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Matthew Heimbach Suggests Retaliatory Violence Against Non-Whites

By Heidi Beirich on September 11, 2013 - 1:47 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist

Matthew Heimbach, a leader of the Traditionalist Youth Network that is trying to set up “white student unions” on various college campuses, just keeps getting more extreme. As Hatewatch reported last week, Heimbach has been sounding like a full-fledged neo-Nazi in recent months, railing about “conniving Jews” and the need for “revolution” as the only answer to the white man’s “plight.”

Last night, Heimbach took it one further. On the racist forum Stormfront, Heimbach suggested that he and his racist ilk institute a new policy: “[Y]ou hurt ones [sic] of ours, we kill one of yours.” Heimbach was responding to a report of a father beating to death a man he found raping his 5-year-old daughter. On Stormfront, the thread about the crime was called “Father catches Mexican raping his daughter.” Heimbach applauded the father, “It is always great to see white men and women stand up for themselves.” He added that this policy of retaliatory murder would ensure “non whites would be far less likely to attempt things like this.”

Meanwhile, in another Stormfront post, Heimbach clarified why he is a member and fan of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate hate group. “The League is solidly pro white,” Heimbach wrote, “I have never seen a negro or Jew at an event nor would they be part of the League.” Heimbach was responding to another poster who asked why the League “allows jews [sic] and negro’s [sic].”

Heimbach may want to check with the League to see if he’s got this right. Though clearly racist, the League maintains, whether true or not, that Jews were welcomed in the South. “Jews and Catholics quickly made their way into the highest political and social circles,” reads the League website, trying to make the point that the North was much more racist against 19th century Jewish and Catholic immigrants than was the South. “In fact, the first Catholic and the first Jew to sit in an American cabinet were picked by Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy.” Calls to the League for comment about its membership policy were not returned.

  • aadila

    Well as long as we’re talking about symbols and irony, from space, you know, America’s decrepit and underfunded system of infrastructure looks like a network of crumbling phallic symbols. Perhaps that is why the right wing is so keen to use drones and missiles to compensate for it.

  • Sam Molloy

    Aadilia, thank you. I looked up the punctuation you refer to and it is called a Snark. ( Pinky, of Pinky and the Brain, may have been referring to it). We need all of these forgotten punctuation marks to be added to keyboards immediately. I think the three dots that mean ” because” may be a leftover from the original universal language predating the Tower of Babel, along with the Ampersand for “and” the Volvo emblem for “male” . And a contest to replace the symbol for ” female” with something more sarcastic. ( joke symbol here).

  • Jacob

    Uh oh… Matthew Heimbach is speaking at the National Socialist Movement rally in Kansas City on November 9th??? According to him at least. http://spe-lunk-ing.blogspot.c.....er_18.html

  • Kiwiwriter

    I guess Mr. Heimbach has become what he beheld, and no longer seeks legal means to redress his penknife grievances.

    Now he has jumped from the gutter and into the sewer, calling for revolution, vigilante violence, and raw anti-Semitism.

    I seem to recall Lon Chaney endorsing Mr. Heimbach earlier, as merely being a “white civil rights activist.” I wonder if Mr. Chaney is going to be in such a hurry to defend Mr. Heimach now.

    I suspect not…these would-be Putschists often tend to back away from the more rabid bravos, fearing their own loss of freedom. After all, keyboard commandos rarely fight real battles. They might die a thousand deaths.

  • Reynardine

    And now for a station break: check this.

  • Reynardine

    The problem is that Poe’s Law has become as inescapable as the Law of Gravity.

  • aadila

    I think it’s time to bring back the irony mark, a punctuation symbol last used in earnest back in the 16th Century — at time when being misunderstood in speech could get you drawn and quartered. Times not dissimilar from today.

  • Erika

    Aron, don’t feel bad – with the current right wing devolving into self parody, attempting to say something so stupid as to be funny is next to impossible :)

    any time i think i can come up with something so stupid as to be funny, i remember that i went to Vacation Bible School at a Baptist Church (we weren’t Baptists, but i was such an annoying child that my mother simply wanted me out of the house for a week) where one of the activities was to color a ridiculously awesome picture of Noah trampling a dead dinosaur as he left the Ark (because everyone knows that the earth is only 6,000 years old and the dinosaurs went extinct because there was no room for them on the Ark which kind of seems like poor planning on God’s part when you really think about it). Of course, i also remember that laughing at the picture of Noah trampling the dead dinosaur in Baptist Bible School will get you paddled (because God tells people to beat little girls in order to save them from the eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire that will come from knowing that dinosaurs did not go extinct during The Great Flood). You can’t possibly make up something so stupid :)

    in fact, you have to wonder if Hembach’s descent into the full Hitler is because the lowest common demonator has been lowered that merely railling against poor people and minorities just won’t get you attention anymore (unless you are an attractive woman – former beauty queens preferred – who is willing to do it wearing an ultra short skirt, a ultra low cut blouse, ultra high heels, and way too much make up in which case you might be able to get a job at Fox News – obviously that wasn’t an option for Heimbach). But by going full Nazi and talking extermination Heimbach is getting the attention he wants. Of course, most of the attention is mockery – but maybe the guy just likes humilation. Remember that both the Confederacy and the Third Reich ended up in abject humilation and defeat.

  • hunglikejesus

    that’s right dick, death has always been a deterrent for violence crimes.

  • Ali the History Buff

    Judah P. Benjamin, first Attorney General of the Confederacy:

    One of several cemeteries containing Jewish Confederate soldiers, Richmond, Virginia:

    Moses Jacob Ezekiel: A world renown American sculptor, graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, the first Jewish cadet to attend VMI, and a highly decorated Confederate veteran of the American Civil War.

    Confederate Soldiers Memorial (1914), Arlington, VA.
    by Moses Jacob Ezekiel: Arlington National Cemetery

  • Lupus Dei

    You might want to check out a hate blog I just came across called They promote the work of racists, white supremacists, misogynists, neo-nazis, neo-fascists, anti-semitic conspiracy theorists and holocaust deniers. I read about and heard a speech by Heimbach on that blog.

  • Reynardine

    Cool, Aron. We’ve been impersonated before, though.

  • CM

    “Heimbach was responding to a report of a father beating to death a man he found raping his 5-year-old daughter. On Stormfront, the thread about the crime was called ‘Father catches Mexican raping his daughter.’ Heimbach applauded the father, ‘It is always great to see white men and women stand up for themselves.’ He added that this policy of retaliatory murder would ensure ‘non whites would be far less likely to attempt things like this.’”

    These kinds of statements only serve to underline the sociopathic character of glory-seeking people like Heimbach (or for that matter, George Zimmerman) who think it would be cool to kill someone on behalf of “whiteness” or some other half-baked ideology.

    The father in the Texas case has expressed deep remorse over killing the perpetrator, even though he knows that no one blames him for it. He isn’t strutting around like some kind of conquering hero, he isn’t even trying to explain or justify what he did. What he is doing is trying to deal with the effect on his soul of taking another person’s life, even inadvertently and under exigent circumstances. And anyone who wouldn’t feel the same, or who doesn’t get why this man feels the way he does, obviously has a serious empathy deficit.

    Also note that none of the news reports identify the father or say anything about his ethnicity, but they do indicate that the girl’s grandfather is not a native speaker of English. So it might be wise not jump to conclusions about who is or isn’t “white” in this sad episode.

  • Erika

    concerned, the ones in the movies that white nationalists watch at the Black Rooster Theatre, of course.

    rey, i think that is the actual Aron being sarcastic – of course, with the way the right wing is now, its hard to tell between satire and the geniune article.

  • Aron

    Rey, that was definitely me. Just trying to make a statement so stupid that it came off as funny. Guess it kind of fell flat ;)

  • Leanna

    Ruslan Amirkhanov is a genius. I am mixed race and some of my white ancestors did own slaves. I feel that I am not responsible but I also feel that current whites are not to blame for slavery. Slavery was a corporate crime-free labor for business owners/farmers etc…It started in Africa and that is why I blame greed and corporate criminality. I don’t want white people to feel guilty but I want them to understand what past oppression and continued segregation is doing to the African-American community; myself included. I was a civil rights lawyer until I was terrorized by racists who infiltrated my practice by pretending to be co-counsel on six civil rights cases. The lawyer’s board did nothing.

  • Michael Parker

    Another poor White trash worrying about their White children being rape by Black and brown men. We Black men had to worry about White men all our lives molesting and raping our Black girls and women. So don’t feel alone in this racist. What goes around comes around. So talk to your own White men about raping Black girls. Both sides of the isle should stop this dirty deed. So if you want to kill someone, start with your own White rapist.

  • Scott S

    Iv always said Heimbach was going to get himself or others killed. He is dangerous

  • kevin

    I wonder if anyone has ever explained to those nitwits that the “Confederate” flag they are always waving about (and making into “neato” neckties) was NEVER the flag of the Confederacy.

    The Confederacy had three official flags; the “stars and bars,” the “stainless banner,” and the “bloody banner.” But the flag they are always using was never an official flag of the Confederacy, merely a battle flag.

  • Wayne

    He’s not dangerous at all, it’s the mental midgets who believe this foolishness. But wouldn’t it be more productive to concentrate more energy addressing the inactivity of Congress.

  • Reynardine

    It appears to me somebody is impersonating Aron again. Happy Allantide ahead of time, whoever you are, but your costume isn’t very convincing.

  • Dietrich

    I wonder if he reads about himself at Hatewatch…

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “People should be blamed collectively if one of them commits a crime!”


    Just one of the many idiotic contradictions within WN thought.

  • Sam Molloy

    He is a first class nut and headed for trouble bigtime. But the basic premise that there should be more swift, sure and severe legal consequences for all proven violent predators of any color is way overdue.

  • Jacob

    True story, Matthew Heimbach recently said “I wish our Air Force would drop a few missiles on abortion clinics”.


    He also likes that Golden Dawns plan of placing land mines on the Greek border to stop immigration and thinks we should do the same in the U.S.


    Don’t worry though, he’s not a hater!

  • concernedcitizen

    Matthew, I believe this gentleman is in:

    Towson University in Maryland and later started the White Student Union there.

    Although it is reported that he is starting groups on other campuses.

    Well, I see your point about why Florence, Colorado ADX would be a good choice. Interesting…I can’t say that I have ever before looked into the accolades given to Jail Facilities.

    The Administrative Maximum (ADX) facility in Florence, Colorado, houses offenders requiring the tightest controls. It is part of the Florence Federal Correctional Complex (FCC). The ADX supervises a minimum security satellite prison camp (outside the secure perimeter of the ADX) that houses male offenders.

    ADX Florence is located on State Highway 67, 90 miles south of Denver, 45 miles south of Colorado Springs, and 40 miles west of Pueblo.

    Judicial District: Colorado

  • Yodz

    Shouldn’t his parents have staged an intervention by now?

  • concernedcitizen

    What Black Brutes? What is it with people and this assertion that violence comes in all colors except white?

    Obviously they live in holes and have mush for brains, violence happens in all colors, white on white, hate group against hate group, black on black, black on white, brown on green, purple on yellow, orange on grey. You get the idea.

    If this guy had any sense he would spend his time doing something productive with his life besides trying to rouse up hate or homegrown terrorism.

  • Ian

    Our little boy is growing up.

  • Aron

    In Heimbach’s defense, nobody connives like we Jews. We’re just naturally great at it.

    And he might want to look up Judah P Benjamin, the slave-owning Confederate Secretary of War (among other things), who fled to Victorian England after the war, rather than face the victors like a man. The fact that he was able to find great success in England does not speak well of that culture in time…

    (And yes, I know that he was falsely implicated in Lincoln’s murders. But he still should have stood trial. With his acknowledged brilliance, he very likely could have been America’s Alfred Dreyfus, without the need for a Zola.)

  • Erika

    Sounds like this dweeb is now advocating for a return of Judge Lynch.

    makes sense since historically lynching was be the next step after starting “anti-crime” night patrols and he already tried those. Of course, i have a feeling that the real purpose of his anti-crime patrols was that he somehow thought that by offering “protection” from those black brutes he would somehow win the heart of a beautiful young white woman – of course, that scheme failed because approximately 100% of all women would find an offer from a strange man to protect them from potential rapists – and who seems to be rather obsessed with white women being raped – to be extremely creepy and implicitly rather threatening.

  • Matthew Bright

    It’s like watching someone building themselves a road, brick by yellow brick, from their house, to a little cell in Florence, Colorado ADX, to rot forever.

    Cheese Louise, what a guilty pleasure.