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Leith Revelations Spark Battle Between White Supremacist Forums

By Heidi Beirich on September 5, 2013 - 2:42 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda, White Supremacist

Two weeks ago, Hatewatch revealed that longtime white supremacist Craig Cobb was buying up properties in the small town of Leith, N.D., in the hope of creating a white homeland. You might think that fellow white supremacists since then would jump to defend Cobb, who was actually trying to do something to create the “white living space” they are all seeking and was in the eye of a media storm.

But, true to form, what began as a discussion of the developments in Leith quickly turned into the kind of internecine catfight that characterizes so much of the American racist right. The squabble quickly developed into a major battle between White Nations, the website where Cobb had been posting regularly on his Leith project, and Vanguard News Network (VNN), a neo-Nazi Web forum.

Why all the bad blood? Well, aside from the perennial suspicions and mutual jealousies that typically plague small radical groups, White Nations is home to people who have been banned from VNN for a myriad of offenses, real and imagined. The founder of White Nations, last week exposed by Hatewatch as Stanley Edward Diggs of Houma, La., was one of those expelled. (Diggs’ White Nations site is moderated by Cynthia W. Slay of Hogansville, Ga., who posts there as “WitchesChild” and calls herself the “Heretic Admin from Hell.”)

Diggs, who calls himself “Fred O’Malley” online, created his White Nations forum after being booted from VNN for what he described as his attempt to get rid of an “SPLC mole,” a reference to the Southern Poverty Law Center that publishes this blog. Diggs writes that after VNN declined to ban the supposed spy, a “homosexual administrator” at VNN began harassing him and eventually banned him entirely. Since that time, Diggs, as O’Malley, has been posting against VNN relentlessly.

Alex Linder, the bellicose owner of VNN and hardly one to pass up on a fight, has in turn repeatedly attacked the white supremacists on White Nations, calling them a “collection of paranoids, nutbags and sex deviants.” He warned that anyone posting at White Nations “will likely be banned” from VNN.

The war between the forums grew particularly fierce this week after a VNN poster did some research on Diggs. Someone using the name “M. N. Dalvez” posted links to a Daytona Beach Morning Journal story that ran in 1985 about Diggs, then 34, titled “Rapist Gets 15 Year Prison Term.” The article reported that Diggs had been found guilty of sexual battery and burglary for forcing himself on a young woman in her own bed. “Diggs struck her on the head, knocked her down and choked her,” the article said, citing trial testimony. The story also reported that Diggs had been charged with aggravated assault earlier in Louisiana for “beating his ex-wife.” The VNN thread about Diggs’ past is labeled “‘Fred O’Malley’ is a Convicted Rapist.” Hatewatch’s calls to Diggs for comment were not returned.

That was the revelation that caused Linder to characterize White Nations as a home for “sex deviants.” But he had other reasons. One is another White Nations regular who was banned from VNN last January — Stephen Lewis Akins of Jasper, Ala. Linder kicked him off VNN after Akins, who used “Steven L. Akins” on VNN, began posting about his interest in underage girls, at one point writing “Old enough to drive, old enough to ride.” Akins also posted pornographic images of young girls — photos that were rapidly pulled down by VNN’s administrators — and referred to pedophiles as “normal members of society as they aren’t queers or race-mixers.” Akins’ comments elicited this from “Angel Ramsey” on VNN: “Why does it not surprise me that Akins would be on a pedophile thread. Rolleyes.”

That wasn’t Akins’ only problem. Last Jan. 4, he wrote on VNN about being confronted by local police after he threatened to kill his physician’s receptionist after he was denied a refill of his depression medication. “At that point I feel my right arm, which was holding a half-full can of diet Dr. Pepper, rear back and throw the can as hard as I could in the direction of Miss Bitch’s head, which missed and hit the back wall of the office as I yelled at her that I would come through that glass window and fucking kill her if she didn’t do something to get me my meds,” wrote Akins, who added that he was suffering from withdrawal symptoms at the time.

None of this has tempered Akins’ belligerence. Posting as “Lionel Mandrake” on White Nations, he has attacked white supremacist leaders besides those at VNN. A couple days ago, he called Don Black, a former Alabama Klan leader and the founder of the largest hate forum on the Web, Stormfront, a “Jew” and a “stooge” who supposedly set his forum up to make money and inform on his posters. This from a man who says he is a minister — Akins posted his “Credentials of Ministry” from something called the World Church League of Joelton, Tenn.

White Nations has some other interesting folks attacking VNN. Of particular note is “Aldolphus Mueller,” whose real name is John Anthony Boone of Mobile, Ala. Also banned from VNN, Boone calls the site “some sort of jewish [sic] NGO supported operation” that is “closely connected to the federal government” and claims Linder is living in Section 8 housing. This was part of a lengthy and active White Nations thread entitled “VNN Administration is cooperating with SPLC.”

Like Akins, Boone has had some interaction with law enforcement in the past. In 1996, he was involved in an altercation with University of South Alabama campus police that ended when a Mobile SWAT team raided his house and arrested him. He later filed a complaint claiming his civil rights had been violated.

  • Reynardine

    Scipio, most liberals don’t own real pearls. Some of us can’t afford them. Some of us would rather spend our money on noble causes. And some of us would rather not support an industry that tortures oysters in order to kill them for their beautiful tears.

  • Jake

    Let WNs have a little homeland. Fence it thoroughly to keep them in. Ship all WNs there and within a month it will be the worst hell-hole on earth with rampant poverty, crime, violence, filth and disease. This is what the “Master Race” accomplishes when left to their own devices. WNs lack the IQ and self-discipline to accomplish anything worthwhile.

  • Kiwiwriter

    This guy Akins is screaming about violent crime, when he’s already established as a violent man and a pedophile.

    And he justifies the pedophilia by saying that it’s neither interracial nor homosexual.

    And on anti-depressants.


    Another great advertisement for the Aryan race. I would guess that he’s bipolar…I’ve been seeing that as a recurring theme in SPLC stories about these guys.

    I expect he’ll finish his days in prison…another waste of passion and energy. Once again, I don’t hate him. I pity him.

  • Erika

    Ruth, unless you are a total Islamaphobe its very much exactly the same thing.

    The white supremacist all essentially believe in the same thing (which is white supremacy) – yet they are constantly fighting.

    the religious (Christian and Islamic) fundamentalism all believe in essentially the same thing – they all believe in the same God, they all essentially follow Old Testament law, they all believe in male domination, they all believe in the repression of sexual practice other than for the purpose of procreation, etc. Those similarities are much stronger than the minor theological argument in whether Jesus was literally the Son of God or merely a major prophet. that is to say that there would be essentially no practical difference between a Christian theocracy and an Islamic one (which is to say if the Christian Right ever get complete control of this country, we will be essentially living in Iran).

    The more moderate members of the religions recognize the similarities – and in all cases are much more open to the idea that God will not expect you to follow a particular set of rules or otherwise be cast into the Lake of Fire. In fact, fundamentalism ultimately is the idea that you must follow one particular set of rules.

    And yes, fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Moslems – with both Christianity and Islam being evangelical religions – do attempt to get people to convert – sometimes by force. That is why religious fundamentalism of any stripe tends to be so dangerous. However that doesn’t change the fact that both people essentially believe in the same thing – they both would set society in a way that forces people to follow their religion.

    Like the various religious fundamentalists the various groups of white supremacists and various groups of white nationalists all believe in what is essentially the same doctrine – but they still fight.

    That is a trait common among fundamentalists of any stripe – quite simply to a fundamentalist you are either with them or an enemy and it doesn’t matter what they are fundamentalist about.

  • Saul Lipshitz

    You should read all of the vile lies that Akins publishes on his “The Way I See It” website . He claims that Jews were responsible for the transatlantic slave trade and were slave-owners, as well as the typical anti-Semitic canards that Jews control the media, Hollywood, Wall Street, and corporate America, along with publishing racist statistics showing how blacks commit more murders, rapes and robberies than whites.

  • Green Eagle

    I am sure what I have to say comes as no surprise to the writers of this piece, but you should take a look at some of the dual seed Christian identity sites that lurk out there. The vile things these guys have to say to each other make this look like fifth grade love notes.

  • Crabb E. Oldman

    This is only more evidence that white supremacist “Patriot” cells continually splinter into internecine “warlord” enclaves, filled with criminals and social misfits. In both the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents we see clearly that none of these “revolutionaries” came to anyone’s aid, either out of fear or true powerlessness. They espouse the overthrow of the very rights they claim gives them the right to spew their hateful rhetoric. They are ignorant of history, or the means to meaningful political action. As such it continues to be a blessing. Every time the SPLC lifts a rock, they slither out and hide under another. Exposure is the weakness in their character.

  • Terry

    This makes me glad. The more divided they are the less likely their influence. I wonder what ND is going to do re: town of Leith. They’re buying up property legally but the purpose behind it is troubling.

    Also, what’s so funny is that one of these individuals hate queers and “race mixers” but he’s a pedophile..I also found out that the Nazis would often “pimp kids out” in camps I guess the ass don’t fall far from the tree

  • Dauger

    The more time these folks spend fighting each other, the better it is for the rest of us.

  • Kelli Crackel

    Oh dear God, if white supremacists had half a brain they’d be scary. Also, as a lifelong resident of GA and a Pagan for a very long time (there is no need to quantify how long with numbers as it will only make me feel old), I feel like apologizing for that idiot Cynthia-chick in Hogansville. I don’t understand it, and we are not all like this idiot.

  • http://none Ruth Munn

    Eriika- Christians and Muslims do not Believe the same thing. Some Baptist try to reform or Convert Catholics. In any True bible believing Christian faith – they pray for the people to be saved, NOT “deep down each of them are thinking that the other will go straight to the Lake of Fire when they die.” You cannot compare This group of White supremacist and Pedophiles along with rapists To Two different Christian Doctrines. THERE IS NO Connection there..

  • Harvey

    Observing this infighting is amusing and we learn more about these individuals from what they dig up on one another.

    At the same time let’s not make the mistake of mocking them. We shouldn’t paint the whole white supremacist movement as a bunch of mentally unstable losers.

    There are others in the movement who are more dangerous that use people like the losers in this article. They have more sense than to post their hate on public forums. If we start thinking we are smarter than everyone in the hate groups we will let down our guard and the result may be some unpleasant surprises.

    I find the tendency of progressives to belittle their opponents distasteful. It contributes tp the polarization of the country and brings us down to their level. It makes us come off as smug elitists and prevents us from reaching many who might otherwise be willing to listen to what we have to say and perhaps change their minds.

  • scipio1

    There’s nothjing more entertaining than a circular firing squad; these folks deserve each other.

    re: Brenna

    Wow folks, turn your sarcasm meter on. The stereotype of the “pearl-clutching liberal” is quite damaging, please don’t feed it any further.

  • Kiwiwriter

    I find myself cracking up at the “unity” of the “white race” in their “kampf” to save themselves.

    White Nations assails VNN as being gay, and VNN answers back by calling White Nations a bunch of “paranoids, nutbags, and sex deviants.”Well, both sides should know.

    It gets funnier…the White Nations guys are convicted rapists and pedophiles, and they are blasting Don Black, the supreme ruler of Stormfront as being a “Jew” and a “stooge.”

    Wow. You can’t make this level of paranoia up. And these guys wonder why they can’t get any support or traction…when you’re writhing in paranoia and mutual hatred, and populated by criminals and pedophiles, you have virtually no chance of winning friends and influencing people who are not already sporting criminal records and meth addictions.

    However, while I find this fight amusing, I find Diggs and Akins to be purely evil. Diggs is a convicted rapist, and Akins is a pedophile who makes no apologies for it, finding his lust for little kids somehow superior to interracial sex or homosexuality.

    I’ve always found the pedophilic element of the neo-Nazis to be among their most disgusting aspects. Someone here pointed out to me that the attraction of neo-Nazism to pedophiles (and vice versa) is how these powerless people can use neo-Nazism and pedophilia to victimize and take power over people with very little power — straw figures of Jews and blacks for the neo-Nazis, and little kids for the pedophiles.

    Unfortunately, their behaviors in both habits and hobbies have horrific impact…when the neo-Nazis go from denouncing their image of Jews and blacks on the Internet or at rallies to harming and killing them (as we have seen far too often), and when pedophiles…well, when pedophiles do anything, really.

    It figures that people on the bottom of our moral and ethical ladder would try to find ways to make themselves feel and be powerful and dominant. It’s actually sickening, really.

  • Eliana Liorit

    LOL Let them have their town. They’ll be starving in 2 weeks. They’ll have plenty of prison grade tattoo parlors. The majority of WNs suffer from mental illness and/or have very few skills. They are also lazy. I wonder how long it will take before crime is rampant in their town and people will start leaving in droves. It’ll be hysterical and end up hurting their movement in the long run.

    WN males tend to have a problem with sexual depravity, with both women and men. It is sad that Brenna “Wolf” defends a rapist like Diggs – but it is not surprising. NSM members to this day defend Jon Snyder. They also promote wife abusers to lead their SS. Also, most have short fuses and get violent easily. Sick people. I hope they get tarred and feathered.

    If I were the mayor though I’d get an ordinance in place where if you display a swastika flag or any flag associated with WN, you go to jail and have to pay a $5000 fine.

  • Erika

    The one thing that gives me hope that we will not wind up living in a complete theology is that once the idea of not just uniting against common enemies (minorities, women, really anyone who doesn’t share their nutty beliefs) the various far right cranks will be too busy fighting each other to ever develop an effective government. In fact, you can kind of see that already in the right – while a right wing Baptist and a Catholic may be smiling at each other at the anti-abortion demonstration, deep down each of them are thinking that the other will go straight to the Lake of Fire when they die.

    Its even more obvious when you realize that there is little real difference between fundamentalist Moslems and fundamentalist Christians – deep down they basically believe the exact same thing – yet both really hate each other and are think that the others are pure evil. But when it comes to repressing women and homosexuals they would be joining arm in arm.

    That the white supremacists are constantly fighting is simply a consequence of radical peopel always seeing the world in black and white – yo uare either for us or against it terms – quite simply, if someone is not of their group, they are an enemy – so even the slightest disagreement causes the “master race” to turn its guns on each other.

    The thing that i pray for is that the rest of us don’t get caught in the cross fire in conflicts between the radical nutcases.

  • Bastet

    Those people are mental defectives, if they do manage to make their own town they’ll all starve. Most of them are borderline insane, if not completely, and some of the worst people you’ll ever meet, and I’m not even talking about their views on race, just in general.

    What we’re seeing between those two boards is what we’ll see in real life if they ever manage to get enough of them in that town. None of them get along, and none of them trust each other. What you’re seeing publicly on those boards is about only 10% of the drama that goes on behind the scenes.

  • Reynardine

    I had thought Brenna was being sarcastic, and I acknowledge the existence of Poe’s Law.

  • supersonic250

    Brenna Wolf: It most certainly IS our business, since it’s on the public record. Rape isn’t a mistake. It’s a crime one should pay for their entire lives, since their victims certainly suffer for the same time.

    If Stanley Diggs is a rapist AND a racist, that makes him the scum of the earth, and who can blame us for keeping an eye on him?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “has in turn repeatedly attacked the white supremacists on White Nations, calling them a “collection of paranoids, nutbags and sex deviants.”

    Oh come on! That pretty much describes the whole WN movement!


  • Erika

    This is your Vanguard of the White Race (TM) In action, HAW HAW!

  • Reynardine

    Dragon: That is the very spirit of Mordor.

  • Aron

    Brenna, I hope you’re trying to make a pathetic joke. Rape is not a ‘small mistake.

    And what are you going to do if we DON’T stop mentioning it?

  • Critical Dragon1177

    Heidi Beirich,

    I count it as a blessing that these people don’t seem to be able to get along. It will make it harder for them to achieve anything politically, not that they have much of a chance now anyway, at least as long as they openly spout their racist beliefs. Hopefully this will mean the end any attempt by Cobb to bring his master plan to completion. Anyway I suspect that even many of his fellow Nazis realize the futility of trying to set up a pure white homeland on American soil.

  • Brenna Wolf

    Hey, you guys better stop saying mean things about Stanley Diggs! Yes, he is a convicted rapist, but it’s none of your business! Also, who hasn’t made a few small mistakes in their life?

  • concernedcitizen

    Dan, that’s funny.

    I wish they would stop giving moles a bad name. There are bad moles, true enough.

    But there are good ones too. Hmmm…wonder how long it’s going to take for Dan to get that question answered?

    Why do we find the people who espouse with groups that are bent on taking over the federal government, are always the ones living off of the Federal Government or benefiting in some way from state aid and public assistance programs?

    Isn’t that sort of like biting the hand that’s feeding you?

  • Gregory

    Once agin, nothing more amusing than watching these fine specimens of Aryan manhood have a slapfight.

  • Dan Zabetakis

    Is ‘SPLC mole’ a paid position? How can I apply?