he’s waging a great battle to raise awareness of the plight of the white race and save it from extinction, peddling a silly idea from an even sillier source, a drug-addicted liar.

    In truth, Mr. Murdock is acting out his inner torments (anti-Semitism, living in his parents’ basement at age 43, lack of importance) by being a keyboard commando, playing the usual internet ‘I’ve got a secret’ game.

    He’s just another internet troll with the usual stupid ideas, and thinks that he’s therefore important and a great thinker.

    In actuality, he’s just a waste of talent, who will be forgotten long before his death…I’m saddened and amused by him.

    However, he certainly fits the stereotype of the basement-dwelling neo-Nazi, who has achieved nothing in his life, and regards himself as being superior to the rest of the world by virtue of the melanin content of his skin. Very sad. What a horrific waste.”

    I guess “Horus the Avenger” will take orders for this classic novel…it’s beginning to remind me of the “Proletarian Novels” of the 1930s, like “Joe the Engineer,” in which the working stiff rallies the other guys on the assembly line with anti-capitalist and Communist rhetoric, they go on strike, overturn the plant’s leadership, and the hero and the boss’s comely daughter, both in overalls, stride out of the plant at the head of the workers’ army, to organize all the other industrial laborers into the CIO.

    Only I don’t think “C.C. Conrad” has the same ending. Probably it ends with him whacking his fiancee’s killers, and then leading an army of like-minded junior Fascists off to cold-bloodedly butcher all the Jews.

    I’ll wait for Murdock to do the movie. It might make a vehicle for Mel Gibson. April Gaede can play his fiancee. Harry Edgerton can be the leader of the guys who kill April. Michael Richards as the humorous sidekick. We just need Ed Wood to direct it.

  • concernedcitizen

    I am really surprised at some of the crap that is allowed to be sold in America.

    We don’t need materials that incite war, hate and civil unrest in this country.

  • Kiwiwriter

    I have to admit a morbid curiosity about how this book is written…given that the book’s editor is a convicted sex offender with a “thing” for little girls and witness intimidation, I’d like to know how old the hero’s girlfriend is.

    I also have to wonder about the character development, story arcs, dialogue, plotting, and narrative tone. Probably first-person. Obviously the hero goes through a glorious epiphany.

    I would expect a good deal of wooden passages of political manifesto, particularly in the dialogue.

    “C.C. Conrad,” wow, that’s clever. A play on the “Council of Conservative Citizens.” And on Josef Conrad, the novelist. I don’t think “C.C.” came from Yankee pitcher C.C. Sabathia.

    I’ll dig up my earlier notes on “Horus the Avenger” and re-post them here.

    I love it…he got a glowing endorsement from a pseudonymous anti-Semite who lives in his parents’ basement and his own editor. I don’t think Kirkus or The New York Times will touch this outpouring. I wonder if he sent them review copies?

  • Snorlax

    Notice how Speece has a full head of hair, no noticeable tattoos and is wearing a suit. The new face of racism.

  • James

    Mark not sure how you can stop the selling of a book just because someone doesnt like the title or name of it. after all this is america where last time i looked, we do have freedom of speech. the best way to show your disgust is to simply not buy the book.
    i wonder if SPLC would be screaming racism if in the book the roles were reversed? im willing to guess they would not be saying anything

  • Steven

    Why stop the sale of the book? I’d be interested to read it, if only as a curiosity…always looking to censor views you disagree with

  • Mark Childress

    Is the SPLC aware that this book is openly sold on Amazon? Have there been any efforts to stop the sale of this book?

  • Gregory

    Add “Crimes Against Literature” to the list…

  • Reynardine

    Ah, yeah, The Mantra of the White Rabbit. Kiwi, you have my permission to tell all.