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White Supremacist Craig Cobb Defends Plans for North Dakota Town on New Hate Forum

By Heidi Beirich on August 28, 2013 - 3:10 pm, Posted in Extremist Commerce, White Supremacist
Stanley Edward Diggs is the owner of the new racist web forum White Nations.

White supremacists are atwitter after the disclosure by Hatewatch last week that Craig Cobb and other extremists have been buying up properties in the tiny town of Leith, N.D., with the intention of creating an all-white enclave.

Lengthy threads have popped up on the hate forums Stormfront and Vanguard News Network (VNN), with many white supremacists endorsing the idea of a white living space. But most of the action is taking place in a relatively new Internet forum, White Nations, which started this past May after its owner, “Fred O’Malley,” was kicked off VNN.

Craig Cobb wants to build a park to honor William Pierce, the neo-Nazi founder of the National Alliance, in the vacant lot on the left in Leith, N.D.

It is clear from Cobb’s posts on White Nations that he hasn’t given up on his dream of a white homeland, even given the bad press and uproar in Leith that has come in the wake of Hatewatch’s investigation. To show that he is staying put in Leith, Cobb has posted pictures of his plans for the town. As an example, he put up one photo showing the site where he intends to create “Dr. William L. Pierce Pvt. Park of Leith,” in honor of the longtime leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance.

Cobb has received nothing but positive support on White Nations. That is especially true about its founder “Fred O’Malley,” with whom he is clearly close, based on an interview with Cobb by the SPLC. In the real world, O’Malley is actually Stanley Edward Diggs of Houma, La., or “Stan” as Cobb called him during the interview. For some time, Diggs had been posting on VNN on various topics, including why women need to “STAY AWAY FROM NIGGERS” and how “Guns level the field with government goons.” [In the past, Diggs has targeted the SPLC, posting a picture at one point of a staffer’s wife]. His posts on his new site are in the same racist vein.

Diggs owns a remodeling and roofing company, A-1-A Construction, in Houma (there is a Ripoff Report on the company here). He was booted from VNN earlier this year along with other prominent white supremacists, including Cobb, after a series of sophomoric exchanges. In the interview with the SPLC, Cobb refused to explain why he and Diggs were kicked off VNN. Repeated calls to Diggs’ phone were not returned.

White Nations is also moderated by Cynthia W. Slay, who posts there as “WitchesChild.” On Stormfront and VNN, Slay goes as “WolfsCompass” and “BrennaWolf.” She did not return phone calls for comment.

Cobb’s White Nations posts have been defiant, and he continues his aggressive promotion of North Dakota as a homeland for white supremacists. One post made the point that fellow white supremacist and Leith property owner April Gaede and her “mate” Mark Harrington have earned as much as $1,500 a week for doing unskilled labor that is in high demand due to the state’s oil and gas boom. Cobb is also publicizing how close one of the boomtowns, Dickinson, is to Leith, and encouraging white supremacists to call realtors and say this: “I am interested in buying some property in the Grant County, Leith, Carson, Elgin, New Leipzig, Mott, Lark and Flasher areas. I heard about Craig Cobb’s project in Leith. The Third Reich, NS, and Hitler are mentioned in our holy religious texts, but I am not a Neo Nazi, whatever that is. Can you send me your MLS list or advise me? Would that be OK?”

In another post, Cobb confirmed that he was fired by Border States Paving of Fargo and he has written about possibly filing a complaint with the EEOC over his dismissal. He has asked his fellow white supremacists to write to the company to complain. Many of them have, for which Cobb has effusively thanked them. Cobb is also looking into whether he has somehow been the victim of housing discrimination.

  • Eliana Liorit

    They are total morons. They will end up starving in a few weeks. No one will hire them because they won’t even try to get jobs (They may send the wives out to work though). They will be too busy fighting over the color of uniforms and fighting over who gets to be in the SS.

    To Bethany: Do not be afraid of them! They are stupid and lazy. I would, however, ensure that you have what you need for self defense.

  • Bethany

    Excuse me, hunglikejesus; I live here and so do my two adopted children from India. We may live in the middle of no where, but we do not need people promoting hate taking over our small piece and quiet town! I fear for my children.

  • Marie

    Can the SPLC do anything about these guys? Is the US Dept. of Justice investigating? It sounds like they could already be violating civil rights laws? Just wondering if actions are/can be taken to stop this!

  • http://Z.ja MN

    Yes DiO his website must be taken down And good job Heidi all the best

  • Erika

    john smith, how can someone be “a convicted” anything that “got off on a technicality”???

  • Kiwiwriter

    I’m kind of amused by “Good for the Goose.”

    He certainly shows the unity, strength, and cohesion of the defenders of the “white race.” They’re very eager to rat each other out at the drop of a coin.

    The only thing these racists seem to hate more than their public enemies are each other.

    But as Ruslan Amirkhanov points out, they are not really fighting some heroic battle a la First Ypres for the preservation of their species…it’s a turf war for memberships, mailing lists, money, and attention.

  • CM

    James Bowery said,
    on September 2nd, 2013 at 9:02 pm
    “One must wonder what America of the pre-WW II era would be considered in 2013 America if not ‘Nazi.’ ”

    This post seems to have hauled up a net full of odd fish indeed. This appears to be only the third time Mr. Bowery has graced the SPLC’s comment threads with his presence, though he has richly distributed himself around the Internet.

    Following his trail, which shines like a slug’s in the moonlight, we find, inter alia, that he has espoused a theory that Judaism is a disease. He will, I trust, understand that a history like that will not incline some of us here to welcome him and his ideas with open arms.

    As for the content of his comment, his ideological ancesters were the ones who lauded the Nazis and accused Roosevelt of being a closet Communist. One must wonder whether extremists like Bowery accord any value to truth.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Oh since it’s obvious the Nazis are watching this venue…

    FUN FACT: Did you know that 90’s pop star Haddaway is half-Trinidadian, half-German? That’s right! He speaks German and you can’t, you sad wannabe vikings.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Mr. Bowery, try giving coherency a shot some time.

    As for Good for the Goose, this just got interesting. If SPLC doesn’t contact you then you should just dump the info here. You WNs are always stabbing each other in the back anyway, might as well make it entertaining.

  • Good for the Goose

    You are being used. And since you just started a forum war, maybe our interests are temporarily aligned.

    I know for a FACT that you got the above information from an administrator at VNN. They are the only ones who knew some of what you printed here.

    Feel free to contact me at the email address I registered with. We will be happy to “return the favor” and give you the names of some wealthy professional people who post on VNN and give money to Alex Linder who would NOT want their personal information disclosed publicly.

    We have a copy of their forum data base with some of their real names, email addresses, private messages and IP’s. Access was provided voluntarily by Alex Linder when he needed help after his provocateur forum crashed a while back.

    Gloves are off. Anyone who continues to provide funds to or post on VNN is an enemy of the White race and is at risk of being publicly outed.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    ” thus making any “hate crimes or hate speech” a virtual impossibility??? ”

    Don’t be too sure of that. I believe that WNs actually hate each other more than they do minorities.

  • James Bowery

    Ruslan Amirkhanov: “Begs the question as to what one must do to BE a Neo Nazi.”

    One must wonder what America of the pre-WW II era would be considered in 2013 America if not “Nazi”.

    If given a choice, would the America of 1940 have preferred to go to war against German over America of 2013? If so, would that reasonably make pre-WW II era America “Nazi”?



  • http://vv confused

    How can you people oppose a communitybought and paid for legally that will concentrate all these :evil vile people” all being I one place away from any minorities thus making any “hate crimes or hate speech” a virtual impossibility??? You people are wishy washy

  • Julian Gutierrez

    Diggs was also convicted of sexual battery and burglary in 1986, and on appeal the charges stuck. It is surprising that you didn’t include this information in your initial report about him.

  • hunglikejesus

    I just pulled up Leith on google Earth, and I think they should have that area. It looks like the moon and what better place for these clowns.

  • John Smith

    Diggs is also a convicted rapist that got off on a technicality.,5051327

  • Charles Dan Austin

    I hope the justice department goes after them because these are “Jim Crow” tactics that should have been done away with during the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s. Refusing to integrate should be reason enough to allowing them to have access to anything close to property not to mention other assets. Of course I think churches, lodges, military organizations and all public charities which have a 501c3 status should integrate because all doors should be open to all Americans.

  • SamDamnit

    Wait…… What is Gaede doing there? I thought she was busy trying to take over the town of Kalispel in Montana.

  • thenine

    Does anyone else find these hate mongers genetically flawed? I don’t care what the hell they call themselves they’re just ignorant certifiable character disorders that need medication or removal for the protection of other human beings to a mental health facility.

  • CM

    Diggs’ ad says his company is licensed and insured, but I haven’t been able to find any record of a contractor’s license in his name or the business name in the Louisiana professional and occupational license database. On the other hand, the state’s corporate records database lists his A-1-A Construction as “Not In Good Standing for failure to file Annual Report.” Maybe he should spend less time on the Internet.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I have a feeling I know why they were booted from VNN. Linder has long been trying to have his own money-making project. The movement consists of a handful of people fighting for influence, mailing lists, and donations. Cobb’s got his own project going, which means it could compete with VNN for influence and ultimately, donations.

    But I really love this comment.

    “The Third Reich, NS, and Hitler are mentioned in our holy religious texts, but I am not a Neo Nazi, whatever that is. ”

    You include National Socialism, the Third Reich, and Hitler in something you call “holy religious texts”, but you’re not a Neo Nazi. Begs the question as to what one must do to BE a Neo Nazi.

  • Donnie in Ohio

    Great Work, Heidi! Congratulations! Now we just need to take down White Nations once and for all!

  • Critical Dragon1177

    Heidi Beirich,

    “Cobb is also looking into whether he has somehow been the victim of housing discrimination.”

    Wait, does this mean that Cobb is against discrimination but only when it keeps him from getting what he wants? Should any of be surprised this racist fanatic is a hypocrite as well?

  • concernedcitizen

    Oh that is ironic, the man who wants to promote a town that, from what it sounds like, would have roots in hate and discrimination now wants help from the EEOC?

  • Andy

    Considering the amount of infighting that happens in these groups and their penchant for gun ownership, an all-white-supremacist “community” is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • David Cary Hart

    Ah, yes, they refer to the “haters at Hatewatch.”

    I concede that I do not speak the dialect of gibberish required to understand the posts at White Nations – but I get the drift. I haven’t the first clue what a “Jimmy Carter Jew” is. Moi?

    It is easy to be amused. However, these are very dangerous people who feel that Blacks, gays and Jews have taken something from them.

  • Reynardine

    Disperspicacity. Nothing to do with peaches.

  • Reynardine

    Of course, any realtor would happily have dealings with a prospective customer who said that! What preternatural dispersicacity! What admirable subacuity!