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Two Prominent National Alliance Websites Pulled Offline

By Ryan Lenz on October 19, 2012 - 4:45 pm, Posted in Hate Groups, Neo-Nazi

Two of the most influential websites associated with the National Alliance, a failing neo-Nazi group once considered a powerhouse of the racist radical right, have been pulled offline in what seems to be further evidence of organizational struggle and discord.

The sites, which went inactive on Oct. 17, offered news and commentary on white power issues before they disappeared. Visitors to the pages – a news site for the National Alliance and the primary website for the Sacramento, Calif., chapter – now find messages saying the sites were disabled after the webmaster resigned from the group.

“This site has been disabled by its creator, who resigned from the National Alliance in demonstration of disgust in the organization’s chairman, Erich Gliebe for: 1) Dereliction of Duty; 2) Gross Incompetence; 3) Fiscal Malfeasance with members & intent to use National Alliance funding in an unethical manner,” the note reads on one website.

At least one of the websites was managed by Connor Ring, whose father Jim Ring leads the Sacramento chapter and also controls most Alliance chapters in the West. Nationwide, the Alliance has struggled to remain relevant as once-stalwart supporters abandoned ship amid complaints about Gliebe.

The disappearance of these two sites adds volume to the evidence suggesting the Alliance is near the end. This summer, the Southern Poverty Law Center documented the devolution of the Alliance under Gliebe’s leadership from its former stature into a tiny band of small-time propagandists, criminal thugs and attention-seeking losers whose antics rarely makes the news.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    What you are saying, WILSI, amounts to blackmail. Criticize these groups, and they’ll go underground and lash out violently. Yet when these groups did operate openly, there was still violence.

  • Why is left so intolerant?

    The future trend will be virtual organizations and Internet based activity that will allow less oversight of sociopaths and psychotics that might take what they learn on “hate” sites and act out violently. It would be much better if these organizations were encouraged to operate in the open, that way you could identify and keep an eye on anyone at risk for violence.

  • Charles Dan Austin

    As an atheist I try to be very careful about expressing criticism of anyone because I don’t want to look at the world through the blinders that we see in the religious. I’m happy to see the National Alliance fold. It has never done anything for anyone white that I know of. Felons seem to be the only people attracted by them. I hope they do go out of business they are un-american.

  • aadila

    The threat is not non-existent. It is kept at bay only through constant vigilence.

  • Why is left so intolerant

    White nationalism seems to be full of asbergers and borderline personality disorder victims , in addition to FBI and splc informants. They are not the sort of people likely to have ability to build any sort of functional organization. A bunch of Indians who want to be chiefs. usually a charismatic leader is able to build a small following that dies when he dies.

    The threat is non-existent.

  • CoralSea

    All I can say is, “Too bad, so sad, boo-hoo!”

    Unfortunately, others will probably fill the gap.

  • concernedcitizen

    Good, I am glad that they are gone. I wish all of these racist would go away.

  • Ian

    The master race, ladies and gentlemen. Clearly these are the best leaders white people have.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    Shadow Wolf

    You can trust me when I tell you I’m not sad to see them go. Its nice that they’re gone, unfortunately I have a bad feeling that new racist hate sites will simply replace them.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    Mitch Beales

    You Wrote,
    Isn’t all funding for the National Alliance used “in an unethical manner”?

    I would imagine that a lot of it is.

  • Kepler is a hate site:

    The owners of the site have been repeatedly asked to remove the hate speech. But refuse to do so.


    Here is the link:

    If they remove the comments referenced below, I do have screen shots to prove it. The only reason they would remove them now is that the know people are reporting them.

    Some examples…. many more can been seen on the site itself.


    The word was “culture”. Everyone on this planet has coddled, and accepted every flaw of the black culture, in many ways disenfranchising more qualified recipients of said job or consideration, or benefits, simply to allow a favorable (see unfair) advantage to a group, based solely on race. All of it. Every last cent has been wasted. They despise civilized morals, and any of them that tries, is ridiculed as a sell out. That time is done.

    The change in attitude will come after the coddling, and hand outs are stopped. Then, and only then, will respect, and jobs be earned by acting civilized, and not by being a “victim”, and serving a quota.

    CrazyDiamond — 1 days ago – quote

    Civil rights were needed…50 years ago. Now, it is simply another in a long, endless line of excuses that the blacks continue to use, and to launch blame on others, for their complete failure as a culture.

    Darwin should be allowed to let entropy work to cleanse, as nature intended.

  • Aron

    I’m going to have to echo Ruslan here: You folks
    Have our email addresses, so it shouldn’t be too hard to email is us the transcripts!

    You have my word of honor not to disseminate.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Can’t say I feel sympathy or that I mourn. How hath Dr. Pierce’s empire fallen.. All it lacked was the Bunker and Eva Braun.

    No loss. It does show the idiocy and irrelevance of all forms of neo-Nazism and their ilk…they are a collection of cranks and losers. Their grandiose philosophies do nothing but harm innocent lives.

    Speaking of cranks and losers…where’s Ezra/Jessica/Jason/Annie to whine about this situation and spout irrelevancies?

  • Shadow Wolf

    Isn’t this some good news? If only Stormfront and VNN could face the same fate. Americans can rejoice.

  • Reaper081087

    The minds of racist people are still in the dark ages.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Few words go together better than ‘National Alliance’ and ‘failing.’

    Pleeeeease release “I Married a Freak” some day. It would make such great reading material.

  • Gregory
  • Mitch Beales

    Isn’t all funding for the National Alliance used “in an unethical manner”?