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Animal Rights Activist Who Promotes Violence Arrested in Detroit

By Leah Nelson on May 3, 2012 - 12:35 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

Camille Marino, a radical animal liberation activist who advocates violence against scientists who use animals in their research, was arrested yesterday at Detroit’s Wayne State University after chaining herself to the school library in defiance of an order banning her from campus.

Marino heads Negotiation is Over (NIO), a Florida-based group that specializes in harassing vivisectionists, publishing on its website names, addresses and other personal information about its targets. “If you spill blood, your blood should be spilled as well,” she wrote in a 2010 message on the site. “We will print your information. And we’ll be at your homes. We’ll be at your work. We’ll be at your country clubs and golf courses. We’ll see you at your manicurist and we’ll be kneeling next to you when you take that next holy communion wafer on Sunday. If I have my way, you’ll be praying to us for mercy.”

The Wayne State ban stems from her attacks on Donal O’Leary, a cardiovascular researcher who obtained a protective order against her after she targeted him in last fall.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Marino, who had scheduled a protest for 1 p.m., arrived on campus at noon and chained herself to the front door of the undergraduate library with a bicycle lock, placing a gag over her mouth. Campus police cut the lock with bolt cutters and arrested her.

This was not Marino’s first trip to Michigan. In February, she was arrested in Florida and extradited to Detroit to face contempt of court charges after she violated a judge’s order that she remove all references to O’Leary from her site and refrain from discussing him on social media. She was released on bond in early March and had been due in court yesterday morning for a hearing, which was postponed after she and her attorney parted ways (according to court papers, they were “unable to communicate concerning strategy”).

Steve Best, a philosophy professor at the University of Texas at El Paso and close ally of NIO whose motto, proclaimed on his blog, is, “When the law is wrong, the right thing to do is break it,” says on his website that Marino’s trial is set for June 18. Her new lawyers, Matt Savich and Michael Cafferty, specialize in personal injury and drunk driving.

  • Ruth Eisenbud

    The verdict has come down on Camille Marino’s trial and she was found NOT GUILTY:

    for a brief few weeks, we all need to celebrate the defiance and strength with which she faced the enemy and won.

    Marino’s Charges Dropped

    ?Criminal Contempt – Camille was charged with 5 criminal contempt charges (both adjudicated and pending), for violating the injunction granted to a vivisector in an attempt to silence her – CHARGES DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE
    ?Trespassing – Marino staged a civil disobedience to get a campaign in Detroit off the ground and protest their efforts to silence her — 30 DAYS/TIME SERVED
    ?Aggravated Stalking – Because of the injunction that remained in effect, Marino was charged with Aggravated Stalking for her act of civil disobedience and political dissent – CHARGES DROPPED.

    This is a victory for freedom to protest cruelty and injustice, for Camille and most of all for the animals, who suffer so much at the hands of merciless vivisectors in the name of man’s dominion over the animals.

  • Helena

    People sit in their comfortable armchairs and critisize and judge while others take to the streets and take action. Those who do nothing can never do wrong because they do nothing while those in the arena accomplish something…rightly or wrongly. Is one better than the other?

  • Vanessa

    I have not been in her shoes and therefore cannot judge what or why she does what she does. I only know she has taken action when so many have not. Perhaps she has seen things done to animals that have broken her heart. We will only know when we have walked a mile in her shoes…….

  • Ruth Eisenbud


    While St Francis, used eloquent words, his language did not coincide with his lifestyle. Instead he called for compassion within the constraints of dominion, He was not a vegetarian. nor did he call for a vegetarian diet. His words are vague enougn, so as to not dissuade followers of the faith.

    In some ways he is like Marie Antoinette, when confronted with the suffering of her people who did not have bread – arrogantly stated

    “Let them eat cake”

    So as St Francis calls on inclusion of animals for compassion… in reality his actions say:

    “Let them eat meat”

    Surely there is no compassion and pity for animals when we murder them for their flesh.

  • Bruce

    Someone has been arrested for peaceful protest against someone else who tortured, then murdered an innoccent being. And SPLC sides with the killer. Well done.

  • Juli

    I am very saddened to say that while i have been a loyal supporter of SPLC in the past, I can no longer, in good conscience, do so.

    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

    ~St. Francis of Assisi

  • Joseph Espinosa

    Thinking about it for a day or so, I have to go back in and comment that history will not smile on SPLC for standing in defense of the worst slavery the world has ever spawned. As a descendant of the First People enslaved in the new world, I have to say this.

  • Slavica Mazak Beslic

    Results of vivisection and results of all experiments on the animals are not transferabled to human medicine. These “experiments“ are frauds of false scientists and also they are reasons why medicine late.By this Truth these false scientists violate human rights of humans who respect animals and also these false scientists abuse taxpayer money- they are criminals but they are protected by bad system because a system uses wrong conclussions of “scientists“ in many other levels like in this level: although homo sapiens is frugivore animal species, “scientists“ support meat/milk/eggs/bread “industries“ owners profit and like a consequence they also support pharmacological/medical“ industry“ owners profit,because they pay them for hidding a Truth.

  • Devin

    To Jimmy D.

    What right do humans have to save them selves from disease while torturing other beings to have that benefit. Humans are selfish and cruel.

    Humans have to learn to share the earth rather than taking over everything. Which humans are not doing a very good job at.

  • Devin

    To Ellie Maldonado. What is this great law that protects animals in laboratories? Animals are being tortured and die horrible deaths every day.