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Cut from Haley Camp, CCC Board Member Denies Knowledge of Group’s Racism

By Don Terry on June 13, 2013 - 11:54 am, Posted in White Nationalism
Roan Garcia-Quintana is a board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, which opposes “all efforts to mix the races of mankind.”

At 62, Roan Garcia-Quintana is a worldly, retired college professor and longtime South Carolina political operative with deep roots in the Republican Party. That’s why what he recently told the Charleston City Paper sounds like such a bizarre story. You know: BS.

In an interview with the paper, he was trying to explain himself after he was forced to resign from Gov. Nikki Haley’s 2014 re-election campaign steering committee last month shortly after Hatewatch revealed that Garcia-Quintana is a lifetime member and current board member of the white nationalist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC).

The CCC is the linear descendent of the old White Citizens Councils, which were formed in the 1950s and 1960s to battle school desegregation in the South, and it has evolved into a crudely racist organization. Its website, for example, has referred to black people as “a retrograde species of humanity.”

Garcia-Quintana told the City Paper that despite being a lifetime member of the CCC, he didn’t read the group’s statement of principles until someone confronted him about it. “That was written by someone I’ve never met, and that was written a long, long time ago,” the paper quoted him as saying.

The paper reported that Garcia-Quintana, who was born in Cuba but raised in the South, said he wasn’t aware until recently that the CCC in its statement of principles opposes “all efforts by the state and other powers to weaken the structure of the American family through toleration of sexual licentiousness, homosexuality and other perversions, mixture of the races, pornography in all forms, and subversion of the authority of parents.”

Garcia-Quintana, who identifies as white and not Latino, also told the paper that he personally doesn’t condone interracial marriage, but he doesn’t think “the government has any business in this, now, let me make that perfectly clear. When it comes to private things, I tend to fall more on the libertarian side than anything else.”

He also tends to fall on the rabid nativist side, even though he’s a naturalized citizen who was born in Havana. He’s executive director of Americans Have Had Enough, an anti-immigrant group based in Mauldin, S.C., where he lives. At the 2008 CCC conference held in Sheffield, Ala., Garcia-Quintana referred to Latino immigration as an “illegal alien invasion.”

Garcia-Quintana also, strangely, weighed in on the ethnicity of Gov. Haley, the daughter of Indian immigrants and only the third person of color to be elected governor of a Southern state. He figures she’s a Caucasian, the City Paper reported. “She has the features of a Caucasian: her nose, her eyes, her cheeks, her mouth. That’s really how you describe it. But I’m sure she thinks of herself like I do – would like to just think of herself as an American, period. You know, it’s too bad that we have segregated ourselves to death.”

Garcia-Quintana has worked in GOP politics for many years. According to the City Paper, he said he worked as a pollster for Republican consultant Lee Atwater on 22 House and Senate races, and on President Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign. After that election, he was appointed deputy director of the National Institute of Education.

He’s not the first Republican politico to be forced into explaining his ties to the CCC. Most famously, it was revealed in 1998 that U.S. Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia gave a keynote speech to the group’s national convention that year and that former Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott had spoken to the group five times. Both claimed they knew nothing about the group.

Garcia-Quintana was registered to attend last weekend’s CCC conference – a two-day hate-fest held in Winston-Salem, N.C.  A badge with his name on it was waiting for him at sign-in table. He did not show up. If he had, it would have been hard for him to come away with any impression other than the group is brazenly racist and anti-Semitic. But then, it’s assumed he’s been to its meetings in the past, being a board member and all.

Maybe he was back home in South Carolina, getting his story together.

  • Reynardine

    Stephen, by the way, more or less regularly tries to bug us at PoliticusUSA. I suppose he finds it more entertaining than picking his nose.

  • Mary Jane Stone

    This educated man preaches about how white he is and therefore better than other low class Cubans with mixed bloodlines and then tries to play dumb about the group’s ideas and concerns (adjust that hood.) What did he teach, hate?

  • Reynardine

    Stephen, I knew a nice roan too. He was a gelding.

  • not jake

    not to be beating up on jake, because several have done so already. im’m confused by the ccc’s admission of garcia-quintana. until the past 30 or so years, the kkk,ccc and similar racist groups did not allow people of spanish or italian decent into their organizations. mainly because spanish were feared to have african ancestry due to spain’s and italy’s history with and proximity to north africa. i guess garcia-quintana didn’t know that either.

  • Stephen

    I have met Roan and he’s a good man. Very smart. Good sense of humor. And he’s a patriot.

  • Sam Molloy

    Erika, at least Ted Nugent could sing (when he was with the Amboy Dukes). Pat Boone never had any discernable talent and his white Buck shoes were in such poor taste that they quite possibly sickened that Alien Space Probe that was previously reported.

  • Kiwiwriter

    As for “B-a-a-a-a-a,” yes, you have defined yourself perfectly….given two choices, sheep always make absolutely the wrong one….and that is precisely what you have done.

    Go back to Stormfront and VNN and tell everybody how brave you were in fighting the enemy, now…wagging your tail behind you.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Well, to the folks who took on “Jake,” I’m here to let you know that “Jake” is actually “Lon Chaney,” this board’s “Man of A Thousand Faces.” He’s come here before under a variety of guises.

    So, Jason Smith/Annie/Ezra Mead/Edward/Eugene/Emma Reynardo has broken through the new moderation policies, now as “Jake.”

    For the new folks here, I’ll explain: “Jake” is the latest name for a troll and shill for Jared Taylor’s “American Renaissance” movement, who appears here regularly for that noble purpose of derailing discussions and trying to gain adherents to his ignoble cause. He cuts-and-pastes his arguments, which I don’t think he reads, let alone knows. I call him “Lon Chaney,” the “Man of a Thousand Faces.”

    Guess I’ll have to have a chat with the new moderator about his history of trolling, disrespect for Mark Potok, and shilling for Jared Taylor and American Renaissance. That’s No. 47 on my list of “things to do today,” as unlike “Lon Chaney,” I have a life and try to make the community a better place in my copious free time.

    • scott.pittinsky

      If you need to reach me just put [moderator] in your post and I will get it. No need to take the time give to provide me background – Mark already has, and I will be more attentive!

  • Kathy

    Now we need to hear from Haley’s campaign people why they didn’t know about this guy’s connections – or rather they did know and 1. chose to ignore it; 2.knew and hoped no one would bring it up 3. knew it & were happy he is & hoped no one in the GOP would give a s#*t that he is 4. probably all of the above. Let’s expose Haley for what she is – another Palin clone.

  • Mary Jane Stone

    Saw a number of Jakes during last year’s campaign when countering the Tea Party. Some carried signs with slogans similar to his. It only fired up the good people to fight the good fight. Keep it up Jake. You are now in the minority.

  • Linnea

    Jake, do a little research. Less than five minutes’ worth will tell you that the CCC is the modern incarnation of the White Citizens Councils. They may have a right to believe what they do, but the rest of have a right to know they’re around and trying to cause trouble.

    B-a-a-a isn’t even worth responding to.

  • Erika

    Sam, there would be no potatoes in an all white society – Potatoes originated in the Americas and therefore should be rejected by a truly all white society and culture.

    and since its fun to dance to polkas and polka dots are fun to wear, i’m not going to give them up to the white nationalists without a fight The white nationalists are likely to be happier with Pat Boone and Ted Nugent anyway :P

  • concernedcitizen

    Baaaaaaaa, @ your statement: you have razzeled and dazzled us with your extreme eloquence in article analysis.

    Since you are so concerned with sheep one would think that you would have chosen a better name for yourself.

    However, it appears you have an identity crisis going on.

    Baaaaaaaa….right back at you.

  • concernedcitizen

    you are correct Christopher we all belong to the human race.

  • concernedcitizen

    Micheal Parker, it’s funny you should mention how stupid they look.

    I would like to share with everyone that in Science Fiction and Technology it was reported that Aliens have finished probing racist on planet Earth. Their conclusion is that there is no visible sign of intelligence worth studying. It appears that it’s a disease that has formed and progressively removes any ability at rational thought. So they have called off all probing expeditions regarding the bigots.

    I think it may be science fiction except for the conclusions.


  • aadila

    Yep. No racists among the Republicans. After all, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, and who could call Honest Abe a racist?

  • Christopher

    Uhm, why are you here, Jake? This is Hatewatch, a blog literally devoted to watching hate groups. If you don’t believe in hate groups, if you don’t believe in racism, or (whatever it is you believe), then why exactly are you here? Yes, their entire point is to “out” hate as it were.

    And race is a myth. There is no scientific or biological basis for ‘race’ in humans. We are all one race. The best you can do is lineages.

  • Larry

    Jake are you SERIOUS? Are you REALLY that ignorant of our past and of the History of this group? IF that is the case, and I’m going to assume that it is, PLEASE find some Night Courses.. get a LITTLE Education. I was born and raised in the South. I have close kin that are Hard Core Klan so it’s safe to say that I know of what I speak. We should NEVER allow people like the CCC, Klan or other hate groups to even PRETEND to be part of the Main Stream.. in South Carolina or anywhere else.

  • Larry

    For ANYONE to believe that this man who had LIVED in and been a part of the State of South Carolina didn’t know what the CCC was and where it came form??? Well if you believe that I have some Land to sell you!

  • Jim

    Mmm. Steak.

  • Jim

    I think you must mean “burned at the steak”.

  • kathleenvs

    @Jake Reading comprehension is a good thing. Actually they didn’t say that at all – what they said was that Garcia-Quintana is a member of the CCC – a hate group which believes in white supremacy. They believe in denying rights to non whites, gay people and even legal immigrants. The angry tone of your comment makes it sound as though you would fit right it with the CCC, but please remember that our nation was founded on the concept of equality and justice for all. ALL would include non-white people, non Christian people, gay people and others. The CCC is not just about white pride. It’s about discriminating against non-whites.

  • Lastrun

    Jake, your rant is typical for one having major problems justifying a set of beliefs. Just know that the farther you go down the wrong path the harder it is to backtrack…and there is a point of no return.

  • Sam Molloy

    Jake, of course there are differences. With advances in DNA mapping, however, actual racial differences are becoming harder to quantify. Culturally, in an all White society there would be no Mexican food and no Black music. I.E, potatos and polkas.

  • wally barrett

    The CCC was the New Klan for about 40 years, until the TTTeabags came along. If it oinks like a pig, walks like a pig, looks like a pig and is made of pork, it’s a PIG,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in this case a vile group of Racist, Homophobe PIGS

  • Reynardine

    Oh, come off it, Jake. You knew they were going to publish you, even though your screed doesn’t have much socially redeeming value.

  • Michael Parker

    If you notice, most of these white racist even look stupid. This Garica-Quintana has a lot of nerve believing in separation of the races, but then again, he’s from So. Carolina where racism is the thing of the day.

  • concernedcitizen

    I agree with you Sam.

  • concernedcitizen

    Well Jake, that’s funny because everything you outlined here falls under the belief and action system of most white supremacists groups. Now here in the real world the SPLC is not singling out minorities to hang from trees or shoot to kill if they cross borders, no one that I have read or heard of from the SPLC is running over innocent black men walking home from work with their pick up trucks, nor have I heard or read any cases where any of them are running off to shoot anyone who wears a turban for religious garb.

    It appears to me Jake that you are projecting the philosophies and life styles of white supremacists onto the rest of America who simply want to live in peace with one another and abide by respecting the civil rights of everyone involved.

    Differences in race, that’s like saying there are differences in hedgehogs but they are all still hedgehogs. We are all still human beings. And the differences are of no concern as it pertains to living peacefully and loving or choosing a life mate.

    The only clear difference I can see between human beings who believe in living in unity with one another despite race, religion or sexual preference is that they possess a much higher intelligence level than those who are adamant in trying to seclude themselves based on color alone.

    That is a very low bar to set and just about anything and anyone could easily cross over it. Therefore, lowering the gene pool expectancy significantly.

    A tree with many diverse and fruitful branches will do far better than one single branch that will eventually wither away.

  • jim

    did they really say that jakei boy, or is this your way of defending this group of haters.

  • Aron

    First Jake, it is ‘burned at the stake.’ No one is burned at the ‘state.’

    Second, no one is trying to prevent you little idiotic racialist a from meeting and spreading your bile. But the SPLC is entirely in the right to report on your shenanigans.

    If you don’t want your bull-puckey announced to the world, maybe you should rethink it.

    And what ‘evidence’ do you have that there are differences in the ‘races?’ Much less that ‘race’ is an actual thing?

    I’m very curious.

  • Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a

    Sheeple read this nonsense. Write an objective article and maybe you will be legitimate; after reading your first sentence, which ended in “BS”, I knew what angle you’re writing from..

  • Jake

    So what this story is basically saying is there’s something ‘wrong’ with the CofCC. As if it were a criminal organization. The SPLC is saying is anybody who thinks impure thoughts (defined as different from their own) is a heretic, or a witch. They must be fired from their job and ‘outed’ so to speak; similar to how gays were outed in the 1950’s. What is the heresy we may ask? It is this: If someone says they believe that race is a reality, and there are differences between racial groups. That furthermore, all races are not equivalent and inter-changeable. In addition, whites have a right to work for their collective group interests, just like every other group is doing in America. THAT is the heresy. They are not interested in facts that shows there are differences in racial groups. No. They believe in this like a religion. Anyone who disagrees is a heretic in their mind and should be burned at the state.

  • Sam Molloy

    Kudos to SPLC for bringing his appointment to Governor Haley’s team out in the open.