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Brothers in Arms?

By Heidi Beirich on August 23, 2013 - 10:57 am, Posted in Antigovernment, Militias

Looks like Mark Kessler, the gun-crazed militia leader and police chief of Gilberton, Pa., has found himself a new compatriot. Sometime recently, Kessler posted on the homepage of a picture of himself with James Yeager, another antigovernment nut who is also into weapons.

You may remember Kessler, who posted videos to YouTube filled with angry antigovernment rants that became something of an Internet sensation last month. One of the videos that went viral had him talking about conspiracy theories involving the United Nations and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. In another, Kessler offers basic firearms lessons, using a target of a clown he says represents Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The Gilberton Borough Council suspended him earlier this month.

So it’s not surprising Kessler would hook up with Yeager, who went on his own crazed antigovernment rant after new gun regulations were considered by Congress and the White House in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting late last year. Yeager, who owns Tactical Response and Tactical Response Gear Inc., based in Camden, Tenn., had said on a YouTube video posted early this year that if President Obama used executive orders to ban assault rifles, “I’m going to start killing people.”

Perhaps we have a budding government-hating bromance on our hands.

  • Masu Cameta

    The calls for DHS to disarm these men is a very foolish one. I live in PA and as a progressive Japanese-American, I do not feel that we can just pervert the Constitution as a whole.

    We have many militias in PA, very far from related to any racial hate. I have been to 1 BBQ and it was very pleasant. I wasn’t even called a libtard or something once.

    What I am saying is that many of us who know these types of men will stand with them against DHS because they are a part of our community, and that is important in the smaller towns here.

  • John H

    In his latest video Kessler claims if he is harmed the Second American Revolution will start. Now that is some high opinion he has of himself.

    It looks like Gilberton may have finally had enough. Kessler has been ordered to attend a special session of the borough council tomorrow evening. Maybe threatening two members of the council went too far. I wonder if he will have the building surrounded by armed supporters.

  • Tobias A. Weissman

    What frightens me is the people who follow these guys. If we aren’t careful about listening to these nuts, Kessler and Yeager, we might wind up like what happened in Germany and the complete take over by Nazi attitudes.

  • concernedcitizen

    I agree that this man needs to be investigated. And I also believe that these so called militia movements nuts not only recruit but ruin lives of otherwise flourishing individuals who may harbor stupid philosophies that get watered by the hate of idiots. Once that happens they cross the line into imbecile oblivion and ruin their lives and those of their families.

    You know failures love company.

  • Kiwiwriter

    If these guys weren’t such paranoid nutters, armed to the teeth, they’d be the funniest comedy pairing since Abbott met Costello.

    I thought Yeager was being investigated. I guess either that added up to nothing or it’s still ongoing.

    I wonder how long it will be before Kessler’s employers decide they’ve had enough of his antics. Mr. Kessler knows one thing…how to make himself famous.

  • supersonic250

    Kessler doesn’t just need to be fired, he needs to be investigated. He’s dangerous, and he’s gonna hurt someone if he hasn’t already…

  • Reynardine

    What we have here is Brown Shi (r) ts.