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Usual Suspects Blamed and Blasted at CCC Conference

By Hatewatch Staff on June 12, 2013 - 10:10 am, Posted in White Nationalism
Council of Conservative Citizens“The only people who can be trusted to be in charge are white people.” Keith Alexander at CCC Conference, 2013

What do you call a weekend spent immigrant-bashing, democracy-dissing, race-baiting, Holocaust-death-toll-denying, pistol-packing, and calling for “bigots to come together?”

If you guessed two days at the nearest funny farm, you weren’t far off.

The correct answer, however, is the 2013 national conference of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) held last Friday and Saturday at a downtown hotel in Winston-Salem, N.C. About 75 people attended, some of whom carried pistols strapped to their hips.

The CCC is the modern reincarnation of the old White Citizens Councils, which were formed in the 1950s and 1960s to battle school desegregation in the South. The CCC’s North Carolina chair, A.J. Barker, opened the conference by remembering members who had passed away in the last two years, including Leonard “Flagpole” Wilson, who climbed the flagpole at the University of Alabama to protest integration in 1963.

After a moment of silence, it was all down the greased flagpole from there.

Bill Lord, chairman of the Carroll County Democratic Party in Mississippi, told the conference that the 1965 Immigration Act was the start of the country going over the cliff. (The Act leveled the immigration playing field by ending a quota system that greatly favored Western Europeans and giving, as National Public Radio put it in a 2006 report, “a nearly equal shot to newcomers from every corner of the world.”)

Lord said the conference attendees should think locally in the battle for America’s future. “Get you some bigots together,” he said, “and take some organizations over,” such as a school board. Time was running out. Just look at Greenwood, Miss, which he called “the Congo,” because of its large black population. Or just watch TV and that insidious Cheerios commercial that features a biracial couple and their adorable young daughter.

He called for a boycott of Cheerios and other General Mills’ products. He also asked the attendees to write General Mills and demand them to “stop the crap.”

Keith Alexander of the Political Cesspool, a racially charged, far-right radio program hosted by James Edwards in Memphis, Tenn., said there are two things white Americans can’t talk about candidly and honestly: Race and Jewish power and influence. Alexander said blacks didn’t organize the civil rights movement by themselves. Jewish smarts and wealth were a major factor. “We have a saying in Memphis,” he said, “blacks can’t organize a two-car funeral.”

He said Jews represent a third of the students at America’s colleges, which are the “breeding stables of the American elite.”

“The only people who can be trusted to be in charge are white people,” he said. “They can be trusted to be fair.”

John Shudlick, five-time mayor of Ocean Ridge, Fla., encouraged the group to use “critical thinking” in the struggle for the country’s soul. For example, he said the “six million figure (Jews killed in the Holocaust) was a dirty filthy lie.”

What would a conference of far-right extremists be without an attack on the right-wing bogey man, the United Nations?

Rev. Eddie Clark at your service. The pastor of the First Christian Church of Clemmons in North Carolina told the conference that they are fighting a spiritual war and the U.N. is the biggest enemy. He recommended that they begin indoctrinating children much earlier by setting up a Council Camp for Kids, where they could be taught such lessons as “let kind be with kind.” Interestingly, the church’s website portrays several people of color on its homepage.

The lunchtime speaker on Saturday was Jared Taylor of American Renaissance. He told the group they are living in an age of soft tyranny, an age of things you must not think or say. He cited the recent ouster of researcher Jason Richwine from the Heritage Foundation. Even though the Heritage Foundation knew of his dissertation, which included theories of racial differences and how Hispanics have low IQs, he was fired anyway, Taylor said.

Taylor also bemoaned the fate of Roan Garcia-Quintana. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley dropped him from her re-election committee shortly after Hatewatch reported last month that he is a white nationalist, rabid nativist and lifetime member and current board member of the CCC.

When it was his turn to speak, retired military man Don Sullivan, a pistol on his hip, told the audience that in 2005 he went to the U.S.-Mexico border with the Minutemen. “I went down there with guns and bullets, intending to kill Mexicans,” he said.

“We need to do something,” he added. “The solution is at the point of a gun.”

Sullivan, who once filed a birther lawsuit against President Obama in North Carolina, said he quit working in 1996 and does not take pensions or other entitlements. Sounding like an antigovernment “sovereign citizen,” Sullivan said he had neither a driver’s license nor gun permit. He said he is also locked in a dispute with the IRS, which he said contends he owes the government $2 million. He said he hasn’t filed a tax return since 1997.

His battle with government authority doesn’t end there. He said he owns 1,500 acres of timberland upon which he built his house himself. He didn’t get any permits and has been ordered by his county government not to live in the home. The county, he said, has threatened to demolish the structure. If they do, he said, “I will put a gun in their face.”

The last speaker of the day was Matt Heimbach founder of the Towson University White Student Union. Like Sullivan, Heimbach spoke with a gun on his hip. He said that “democracy won’t work” and that “white Christian men need to stand up,” because “our people haven’t had a voice since 1860.”

“The system can’t be reformed,” Heimbach said, suggesting secession along racial lines as the solution to the country’s race problems. He quoted former Mississippi Governor Theodore Bilbo, “It’s separation or mongrelization.”

  • Reynardine

    Aadila, the spritzer wasn’t what terrified them. It was that iron-shod Elasmotherium the Great (Big) Khan was riding on when he did it.

  • aadila

    Erika, as one of the many hagiographers responsible for documenting Ruslan’s legendary feats, I feel it is my duty to inform you that the Demon of the Steppes once ran amok through a meeting of the John Birch Society with a spritzer bottle. So it is not just Commies and flouride they fear, unless Ruslan’s spritzer was flouridated.

  • Larry

    I am 65 year old… I’ve lived with and among these creatures for that long and still can’t get a grip on when THEY will finally grow up. When they will finally get a life. They are still, 150 years later, believing the same TIRED Propaganda used by Rich Land Owners to get Simple Minded Dirt Farmers to lay down their lives so those Land Owners could Expand, not keep but to EXPAND Slavery. THEY say the Civil War wasn’t about Slavery but ask one of them to produce ONE document.. ONE proposed compromise presented before the Civil War that did NOT have but ONE issue involved and they simply look at you with this blank look in their eyes. Strange creatures… VERY ignorant and VERY strange.

  • Gregory

    It would appear that “Jake” is the latest incarnation of JasonAnnieEzraEdwardEtc.

    Heads up, Scott. This sockpuppet is a repeat offender.

  • Reynardine

    Jake, I am not about to watch anybody who advocates abolishing Cheerios. You have no idea how much better the bagels you grow from seed are than the kind you get in the grocery store.

  • What

    Oh, man, I wish I knew they were coming.

    I would have dressed up in my giant Cheerio outfit and driven the 60 miles to Winston-Salem.

    Really… not sure if the IQ of these people have been hurt by years of strictly enforced in breeding or what?

  • MattJ

    sorry I missed it?

  • concernedcitizen

    Linnea you said: “I look at this crowd and think, “100,000 sperm and *you* were the fastest?!”

    It’s scary isn’t it? I can’t believe the level of insufferable ignorance that spreads like an ugly horrible cancer.

    And I completely don’t understand about the comment of Jews being in college. It’s true all of my Jewish friends are college graduates.

    Do supremacists suppose that we all want to breed off of one family branch and tell our children that grade school is enough education to serve them for the rest of their lives?

    Thank God for the Jewish community pushing people towards college it keeps them and those who accompany them raising the bar of intelligence in America.

  • concernedcitizen

    Sure Jake, there is nothing illegal about that. Nothing illegal about using inciteful language that would draw U.S. citizens to war with one another. Nothing illegal when they take to the streets to use clandestine methods of illegal activity to incite fear and divide. Nothing illegal when they gather at their hate rock concerts then some yahoo gets the idea to take a gun into a Sikh temple and shoot up the place killing several peaceful worshipers in Wisconsin.

    I saw what these people consider nothing more than pledging allegiance to a hate group and we saw it in full force when Hitler led the red army.

    There’s a great deal wrong with it, and it doesn’t stop at just membership.

    Don’t like living in a diverse America then go live somewhere else.

  • concernedcitizen

    @ Reynardine, you said: And then they announce their plot to abolish Cheerios, without which we could not grow bagels. Something needs to be done about these warthogs!

    I must admit I failed to look at it this way. This must be stopped! I can’t imagine life without bagels.

  • Linnea

    And the ignorant racist clown car is headed for center ring… cuing idiotic remarks in 3…2…1…

    As Jim Hightower likes to say, “I look at this crowd and think, “100,000 sperm and *you* were the fastest?!”

  • CM

    Jake said,
    on June 12th, 2013 at 11:42 am

    I watched the video, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Taylor gives a good speech and makes some good points. They’re just people having a conference and talking. Nothing illegal about that.

    Uh oh …

    Ezra_mead said,
    on October 10th, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    I urge you to listen to some of Jared Taylor’s talks on youtube. Don’t you see how calm and reasoned his words are? Ca you see the rationality of what he says? My position matches that of Jared Taylor. That is the man I agree with and identify with.

  • Jake


    Did you watch the video I posted of Jared Taylor speaking at the event? Tell me specially what is wrong with it. He talks about how James Watson (Nobel prize winner), Pat Buchanan, Jason Richwine, John Debyshire, and other have been fired from their jobs. Jared Taylor goes on to say why he thinks this has happened. He makes a few jokes and the audience laughs a few times. Tell me what is ‘wrong’ with Jared Taylor’s talk?

  • Reynardine

    There is a difference, Jake, between making criminal utterances – an almost impossible thing under the First Amendment- and making utterances which indicates that the speaker is capable of, is contemplating, or is hinting at having done, criminal acts. Short of a confession pointing to a specific crime, the latter is not prosecutable either, but it sure indicates who bears watching.

  • Sam Molloy

    Yes, Gregory, it was frozen in time for a few days and seems to have moved updates to Tuesday.

  • Erika

    Oh i also want to know if the White Citizens Counsel ever gets together with The John Birch Society to long for the good old days when they merely had to worry about a Commie in the White House and of course flouride in water..

  • Erika

    i’m highly disappointed that they didn’t answer what is likely to be one of the most pressing issue for the White Citiizens Counsel today:

    Is the “jungle beat of rock and roll” that they warned us about in the 1950s stil evil or is Ted Nugent acceptable?

  • New Media Manager

    This is Scott, New Media Manager here at SPLC. I apologize for the stoppage in approving comments over the last few days. We’re back on track and will be moderating more frequently.!

  • Gregory

    Is the SPLC blog still accepting comments?

  • concernedcitizen

    I can’t believe this mans name is Lord.

    These are the fruits of complete idiots breeding and then someone giving them the limelight and a podium to spew their ignorance from.

  • Jake

    You can watch the youtube video of Jared Taylor’s speech at the conference here:

    I read this article by the SPLC. Then I watched the video to see for myself what he said. I guess the SPLC had one of their people at the conference to report on it, and their story makes it sound like there’s something ‘wrong’ with the conference. As if they’re criminals. I watched the video, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Taylor gives a good speech and makes some good points. They’re just people having a conference and talking. Nothing illegal about that.

  • Reynardine

    This is interesting. They admit to being bigots. They admit to at least intending murder. They admit to conspiracy to commit sedition. And then they announce their plot to abolish Cheerios, without which we could not grow bagels. Something needs to be done about these warthogs!

  • CM

    “Keith Alexander of the Political Cesspool … said Jews represent a third of the students at America’s colleges …”

    This statement suggests either that Alexander has no firsthand experience of college, which would be no big surprise; or that he likes to make up fake statistics, which would also be no big surprise; or both, which would also etc.

    Researchers at the University of Connecticut’s Berman Institute, who compile the North American Jewish Data Bank, estimate the total U.S. Jewish population as “probably between 6.0 million and 6.4 million” in 2011. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics tells us that total enrollment at U.S. colleges and universities in fall 2011 was 21.55 million. So Alexander’s claim that a third of U.S. college students are Jews could only be true if every Jewish man, woman and child in the country is enrolled in college (and even then would still be a few percentage points below one-third).

    “‘The system can’t be reformed,’ Heimbach said, suggesting secession along racial lines as the solution to the country’s race problems.”

    Also no big surprise that Heimbach is unfamiliar with the U.S. Constitution, which declares that the very first reason it was written on behalf of “We the People of the United States” was to “form a more perfect Union.” “Secession along racial lines” wouldn’t solve “the country’s race problems,” it would simply cause the country to cease existing – sort of like burning down your house to “solve” a plumbing problem.

  • David Cary Hart

    Eight inch guns on their hips to replace one inch deficiencies in the same general anatomical region.

  • Aron

    Matt Heimbach with a gun is a very scary image.