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Kansas City Truck Driver Faces Murder Charges After Hitting Muslim Teen

By Bill Morlin on December 9, 2014 - 9:24 am, Posted in Anti-Muslim, Extremist Crime

Ahmed H. Aden

A 34-year-old Kansas City truck driver faces a first-degree murder charge and a federal hate crime investigation after authorities say he deliberately struck a teenager leaving a mosque with his SUV.

After his arrest, Ahmed H. Aden told police that he had been looking to kill several men who threatened him earlier, mistaking 15-year-old Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein for one of those men, the Kansas City Star reported.

The high school sophomore, who had just led evening prayers at his mosque on Thursday, was struck outside the Somali Center by a speeding Chevrolet Blazer, nearly severing his legs. He died a short time later at a hospital.

Mohamed Ahmed, 13, told the newspaper that the teenager “was leading our prayer, and then after that, he just went outside. He was going to the gym to meet his friends and play basketball. And then, he got hit.”

Prosecutors have charged Aden with armed criminal action, leaving the scene of an accident and unlawful use of a weapon. He is also the focus of a federal hate crimes probe, the newspaper reported.

Abdinajib Dirir, the victim’s uncle, said the family had emigrated from war-torn Somalia and was devastated by the loss.

“There are no words to describe,” he told Kansas City newspapers. “This is a community that fled a violent situation. Now we’re facing violence in the United States. … We are American like everyone else. And this is a tragedy for us.”

Members of the Somali community told the newspaper that the suspect had a history of making violent threats against Muslims and the mosque, occasionally even threatening the mass slaughter of worshipers. He had been interviewed by police, but apparently a case against him couldn’t be developed.

Moussa Elbayoumy, chairman of the Kansas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said a member of the mosque has a photo of Aden’s SUV with anti-Muslim graffiti reading, “Quran is a virus disease (worse) than Ebola.”

Hatewatch Headlines 12/9/14

By Hatewatch Staff on December 9, 2014 - 8:31 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Raw Story: Study finds Ku Klux Klan played a critical role in the voting trends that built the GOP’s enduring grip on the South.

Right Wing Watch: Eagle Forum suggests growing racial diversity is harmful to America.

Media Matters: ABC’s Laura Ingraham fudges facts with accusation that Obama is two-faced on race.

AlterNet: Inside the twisted police department that kills unarmed citizens at the nation’s highest rate.

Right Wing Watch: Evangelist Rick Joyner says high salaries for black athletes are God’s reparation for slavery.

Federal Appeals Court Says Lawsuit Against Hate Group Leader Scott Lively Can Proceed

By Evelyn Schlatter on December 8, 2014 - 1:52 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Hate Groups
Scott Lively.

Scott Lively.

A federal appeals court has denied pastor Scott Lively’s petition to dismiss a lawsuit that alleges he violated U.S. law by trying to influence the laws of a foreign country.

The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston ruled last Thursday against Lively, president of anti-LGBT hate group Abiding Truth Ministries. The lawsuit charges Lively, who is also the author of the discredited Holocaust revisionist book The Pink Swastika, with helping foment anti-LGBT sentiment in Uganda.

With this ruling, the lawsuit will now proceed in federal court.

Filed in 2012 by the U.S. based Center for Constitutional Rights and Sexual Minorities Uganda, a non-profit LGBT advocacy group based in Uganda, the lawsuit alleges that “Lively’s involvement in anti-gay efforts in Uganda, including his active participation in the conspiracy to strip away fundamental rights from LGBTI persons, constitutes persecution.” Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that Lively encouraged government-backed acts of violence against LGBT people through his anti-LGBT rhetoric, particularly remarks he made when addressing members of the Ugandan parliament in 2009.

Lively, 56, has stirred up anti-LGBT sentiment around the world, first traveling to Uganda in 2002. Frank Mugisha, director of Sexual Minorities Uganda, alleged in Mother Jones that the anti-LGBT bill first proposed in Uganda in 2009 “is essentially [Lively’s] creation.” Anglican priest and Political Research Associates senior religion & sexuality researcher Kapya Kaoma noted that “These people had never heard of anything called the gay agenda, but Lively told them that these predators were coming for their children. As Africans hearing it for the first time, they believed it was true—and they were burning with rage.”

The 2009 Ugandan bill included life imprisonment in some circumstances and the death penalty for certain acts of “aggravated homosexuality.”

President Yoweri Museveni signed a version into law earlier this year that calls for life imprisonment as the maximum penalty for “aggravated homosexuality,” which is defined as repeated sexual acts between consenting adults of the same sex, same-sex acts involving a minor, a disabled person or a person infected with HIV. But in August, Uganda’s Constitutional Court annulled the legislation, ruling that the bill was passed by members of parliament without the requisite quorum and was therefore illegal.

Some MPs have reignited the battle to pass the bill, with calls to pass it as a “Christmas gift for the people of Uganda.”

This is the first known Alien Tort Statute case that seeks accountability for persecution on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Oregon Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Forgery That Jeopardized White Supremacist Trial

By Bill Morlin on December 8, 2014 - 8:43 am, Posted in Extremist Crime

An Oregon detective whose actions jeopardized the prosecution of two white supremacists involved in a three-state murder rampage in 2011 has pleaded guilty to forgery and official police misconduct.

Det. Dave Steele entered the double guilty pleas last week in Marion County Circuit Court in Salem, Ore., where he was sentenced to concurrent sentences of 18-months of probation by Judge Jamese Rhoades, the Oregonian reported.

As part of a plea bargain, Steele also agreed to resign from the Oregon State Police and surrender his police certification, making him ineligible to get another law enforcement job, the newspaper reported.

pedersengrigsbySteele was the lead state investigator in a federal criminal case brought against David “Joey” Pedersen and his girlfriend, Holly Grigsby, who were convicted of four murders in Washington, Oregon and California. The pair—targeting Jews and minorities—hoped to start a race war. Ultimately, they both entered guilty pleas in state court in Washington and federal court in Portland, Ore.

When they were sentenced earlier this year, senior U.S. District Judge Ancer Haggerty of Portland issued a blistering 63-page opinion criticizing the police investigator’s misconduct and federal prosecutors’ “laissez-faire” approach to their legal obligations in the case.

The judge said the case was “mishandled by the (federal) prosecution team… very nearly jeopardizing this case altogether.”

“The most egregious misconduct was committed by Detective Steele,” the judge said. The opinion said the detective “was directly responsible for destroying and withholding Brady material (from defense attorneys), failing to catalog and turn over discovery, backdating evidence reports, lying to the (U.S. Attorney’s Office) regarding this conduct, intercepting and listening to privileged defense communications and filing a false declaration with this court.”

The judge said the life-sentences given to both Pedersen and Grigsby were appropriate for the crimes committed and “there is no evidence that either defendants’ guilty plea was unfairly influenced by the government’s conduct in this case.”

The police misconduct triggered investigations by the FBI and the Oregon State Police, including a review of other state criminal cases in Oregon handled by Steele going back to 2001. It’s unclear if federal charges also will be filed against Steele.

The Portland newspaper reported that Oregon State Police did not comment on the case until Wednesday when the agency released a statement saying the department “has taken this matter seriously since becoming aware of it by placing Detective Steele on administrative leave in December 2013, and requesting an outside agency begin a criminal investigation.”

Hatewatch Headlines 12/8/14

By Hatewatch Staff on December 8, 2014 - 7:56 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Washington Post: Ex-St. Louis cop details a culture of racism and violence in the police department.

AlterNet: Fox’s Bill O’Reilly goes completely off the deep end, claims Ferguson riots are part of anti-American conspiracy led by Soros.

Talking Points Memo: Iowa artist’s attempt to highlight the ‘horrifying truth’ of the KKK backfires badly.

International Business Times: Series of incidents raise fears that anti-Muslim hate crimes may be on rise in the U.S.

Associated Press: Arkansas professor tries to assemble data on domestic terror and extremists.

Breitbart Unmasked: Oklahoma extremist Charlie Meadows explains why blacks hate cops, advises them to stop.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Attack on Bosnian woman by three black teens is a hate crime, police say.

Hatewatch Headlines 12/5/14

By Hatewatch Staff on December 5, 2014 - 7:57 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Missourian: ‘Journey for Justice’ march meets ugly counter-protest, complete with Confederate flag, keeps going.

WDAF-TV (Kansas City): Driver angry at Muslims intentionally crashes car into teen outside Somali Center, killing him.

Houston Chronicle: Teacher accused of anti-Muslim remarks to resign, get three months’ pay.

Think Progress: The Austin shooter and the violent Christian terrorist movement no one wants to talk about.

Daily Kos: Forum for police officers reveals raging racist undercurrents in discussion of Ferguson riots.

Breitbart Unmasked: Bircher-backed South Carolina state representative writes bills to nullify federal laws.

Raw Story: Ted Nugent furious about made-up claim that President Obama named Rev. Al Sharpton his ‘race czar.’

Talking Points Memo: Five Ohio sheriff’s deputies under investigation for racist text messages directed at fellow cops.




As Apple Moves to Remove Hate Music from iTunes, Other Retailers Remain

By Keegan Hankes on December 4, 2014 - 3:32 pm, Posted in Racist Music

In the aftermath of a Southern Poverty Law Center report that found dozens of hate bands being sold openly on iTunes, Apple has begun the process of removing white power music that violates its terms of use agreement from the iTunes catalog.

TheKlansmenFetchTheRopeThe SPLC report, published in the latest Intelligence Report, found that at least 54 white power bands had listings with iTunes, the world’s largest online music retailer, in spite of violating to Apple’s terms of use. As of today, Apple had removed 21 bands, and a representative from the company told Hatewatch that the remaining 33 are currently being reviewed.

But, other retail giants that white power bands have used, like Spotify and Amazon, have been far less willing to quiet the music of hate they provide.

( continue to full post… )

Conspiracy Theories Fan Fears of Race War, With Alex Jones Leading the Parade

By David Neiwert on December 4, 2014 - 2:39 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Birther Extremism, Conspiracies

In the wake of last week’s black riots in Ferguson, Mo., conspiracy theorists from the far-right antigovernment movement have whipped themselves into a frenzy over the prospect of a nationwide “race war,” though it is difficult to tell whether they fear such a prospect or are actively hoping for it.

In truth, the notion that Obama is inciting a race war in America has been floating around the extremist right almost since the beginning Obama’s presidency. Right-wing pundit Wayne Allyn Root theorized along similar lines when the situation in Ferguson first erupted this summer. Gun-rights extremist Larry Pratt has argued for some time that Obama’s immigration policies are intended to provoke a race war. Some anti-immigration extremists accused Obama of intending to spark such a conflict with his executive order on immigration.

YouTube Preview Image

But leading the parade has been Alex Jones, whose radio broadcasts for the past week have focused on the civic unrest erupting nationally after a grand jury ruled not to indict a white police officer for the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson this summer.

Jones’ theory is that President Obama and the media are combining forces to stir up so much racial unrest that it will give them a pretext to declare martial law and impose a dictatorship. Joining Jones in this theory have been right-wing pundits such as Austin Miles at Renew America; radio host Rick Wiles; onetime presidential candidate Alan Keyes; and Glenn Beck, who has been pitching a version of the theory for over a year now.

Jones laid out his version of the theory for listeners on Monday, noting that he had been issuing warnings about this possibility for some time:

They [globalists] want to cause a civil war in order to go confiscate the guns, and then we are forced to defend ourselves and then it kicks off, and the police and military get taken out, along with the Patriots, in a civil war against each other. … This is the grand game. This is divide and conquer. This is what I have warned you about thousands of times, no exaggeration.

Jones, citing a Time magazine op-ed piece justifying riots as an expression of civic anger, explained that the media has been complicit in this conspiracy, using race to attack Obama’s critics while whipping up anger in the black community:

 That’s what’s going on: Media nationwide is pushing race war. That’s all they’ve got. Don’t like Obamacare, you’re a racist. Don’t want to turn your guns in, you’re a racist. Michael Moore – ‘if you own guns and you’re white, it’s because you’re scared of black people.’ That’s a quote from CNN. This is all they’ve got, while these big foreign banks that own the country loot the treasury with bailout money, Obamacare scamming everybody, Obama opening the borders up, giving free welfare to tens of millions of people, all these unconstitutional scams happening. And all they’ve got is getting us to fight with each other.

Jones has frequently attacked law enforcement around the nation for their supposed attacks on American civil liberties, typically in cases involving gun owners and right-wing extremists. At the same time, most of his reporting about Ferguson has focused on the supposed violent depravity of the demonstrators and the need for police intervention.

Jones-PopularIndeed, the most popular stories at Jones’ InfoWars website so far have featured such headlines as “Blacks Screamed ‘Kill the White People’ Before Brutal Murder of Zemir Bergic” and “Rap Star ‘Jokes’ About ‘Killing Crackers’ in Their Sleep.” The effect of this barrage of dubious information is to whip up fear of an imminent civil war featuring hordes of rampaging black people.

And there are others with variations of the idea.

  • Miles’ theory includes the idea – also promoted by would-be presidential candidate Ben Carson – that Obama intends to cancel the 2016 election: “If all works according to plan, there will be no further presidential elections. Obama will declare a crisis (he can pick from a large number of those) so he can use Executive Privilege to declare himself President for Life, which he fully intends to do.” Miles contends that Obama is the product of a long-running Communist conspiracy (indicated by his “lack” of a birth certificate) to control America. “The Communists are scheming for the Ferguson, Missouri incident to be the fuse that explodes into a national race riot,” he said. “That is what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are hoping to accomplish since this would put citizens at war with themselves in a new civil war while at the same time sapping the strength out of America, making her easier to control.”
  • Wiles used one of Alex Jones’ pet concepts—the “false flag” operation in which a violent incident is actually a government-fabricated media event—to explain the situation in Ferguson: “I was thinking how easily something like this could get out of control and there’s gunfire in the cities, if they go into the suburban neighborhoods and begin burning buildings and upsetting cars, homeowners are going to come out with their firearms and begin defending their property,” he said. “And that sets the stage for Emperor Obama to say, ‘We have to get guns off the streets and this Congress has refused to implement my gun control legislation, therefore by executive order I am doing this, this and this.’ ”
  • Keyes, meanwhile, has accused Obama of “exploiting this situation by way of threatening the Republicans, saying that there will be massive unrest if they don’t knuckle under to his will and trying to prove that he’s got the power to turn our cities into powder kegs that will explode in the face of anybody who opposes him.” He went on to describe it as “a Hitlerian situation.”

Designer of ‘Liberty Dollar’ Sentenced to Home Detention

By Bill Morlin on December 4, 2014 - 2:13 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Conspiracies, Extremist Crime

Antigovernment activist Bernard von NotHaus was convicted three years ago of counterfeiting for making and selling his own silver coins. Now he gets to create his own jail.

The 70-year-old antigovernment activist – called a numismatic gadfly by some – was sentenced this week to six months of home detention and three years of probation by U.S. District Judge Richard L. Voorhees of the Western District of North Carolina.

Last month, the judge denied von NotHaus’ request to set aside his jury conviction or grant a new trial. ( continue to full post… )

American Thinker Sinks to the Bottom of Racist Barrel

By Heidi Beirich on December 4, 2014 - 10:07 am, Posted in Academic Racism, Anti-Black, Racism

Rare is the day that I am shocked by something I read online. After all, I spend hours each day immersed in vile racist and anti-Semitic material. That’s my job. But a recent, particularly twisted article by Colin Flaherty on the website American Thinker was really just too much.

American_Thinker_logoFlaherty’s piece, “Black Crime Claims Life of Apologist for Black Crime,”published yesterday, reveled in the tragic death of David Ruenzel, who was fatally shot in late November in a botanical park in Oakland Hills. News reports say robbery may have been the motive.

Ruenzel, an English teacher, wrote a few posts on white privilege and other topics for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s esteemed Teaching Tolerance project back in the late 1990s. He was much better known for his expertise in education, which was demonstrated through the many articles he wrote for education publications. According to one obituary, Ruenzel was most interested in “the mission of developing students’ intellectual curiosity.” ( continue to full post… )